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We are here to add that dash of colour and class in your selection of Diwali gifts for men. (Yes, you can thank us later! We are accepting reviews and thank you notes on our social channels.) So, ladies, we sincerely hope that you are taking notes! Firstly, let’s burst the stereotype bubble. Men and their likings are much above and beyond technology and bikes! We kid you not! Men are also about fine suits and classy boots! Even today, you can still tell a gentleman by his shoes. While a scratched shoe denotes a chap of chaotic habits, a well-worn and highly polished brogue, on the other hand, suggests that a man can take care of the things he loves. The eyes might be the window to the soul, but shoes, well they are the window to just about everything else! And this is precisely why shoes are the ultimate Diwali gifts for men!
6 Oct 2017
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A funny german guy lipsynching the intro song for "Chip and Chap".
15 Aug 2006
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Chap Stique from Family Force Five shares his favorite verse, Galatians 3:28. He talks about equality in Christ.
8 Dec 2007
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I say, chaps. It's the bally English Gentleman's Olympics. Pip pip, God Save the Queen and all that.
1 Jul 2009
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30 Mar 2009
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ello chap. This is a funny yet annoying video
1 Aug 2009
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14 Sep 2011
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Leather chaps for men custom made to your specs color, style and size and any requests. We can make all styles of leather chaps but if you do not see what you are looking for do not worry contact me or send me some pics, link, sketch and we will make the chaps for you. We make chaps for bikers, horseback riders, fetish or replica movie and T.V leather chaps.
27 May 2012
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Babe in chaps
9 May 2017
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Are you looking on how to get rid of chapped lips fast. Check out this video to know remedies
13 Sep 2017
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प्रकृति अध्येता डॉ. दीपक आचार्य का यात्रा विवरण यह है चाप नदी - भारतवर्ष के राजस्थान प्रांत का बांसवाड़ा जिला नदी-नालों के लिहाज से समृद्ध है। यहां नदियों का संगीत साल भर सुनायी देता है। इन्हीं में एक है सदानीरा चाप नदी। इसका पानी भीषणतम अकाल में भी कभी नहीं सूखा। इसी बारहमासी नदी की एक झलक सुकून देने वाली है।
23 Dec 2009
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Skip Jennings is a presenter and motivational speaker that has spoken for several organizations. Skip’s great passion is traveling the globe, lecturing and motivating the world to understand its greatest potential.
3 Feb 2010
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