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Our tractor was stuck AND would not start. Warming the oil pan with a BBQ grill got it started. No way to get equipment in to pull it out. If you try this yourself (even the manual suggests using "warming methods" if it is hard-starting and the weather is cold) you want very little heat. I was able to leave my hand between the grill and oil pan and was worried it wouldn't be warm enough. The oil pan felt WARM not hot to the touch and it worked great. We put tin-foil on the hydraulic lines just to make sure they didn't get melted, but frankly this was over-cautious. The tiny portable grill we got for this put off very little heat. Once it started, we tried the "log chained to the tire" trick found here ( ***********/watch?v=YnRRGW... ) but the JD 6300 was just too heavy even with a larger log. We ended up pulling out a couple feet at a time by chaining the wheel to a tree and using a come-along to tighten it up first. The full version can be found here: *******www.metacafe****/watch/2479235/dachshunds_help_unstick_john_deere_6300_5_ton_tractor_stuck_in_the_mud_for_7_hours/
8 May 2009
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Has the supply chain got you shackled? Laugh at familiar supply chain management headaches in the comedy video series: Married to the Job - a joint production between The Second City Communications and Kinaxis. These supply chain themed videos embrace the antics of ACME’s manufacturing operations staff. See how Sibley, in supply chain planning, balances working with husband, Damon in demand planning as they navigate work and marriage in their crazy corporate world.
26 Feb 2009
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*******www.OhioPowerTool**** - Using the concrete chain saw on the track allows for flush cutting against the floor and perfect corner cuts.
5 Mar 2009
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Rip the centers out of some spare cards, give them a flick and in a flash they’ve all linked together in a chain of cards nearly as tall as you! Chain Reaction is a huge effect with visual impact. You can perform it up close or on stage anytime in your show. You can even use Chain Reaction to produce a selected card. Chain Reaction combines the visual impact of two of magic’s most enduring stage effects, the Linking Rings and the Newspaper Tear, into a card illusion that fits into your card case and is ready to go at anytime. The card chain can be inspected! Resets quickly! Includes three routines ranging from beginner to advanced skill level. Each routine includes easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Grab some spare cards and create a Chain Reaction today! Running Time Approximately 20min
14 Mar 2009
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www.kinaxis**** Are you shackled yet? The antics continue for ACME Manufacturing’s supply chain staff—in particular, lovable slob Damon, the company’s demand manager who works alongside his organized and conscientious wife, Sibley, ACME’s supply manager in the comedy video series: Married to the Job— a joint production between The Second City Communications and Kinaxis. The second installment is now out! When the big boss comes, Damon and Sibley cover for frenzied and flustered inventory manager, Jimmy….was their kindheartedness misplaced?
17 Mar 2009
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Adorable Couple Key Chain Ring Love Metal Keychain for yourself, friends or your loved ones! This Couple Keychain can be separated or joined together as there is magnet in it, special design which makes it a perfect valentine gift.
19 Mar 2009
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Andrea Petoletti (responsabile vendite di MADLAB Srl), Stefano Bianchi (partner di ALFA COPLAN), Francesco Stolfo (tra i fondatori della community EXLOG) e Emanuele Binaghi (Presidente SINTECO) rispondono alla domanda “Come possono la logistica e la supply chain aiutare le aziende in un periodo difficile come quello attuale?” al Global Logistics 2009. La XII edizione dell’Executive summit sulla logistica e supply chain, svoltosi al ZanHotel & Meeting Centergross di Bentivoglio, Bologna l’11 e il 12 marzo, è stato organizzato da Global Corporate con il patrocinio di Assologistica.
30 Mar 2009
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www.kinaxis**** Spreadsheets, emails, post-it notes…oh my! ACME Manufacturing’s supply chain staff can relate – can you?! The chaos continues as Damon and Sibley, ACME’s husband and wife supply chain team, pair up again in the comedy video series: Married to the Job, a joint production between Second City Communications and Kinaxis. The 3rd installment “Excel Hell” is now out! If you live in a world of spreadsheets, you will be sure to laugh (or cry) along with Damon and Sibley as they try to keep on top of who has the most recent data.
31 Mar 2009
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2:33 Presents the Game Developers Choice Awards - 2009Best Handheld Game:God Of War: Chains Of OlympusDidier Malenfant, President.Ru Weerasuriya, Creative & Art Director.Ready at Dawn StudiosGameZombie's world exclusive video interview series--more than 150 to date--features some of the biggest names in the business, including Peter Molyneux of Fable 2, Ed Boon of MK vs DC, Todd Howard of Fallout 3, Ben Mattes of Prince of Persia, and Cliff Bleszinski of Gears of War 2."Over the past nine years, the Game Developers Conference has become the premiere video game award show because it gives voice to those who understand games better than anyone; the people who make them." --Meggan Scavio, content director of the Game Developers Conference.Creative Director & Executive Producer: Spencer Striker; Executive Producer: Dmitrii Gabrielov; Featuring the 'Far Cry 2' remix by the legendary Chris Bates, Camera by Jordan Bleckner, Motion Graphics by Andrew Benninghoff and Leetal Halamish, Sr. Production Manager: Charles Pearce, VJ'd by the feistylilasian, aka Jessica Frasher, and edited by king of sting himself, Jackson Terhorst.
2 Apr 2009
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*******www.guitar-lessons-in-seconds**** Man in the Box Solo - Alice in Chains. Guitar Solo Lessons.
9 Apr 2009
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*******www.jewelrysupply****/ Why bother trying to cut chain by counting out the links? There's a far more efficient way of cutting multiple lengths of chain that are all the same length (and your eyes will thank you for it too)
17 Apr 2009
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An interview with the one and only Ian Svenonius of Chain and the Gang. Distributed by Tubemogul.
8 May 2009
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Hi-Ranger basket truck Comp Chain Monthly Service Inspection
12 May 2009
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Hidden inside this tiny key chain is a high resolution 1280 x 960 video camera that records digital video 29 fps, for up to 50 minutes. It's also a 1.2 megapixel still camera that will take up to 4,000 huge photographs! Find out more info *******eyespypro****/products/Covert-Key-Chain-Hidden-Camera-And-Digital-Video-Recorder.html, and watch the video for a special offer just for you at the end...
22 May 2009
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RFID Six Sigma - RFID Supply Chain Lab
24 May 2009
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RFID Wal Mart Standards - RFID Supply Chain Lab
24 May 2009
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