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RELEASE DATE: 09 FEBRUARY 1984 GENRE: DRAMA STARRING: ANIL KAPOOR, DILIP KUMAR, WAHEEDA REHMAN, RATI AGNIHOTRI AND AMRISH PURI LYRICS& WRITTEN BY: JAVED AKHTAR MUSIC: HRIDAYNATH MANGESHKAR PRODUCED & DIRECTED BY: YASH CHOPRA SYNOPSIS: Mashaal is a story about Vinod (Dilip Kumar) an honest fearless and crusading editor of an outspoken newspaper, who has vowed to eradicate the evils of illicit liquor, bootlegging and organized crime from his city. It is story of Raja (Anil Kapoor - Slumdog Millionaire & 24), a young man from the slums who inevitably takes to bootlegging and black marketing to make his living. Mashaal also tells the story of Vardhan (Amrish Puri - Indiana Jones & Temple of Doom) who is a powerful wealthy and respected figure of the city whose cloak of respectability hid all the social evils and crimes which flourished beneath. How a chain of events change the lives of Raja, from a black marketer in to a young crusading journalist under the guidance of his now Godfather Vinod. How Vinod’s life changes from an honest newspaper editor to becoming an underworld Don and a Racketeer, in order to combat the person responsible for his destruction – Vardhan. Raja and Vinod are now on opposite side and despite every effort on Raja’s part, Vinod cannot go back to his old life – He has reached a point of no retreat… But Vinod has passed on the Torch to Gen Next and Raja must continue the crusade.
7 Jul 2011
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ACN representatives can now market Energy services in select markets in the U.S. Think of everything that uses energy - from kitchen essentials to home lighting, from the laundry room to the home office. There is an extraordinary opportunity to earn residual income by offering Natural Gas and Electricity services in the $500 billion U.S. market. Everytime someone you know turns on a switch, charges a wireless phone, checks email, watches TV or makes a phone call you can earn additional income on the power they use. For nearly two decades, ACN's home-based business opportunity has changed the lives of countless individuals without the high upfront costs of owning traditional business. Learn more at *******www.acnenergy****.
2 Aug 2011
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MY WHOLE FAMILY HAS BEEN TREATED BY DR. POLZIN AND HE IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Truly Gifted! My whole family has been treated by Dr. Polzin and he is absolutely AMAZING!Dr. Polzin is very personable and he takes a genuine interest in every patient. I have been to numerous other doctors/chiropractors for pain relief, but can honestly say that Dr. Polzin is, by far, the most knowledgeable and the only one who has actually helped cure my pain. He is results-driven. He is a very gifted doctor that has changed the lives of hundreds of patients suffering from chronic pain and you can trust him wholeheartedly! Reviews are Dr Kevin Polzin Bellevue Pain Institute Approved. Reviews are Dr Kevin Polzin Bellevue Pain Institute Approved.
6 Nov 2011
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David Frei, the voice of the Westminster Kennel Club and the founder of Westminster's therapy dog charity, Angel On A Leash, shares stories of heartwarming encounters and everyday miracles that he's witnessed in his work with therapy dogs that change the lives of children, adults, and seniors at hospitals and rehabilitation centers.
11 Nov 2011
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Directed by Vincente Minnelli | Starring: Judy Garland, Margaret O'Brien | USA 1944 | 113 mins | Cert U Meet Me in St Louis tells the story of a family in suburban, mid-western St Louis in 1903. The city, and the well-to-do Smith family, is on the verge of hosting (and celebrating) the arrival of the spectacular 1904 World's Fair. However, the head of the family is beckoned to New York due to a job promotion – an uprooting move that threatens to change the lives of the family members forever. Directed by Vincente Minnelli during WWII, Meet Me in St Louis is a delightful, classic, nostalgic, poignant, and romanticised musical film – and one of the greatest musicals ever made.
16 Dec 2011
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Reina's one-room home in Honduras made running her seamstress business a challenge. Operation Blessing helped her build an addition that changed the lives of Reina and her family.
11 Jan 2012
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We understand, at Corpus Christi Obstetrics Alternatives and Midwifery, that the birth of a child is a monumental event that changes the lives of everyone involved. So we strive to empower women to trust their bodies and have a natural birth. We offer experienced childbirth care and varied offerings for prenatal care. Most insurance is accepted.
31 Jan 2012
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In the very first inquiry, customers are impressed with Palazzo’s level of customer support. We offer a complete design and advisory service. We’re committed in taking care of the individual needs and any constraints, and we’ll provide many choices to make your renovation as stress-free and pleasurable as possible. We have been in the market for many years and we are aware of what is important for you and your family. Our records show that we have changed the lives of our clients. Please read the testimonials; we believe that our past clients are our best advocates. You can become one of them too.
1 Mar 2012
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*******WilsonBraces**** The Smile For a Lifetime - Atlanta GA - Hall County, is requesting submissions for the latest round of Orthodontic Scholarships. The Smile for a Lifetime Foundation in Hall County is a charitable, non-profit organization that provides orthodontic treatment to individuals who may not otherwise have the opportunity to acquire assistance. In 2011 the Smile For A Lifetime Foundation awarded 10 orthodontic scholarships for patients that were in need of orthodontic treatment that would not have been able to receive it otherwise. Every 6 months The Smile for a Lifetime's Foundation board of directors meet to go through all of the applicants and then vote for their favorite 5 based on need and completed applications. Dr. Ron Wilson -- Wilson Orthodontics are committed to providing the orthodontic services to the selected candidates. An independent Board of Directors, who provides no bias or influence toward the candidates who are chosen, chooses the recipients. "The Wilson Orthodontics mission statement pretty much sums up everything we are helping to achieve with the Smile for a Lifetime Foundation. It's our way of giving back to the local community that has been so gracious to us! It is our goal every year to award orthodontic scholarships to deserving children in the Hall County community to help create self-confidence, inspire hope, and change their lives in a dramatic way. It's our hope that this gift of a smile will, in turn, allow them to better themselves and our local community." says Dr. Wilson. The 2012 applications are now open for 5 new Smile for a Lifetime Scholarships until April 1st Nominations for the Smile for a Lifetime Scholarship -- Hall County are requested to complete the application form on www.WilsonBraces**** before April 1st 2012 and then the Smile for a Lifetime board of directors will cast their votes. Past applicants who were not chosen before are encouraged to re-submit for the latest round! The mission of the Smile for a Lifetime Foundation is to create self-confidence, inspire hope, and change the lives of children in the Hall County community in a dramatic way. The gift of a smile can do all this for a deserving, under served individual who, in turn, can use this gift to better themselves and the Atlanta GA community. For full terms and conditions and to submit your nominee to Smile for a Lifetime Foundation by April 1st visit: *******www.wilsonbraces****/smile-for-a-lifetime For more information on Dr. Ron Wilson -- Wilson Orthodontics visit: *******www.wilsonbraces****/ Wilson Orthodontics 7316 Spout Springs Rd, Ste. 101, Flowery Branch, GA 30542 TEL: 678-866-3295
19 Mar 2012
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*******www*** - Dr. Jeffrey Gold is a board certified and award winning Ophthalmologist who has been changing the lives of patients for over 30 years. At his office, he performs a variety of custom and standard laser vision correction procedures including LASIK, PRK and Epi-LASIK (Advanced Surface Ablation). He has performed more than 10,000 LASIK procedures and over 1,000 PRK and Epi-LASIK procedures while receiving many awards for his work.
22 Mar 2012
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Adamu and his son Musa were both going blind, but living in an isolated part of Nigeria, they had no access to medical care. You brought the desperately needed doctors and medicine to these villagers, and changed the lives of this father and son forever.
2 Jun 2012
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*******atlah**** Recorded on 8 June 2012. Dr. James David Manning explains how the jobs program is changing the lives of people. “ATLAH: THAT’S WHAT GOD SAID.” Anointed to establish families, churches and businesses, unlike any the world hath seen. Indeed the final product of the land, ATLAH, will boast of being the seat of the world’s banking, business, and education centers. Love us or hate us? Please Support Us *******
12 Jun 2012
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