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Chakra meditation is a highly popular meditation technique that focuses on the seven chakras of the human body. This meditation model helps people to balance these seven core energy centres of the body and thus enhance the mental and physical well-being. - Heart Of Polaris
27 Feb 2018
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A very powerful set of yoga breathing exercises to awaken Kundalini Energy and then allow it to flow through all the Chakra points, helping to heal and balance the chakras. Each pranayama in this set is very potent and combined in the particular order, they create a condition where Kundalini is coursing through the subtle body system and moving through the chakra points cleansing and charging them. The set is excellent for overall health and works particularly well on the respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems. The powerful pranayamas should be done with caution and as it will increase the flow of prana in your body you should build up to maximum capacity slowly and systematically over time.
2 Mar 2018
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A modern Indian family struggles to adjust to average American Life. Join Hemen; a privately owned cab driver with his wife Arja and her mom Anadi. Hemen is pestered by his jiggalo American neighbor to walk on the wilder side of American life much to the protest of his mother-in-law.
27 Feb 2018
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One tedious working day this tune came to my head. I ran home afterwards to record it on guitar. A couple of years later I had an idea of showing what our chakras look like while channeling earth and kundalini energy up the spine. Relax and enjoy...
9 May 2007
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Learn about some Chakras! From my essential Energywork video.
2 Aug 2007
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Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral & Root Chakras. From my Essential Energywork video I produced.
2 Aug 2007
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Awaken your Red Chakra now Feel the red light racing into your body Enlivening all organs and glands Visualize the red flow of energy Restoring cell vitality and integrity Accept powerful health now in body and mind You live in a safe and secure universe and you are here for a purpose Be calm, strong, and protected Knowing you are watched over and loved Relax in the Ruby Red Radiant Rays and listen to this music in the key of C You are comfortable and confident with change Embracing your earth experience
7 Oct 2007
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A meditation for bringing in light and using tones to cleanse chakras.
25 Nov 2007
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Learn about the different Chakra points in our body
12 May 2008
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How to close the Chakra energy in Reiki
11 Dec 2010
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Position de consentration de chakra
26 Apr 2008
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Medicating on the chakras will release your internal energy and aid you in your spiritual journey. There are many chakras in the body but there are only seven main chakras. These are points in the body that correspond to a specific area where multiple nerves crisscross. It is believed that through meditating on these specific Chakras you can learn to control the energy in your body and experience everything from spontaneous healing to enlightenment.
28 Sep 2008
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Open your heart to the vibrations of compassion and love by opening the Heart Chakra.
20 Jan 2009
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Opening the third eye chakra will take you on a journey through your mind. The reason you can't do it is because you don't do it..
8 Oct 2008
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*******www.davepietro**** presents "The Chakra Suite" a unique fusion of Indian and Brazilian music. Video: Bret Primack *******www.jazzepk****
6 Sep 2008
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