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Check out the new Discovery Channel commercial! The World is Just Awesome! Check us out on facebook and become a fan: *******www.facebook****/pages/Discovery-Channel/6002238585 Become a friend of Discovery on MySpace: *******profile.myspace****/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=370850690
30 Apr 2008
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Check out the :30 second version of our new commercial, Boom de Yada. The World is Just Awesome! Check us out on facebook and become a fan: *******www.facebook****/pages/Discovery-Channel/6002238585 Become a friend of Discovery on MySpace: *******profile.myspace****/index.cfm?fuseaction
19 Jun 2008
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Lucky is doing well. She is a trouper :) She needs a doggie diaper at night because she has a heart condition that occasionally causes her to have accidents. another invention that helps me and Lucky to cope with her problem is the Wizdog doggie litter tray *******www.shareasale****/r.cfm?u=242... xoxox Jill ***********/user/xgobobeanx *******www.xgobobeanx****
23 May 2008
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Thank you to everyone who told me which one YouTuber you would like to give a free hug to and why. The deadline for responses was February 8th 2008 Four video responses and one comment that answered the question were chosen at random to win a Free Hugs T-shirt from Snorgtees**** Snorgtees**** Tee-shirts link *******www.shareasale****/r.cfm?u=242... Snorgtees ships worldwide!! the shirts are in sizes suitable for men and women :) link to the Free Hugs T-Shirt *******www.shareasale****/r.cfm?u=242... inspiration from worldpeace**** xoxox Jill ***********/user/xgobobeanx *******www.xgobobeanx****
3 May 2008
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Devils Food Cookie is the Answer! Here is a picture! *******www.nabiscoworld****/Brands/br... Winners!! ***********/user/knotsobad ***********/user/teamsharkie ***********/user/Eminempor... ***********/user/meatandta... ***********/user/ChefRski ***********/user/andymcgaf... if you want more contest please let me know with a comment! and what kind of contest you would like! Snorgtees**** Tee-shirts link *******www.shareasale****/r.cfm?u=242... link to the "I did it for the cookie" T-shirt *******www.shareasale****/r.cfm?u=242... link to the "Ho Ho Ho" T-shirt *******www.shareasale****/r.cfm?u=242... xoxox Jill ***********/user/xgobobeanx *******www.xgobobeanx****
4 May 2008
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Guessing ended on Sunday Dec 9th at Midnight EST. To see who won, please check out the video that this video is attached to. the clues were, "it contains chocolate and can be considered a cake..." There was a big response and it impressed snorgtees**** so much they decided to sponsor another Tee shirt contest. Even if you missed the contest, you can still drop a comment letting me know what your favorite cookie is too! Snorgtees**** Tee-shirts link *******www.shareasale****/r.cfm?u=242446&b=23666&m=5993&a... link to the "I did it for the cookie" T-shirt *******www.shareasale****/r.cfm?u=242446&b=23666&m=5993&a... link to link to the "Ho Ho Ho" T-shirt *******www.shareasale****/r.cfm?u=242446&b=23666&m=5993&a... the shirts are in sizes suitable for men and women and Snorgtees ships worldwide! xoxox Jill ***********/user/xgobobeanx *******www.xgobobeanx****
5 May 2008
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17 Dec 2008
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8 May 2008
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11 May 2008
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16 May 2008
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16 May 2008
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Visit *******www.spencemd****/videos.cfm to view additional videos. Click here to watch a video of a male patient of Orlando, Florida plastic surgeon Dr. Kenrick Spence who has chosen non-surgical injectable treatments in Orlando including BOTOX® Cosmetic. The results of this patient's quick, comfortable visit will last many months.
22 May 2008
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Visit *******www.spencemd****/videos.cfm to view additional videos. Click here to find out what Trish has to say about preparing for her Orlando, Florida plastic surgery procedure - breast enhancement as part of a "mommy makeover" after 3 children. Trish discusses preparing for surgery and why she chose Dr. Kenrick Spence for her breast enhancement in Orlando.
26 Jun 2008
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23 May 2008
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29 Jun 2009
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3 Mar 2009
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