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Agency: Young & Rubicam, San FranciscoExecutive Creative Directors: Scott Larson & Brad BergACD/Art Director: Hilary WolfeCopywriter: Brandon ReifExecutive Producer: Debra TrotzProduction Company: Motion Theory, Los AngelesDirector: Grady HallExecutive Producer: Javier JimenezDP: Jeff CronenwethLine Producer: Scott GemmellVFX Company: Motion TheoryArt Director: Robin ResellaVFX Supervisor: Bryan GodwinProducer: Patrick NugentDesigners: Heidi Berg, Joseph Chan, Diana Chang, Evan Parsons3D Artists: John Tumlin, Anita EdwardsPrevisualization: Ben NelsonRotoscope Artists: Rob Liscombe (Lead Roto), Mike Boden, Megan Gaffney Kanae Morton, Sam Winkler, Shihlin WuMatte Painters: Amy Paskow, Pete PaceFlame Artist: Carlos MoralesPost Production Manager: Sheri PattersonPost Production Assistant: Rebecca LindbergEditorial Company: StringEditor: Colin WoodsAssistant Editor: Greg KimEditorial Coordinator: Peter NelsonFinishing: Danny Yoon (1.1.VFX)Sound Design: Machine HeadViolin Music: Ambidextrous and Violin :15 - Beacon Street Studios
29 Mar 2009
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%U0631%U0642%U0635 %U0633%U0639%U0648%U062F%U064A %U0634%U0631%U0642%U064A %U0641%U0636%U0627%U064A%U062D %U0645%U0635%U0631%U064A Jackie Chan's VS PEPSI %U0634%U0641%U0634%U0641%U0647 %U062E%U0644%U064A%U062C%U064A %U0628%U0648%U0633 %U0633%U0627%U062E%U0646 %U062C%U062F%U0627 %U0639%U0631%U0627%U0642%U064A%U0627%U062A %U0645%U063A%U0631%U0628%U064A %U0641%U064A %U0627%U0644%U0641%U0646%U0627%U0646%U0627%U062A %U0633%U0643%U064A %U0644%U064A%U0644%U0629 %U062F%U062E%U0644%U0629 %U0627%U0644%U0639%U0627%U0628 %U0628%U0646%U0627%U062A %U062F%U0642%U0646%U064A %U0639%U0631%U0628%U064A %U0633%U0648%U0631%U064A kiss %U0641%U0636%U0627%U0626%U062D %U0641%U0636%U064A%U062D%U0629 %U0644%U064A%U0628%U064A%U0627 %U0627%U0644%U064A%U0633%U0627 %U0647%U064A%U0641%U0627%U0621 %U0631%U0648%U0628%U064A %U0641%U0633%U0641%U0633 %U0639%U0628%U062F%U0648 %U0639%U0627%U062F%U0644 %U0627%U0645%U0627%U0645 %U062E%U0644%U064A%U062C%U064A%U0627%U062A %U0639%U0631%U0627%U0642%U064A %U0644%U0628%U0646%U0627%U0646%U064A %U0633%U0648%U0631%U064A %U0639%U0631%U0628%U064A %U0633%U0627%U062E%U0646 %U0628%U0646%U0627%U062A %U0645%U063A%U0631%U0628%U064A %U0627%U0644%U0645%U063A%U0631%U0628 %U0627%U0644%U0633%U0639%U0648%U062F%U064A%U0629 %U0645%U0635%U0631 %U0627%U0644%U0645%U063A%U0631%U0628 %U0627%U0644%U0643%U0648%U064A%U062A %U0627%U0645%U0627%U0631%U0627%U062A %U062F%U0628%U064A %U062C%U062F%U0629 %U0627%U0644%U0631%U064A%U0627%U0636 %U0627%U0644%U062F%U0645%U0627%U0645 %U0627%U0644%U0639%U0631%U0627%U0642 %U0627%U0644%U064A%U0645%U0646 %U0639%U0645%U0627%U0646 %U0642%U0637%U0631 %U0627%U0644%U0628%U062D%U0631%U064A%U0646 %U0633%U0648%U0631%U064A%U0627 %U0627%U0631%U062F%U0646 %U0641%U0644%U0633%U0637%U064A%U0646 %U0644%U0628%U0646%U0627%U0646 %U0627%U0644%U0645%U063A%U0631%U0628 %U0644%U064A%U0628%U064A%U0627 %U062A%U0648%U0646%U0633 %U0627%U0644%U062C%U0632%U0627%U0626%U0631 %U0627%U0644%U0645%U063A%U0631%U0628 %U0627%U0644%U0633%U0648%U062F%U0627%U0646 %U0633%U0643%U0633 %U062C%U0646%U0633 %U0628%U0646%U062A %U0628%U0646%U0627%U062A %U0641%U0636%U0627%U0626%U062D %U0641%U0636%U064A%U062D%U0629 %U0645%U0642%U0637%U0639 %U0641%U064A%U062F%U064A%U0648 %U0645%U0648%U0642%U0641 %U0645%U062D%U0631%U062C %U0645%U0636%U062D%U0643 %U0641%U0644%U0645 %U0627%U0641%U0644%U0627%U0645 %U0643%U0648%U0645%U064A%U062F%U064A %U0645%U0631%U0639%U0628 %U0631%U0648%U0645%U0627%U0646%U0633%U064A %U0627%U063A%U0646%U064A%U0629 %U0627%U062C%U0646%U0628%U064A%U0629 %U0627%U063A%U0627%U0646%U064A %U062A%U0631%U0643%U064A%U0629 %U064A%U0648%U0646%U0627%U0646%U064A%U0629 %U0647%U0646%U062F%U064A%U0629 %U0645%U0628%U0627%U0631%U0627%U0629 %U0645%U0648%U0642%U0641 %U063A%U0631%U064A%U0628 %U0645%U062E%U0644%U0648%U0642%U0627%U062A %U063A%U0631%U064A%U0628%U0629 %U0639%U062C%U064A%U0628%U0629 %U0627%U0633%U0644%U0627%U0645 %U062F%U064A%U0646 %U0645%U0633%U064A%U062D%U064A%U0629 %U0628%U0646%U0627%U062A %U0631%U0642%U0635 %U0627%U063A%U0646%U064A%U0629 %U0627%U062C%U0646%U0628%U064A%U0629 %U0647%U0632 %U0645%U0635%U0631 %U062E%U0644%U064A%U062C%U064A%U0629 %U0633%U0639%U0648%U062F%U064A%U0629 %U0645%U0639%U0644%U0627%U064A%U0629 %U0633%U0643%U0633 %U062C%U0646%U0633 %U0639%U0631%U0628%U064A %U0644%U0628%U0646%U0627%U0646 %U0628%U0646%U062A %U0634%U0631%U0642%U064A %U063A%U0631%U0628%U064A %U0627%U063A%U0627%U0646%U064A %U0631%U0648%U0645%U0627%U0646%U0633%U064A%U0629 %U062D%U0628 %U0627%U062D%U0644%U0649 %U0635%U0648%U0631 %U0645%U0642%U0637%U0639 %U0628%U0644%U0648%U062A%U0648%U062B %U0641%U0636%U064A%U062D%U0629 %U0641%U0636%U0627%U0626%U062D %U0633%U0639%U0648%U062F%U064A %U0633%U0639%U0648%U062F%U064A%U0627%U062A %U0643%U0648%U064A%U062A %U0627%U0645%U0627%U0631%U0627%U062A %U062A%U062D%U0631%U0634 %U062C%U0646%U0633%U064A %U0627%U0641%U062A%U062A%U0627%U062D %U062C%U0646%U0648%U0628 %U0627%U0641%U0631%U064A%U0642%U064A%U0627 %U0627%U0644%U0645%U0628%U064A%U0627%U062F
20 Jun 2010
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Jacky Chan in Beijing Olympic 2008 Advertisement
7 Mar 2007
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fighth with soldier
7 Jan 2007
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Jackie Chan Olympic Sports 2008, BeiJing
20 Jun 2008
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Jackie Chan fights as a street fighter player
4 Apr 2006
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This ones a clipping of fight sequence from the latest , Rush Hour 3 Chris Tucker returns to the big screen after a six-year absence , with Super-star Jackie Chan
16 Apr 2007
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A clip from the remake of the 1984 movie "The Karate Kid."
9 Jun 2010
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Matt Zaller on the pressline at San Diego Comic-Con for the Movie 'Haywire' with its stars Gina Carano and Channing Tatum
24 Jul 2011
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The KARATE KID - In Theaters 6/11 From: SonyPictures March 26, 2010 58,871 views Watch the KARATE KID Featurette - In Theaters 6/11. Become a Fan on Facebook: *******www.Facebook****/TheKarateKid, Follow on Twitter: *******Twitter****/KarateKidMovie & Visit the Official Site:*******KarateKid-TheMovie****.In Columbia Pictures' The Karate Kid, 12-year-old Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) could've been the most popular kid in Detroit, but his mother's (Taraji P. Henson) latest career move has landed him in China. Dre immediately falls for his classmate Mei Ying - and the feeling is mutual - but cultural differences make such a friendship impossible. Even worse, Dre's feelings make an enemy of the class bully, Cheng. In the land of kung fu, Dre knows only a little karate, and Cheng puts "the karate kid" on the floor with ease. With no friends in a strange land, Dre has nowhere to turn but maintenance man Mr. Han (Jackie Chan), who is secretly a master of kung fu. As Han teaches Dre that kung fu is not about punches and parries, but maturity and calm, Dre realizes that facing down the bullies will be the fight of his life.
20 May 2010
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great collection of outtakes, presenting one amazing man - Jackie Chan
14 Mar 2009
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It turns out that a trash bag can save your life. Watch the new commercial starring Jackie Chan!
6 Apr 2006
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Watch as the famous Chinese Kungfu actor fights when he was young.
3 Sep 2006
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This week, Pause/Play host Jonathan London is off-the-chain about... well, Django Unchained! New to DVD and Blu-ray this week: Django Unchained Repo Man WWE: For All Mankind -- The Life and Career of Mick Foley Jackie Chan: Police Story / Police Story 2 The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia
17 Apr 2013
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California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger teamed with Hong Kong martial arts star Jackie Chan yesterday to fight piracy. The movies cost about $190,000 to produce, was shot September 16 on the Universal lot in Los Angeles.
4 May 2006
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*******SexyDesiVideos**** - This is video from the movie The Myth with Jackie Chan and Mallika Sherawat. NO This is video from the movie The Myth with Jackie Chan and Mallika Sherawat. NO AUDIO
29 Jun 2008
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