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Channel surfing is so yesterday. FiOS lets you search for shows by keyword, title, actor. even genre.
5 Feb 2010
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See more *******www***llegehumor**** The Apprentice just lost its #1 fan. LIKE us on: *******www.facebook****/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: *******www.twitter****/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: *******tumblr****//collegehumor
16 Jun 2011
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Channel Surfing With Cheese
27 May 2010
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Like specialty channels on cable or satellite TV service, Hulu offers a series of channels. Channels are the place to look for the content that most interests you. A Internet tutorial series by butterscotch****.
22 Jun 2009
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Mom illustrates the Codependent: a person who perpetuates the alcohol or drug dependence of someone close to them in a way that hampers recovery by making excuses for their dysfunctional behavior or relieving them of television channel surfing chores. Distributed by Tubemogul.
15 Apr 2009
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Plizy is the new iPad app that curates videos for you based on your social network likes, as well as selected in app channels.
13 Jun 2011
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We’ve seen the infomercials... are they for real?? For more info visit www.newsinfusion**** We’ve all seen the infomercials. Whether you’re channel surfing on a Saturday afternoon or up way too late one night, at some point you’ve seen Tony Horton pushing P90X or dancer Shaun T. promoting his "Tilt, Tuck & Tighten" technique on Hip Hop Abs. These tapes sure seem entertaining, and the testimonials sure seem convincing, but are they for real? Do these workouts really work? The answer to that question was revealed on Saturday, March 14, as the winners of the Million Dollar Body Game were named in an awards ceremony at Universal Studios Hollywood. All of the contestants entered the weight loss competition on Beachbody****, and achieved their new physiques by using infomercial workout tapes alone – no surgeries, no fancy gyms, no expensive equipment – just dedication, determination and a DVD. Each year The Million Dollar Body Game awards prize money to 8 “losers” who transform their bodies from obese to lean and mean. Dallas Carter from Miliani, HI, lost 190 pounds, and Kristy McLean (yes, that’s her real name!) from Foothill Ranch, CA lost 90 pounds; each walked away with one of the $250,000 grand prizes. The remaining finalists took home $50,000 each. To achieve their weight loss the men used Tony Horton’s P90X program, and the women used Hip Hop Abs and Turbo Jam. A grand total of $1 million in prizes is handed out over the course of the year as part of the on-line competition that rewards people for their weight loss results.
17 Mar 2009
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- How To Get Tv Channels On Your Computer 5 Ways To Watch TV on the Computer - PC TV Tuners, PCI, USB ... Although some of these familiar PC connections may not do anything for your computer, you could easily get TV on your PC in one way or another. ...Five Ways to Watch TV on Your PC : Christopher Null : Yahoo! Tech Feb 13, 2007 ... Here are five ways to get television on your computer. ... which also includes numerous U.S. local channels broadcasting online. ...Why - Watch TV on your computer - CNET**** Digital Home - CNET**** You can watch TV anywhere these days, so why not on your computer? Installing a tv tuner card is easy; follow these instructions, and you'll be channel surfing in no time. ... Get help and feedback from others working on this project. ..Watch TV on Your Computer So let's discuss how to get TV on your computer for entertainment that knows ... Now let's try watching TV channels that do not broadcast exclusively over ...Tv For Your Computer - Pc Satellite Tv Software An exclusive selection of Music Video Channels from all over the world on your computer! TV Shows Channels - Watch all of your favorite episodes! Get all of Get Cable Satellite TV On Your Computer Or Laptop Or PC Free ... Videos; Channels. before u buy satellite tv for pc, satellite tv for pc review. Views: 468 ... Get Satellite TV On Your Computer To Watch Sports On Your PC ...TV For PC TV for PC, get 9000 tv channel on your pc, watch tv online,watch tv on computer ... Other than your computer, or laptop no special hardware is required. ..Watch Over 5000 Tv Channels On Your Computer Free How To torrent ... You can see detail of this Watch Over 5000 Tv Channels On Your Computer Free How To ... How To Get Free Access To Computer Power Use Pc Today And Smart Com. ...How To Get 3000 Satellite TV Channels On Your Computer Watching satellite TV online is easy, you just have to know how.Watch live online Television channels broadcasting on the Internet. Over 3000 online Television channels available. ... Your Portal to watch live and on demand online TeleVision broadcasts. Required bandwidth: From 28.8Kb/s ... How To Get Tv Channels On Your Computer
8 Dec 2009
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Like channel surfing on your old school TV, Hulu offers several options for visitors who don't know exactly what they want to watch; they just know they want to watch something. A Internet tutorial by butterscotch****.
23 Jun 2009
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Visit *******www.pookyfish***.cc/Free-TV.html for more free stuff. Here is how to get completly free onlive TV, you can channel surf over 3000 channels.
26 Jan 2010
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Widgets give FiOS TV life beyond channel surfing. For instance, you can check the weather or local traffic, go shopping and do a bunch of other things without leaving the couch or dropping the remote.
3 Jun 2010
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BY SAM KOROTKIN You're watching multisource technology news analysis from Newsy. Of his efforts to build a new Apple branded TV with “the simplest user interface you could imagine,” Steve Jobs said, “I finally cracked it.” And the big screen could be equipped with a little voice you’ve been hearing a lot about -- Siri. A Wired writer says this... “Could drastically simplify content search and selection, thanks to its smart voice-recognition technology. You could toss that heinous remote in the trash, and instead direct your TV experience using voice commands.” According to unnamed sources, the creator of iTunes, Jeff Robbin, will lead the process. But a writer for PC Mag is still skeptical given the amount of Apple ideas and products that have been thrown away. “...‘working on’ and ‘bringing to market’ are two different things entirely. Apple is no doubt ‘working on’ a lot of things in its Cupertino skunkworks, many of them never to be seen by a single customer.” But rumor has it the TV could be for sale by 2013, though a blogger for ZDNet thinks the TV could be a hassle and says ‘what’s wrong with the current Apple TV anyway?’ “I don’t think it’s a good move for the company. I just don’t want to have to remove a 50-60” television from my wall when I want to upgrade it in a year or two. Its better to have the smarts in an easily-upgradable box- which is what the current Apple TV is for.” Munster estimates Apple’s TV could generate up to six billion dollars in revenue by 2014. And a wrtier for TechZone says it’s possible you’ll have to pay per-show and that could be steep. “With children in the house there is now very little risk to channel surfing, but a $1 a pop per kid could run up a $100 bill in an hour just by watching parts of lots of programs. Even the potential for this could scare the heck out of a parent.” Forbes says whether the Apple branded TV is successful or not, one thing is for certain: the Steve Jobs legacy lives on. “Bottom line: Apple’s new television seems at least a year away, but I am already getting excited. Many will see this as ‘proof’ that there is life at Apple beyond Steve Jobs, but I consider it rather to be proof that Jobs left a nice product pipeline for Apple to deliver after his untimely death.”
29 Oct 2011
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