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Video of tennis ball size hail west of Fort Worth, Texas on April 17, 2008. The hail destroyed our windshield, and left craters in the exterior of our storm chasing vehicle. Check out TornadoVideos**** for extreme tornado footage, live streaming video, and our breaking news blog.
20 May 2008
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Video of baseball to softball size hail destroying the vehicle of TornadoVideos**** storm chasers near Seminole, TX on May 5, 2006. The largest hail stones break through the wind shield and a back window, destroy the air conditioning unit, and break out the right side mirror! Check out TornadoVideos**** for more extreme weather video, breaking news, and our live GPS tracker.
24 Sep 2007
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Dominator 2 should be completed by Storm Chasers filming. Base vehicle is a 2011 GMC Yukon XL from Todd Wenzel GMC in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Be sure to follow tornadovideos**** for updates during the new build process.
23 Mar 2011
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Video of massive hail destroying the TornadoVideos**** chase vehicle during two separate storms! For more extreme hail and tornado video in HD, watch "Storm Chasers" on Discovery CHannel this fall!
10 Aug 2009
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Tornado Fury documents the record-breaking 2007 tornado season as extreme storm chasers Reed Timmer and Joel Taylor travel the Great Plains in search of violent tornadoes from close range. Ken Cole puts you in their storm chasing vehicle, as strong tornadoes rip trees from the ground only 200 yards away. Check out TornadoFury**** or TornadoVideos**** for more information.
17 Nov 2008
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Hail up to softball size destroying the TornadoVideos**** storm chasing vehicle in the Texas Panhandle on May 5, 2006.
23 Aug 2008
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Storm Chasers returns Sunday, Oct. 18th 10pm EP on Discovery! *******dsc.discovery****/videos/storm-chasers/ The Storm Chasers are back in 2009 with even more pursuit power. Reed Timmer has jacked up his prime chase vehicle, now christened the Dominator, with armor and new cutting-edge instrumentation. The TIV Crew led by Sean Casey has the next generation Tornado Intercept Vehicle running in top condition with a new camera turret and a lighter, faster chassis. Plus, three new vehicles have been added including Tim Samaras and his Team Twistex, the TIV Doghouse and a new 2009 Jeep for the intrepid SCOUT Team. So while you're waiting for the return of the all new 2009 season, you're in the right place to check out some of the most AWESOME TORNADO VIDEO around!
7 Oct 2009
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Large tornado and softball-size hail destroys the chase vehicle!
19 Dec 2009
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Installation of the Close Range Vertical Radar on TornadoVideos****'s storm chasing vehicle at Radiance Technologies in Oxford, MS. This radar is designed to measure the horizontal and vertical winds inside a tornado. The first intercept with CLOVER was the Kirksville, MO tornado on May 13, 2009. You can see this chase on Discovery Channel's Storm Chasers this Fall.
3 Feb 2010
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This is my 2002 Chevy Trailblazer LT 4x4 which is my daily driver and the vehicle I chase in. Here's a list of most of the equipment I run that isn't standard OEM. Exterior: * Brush Guard * Pair of Hella 500 Offroad Lights * Hood mounted CB NMO Antenna * NMO Mounted Wilson Dual Band Cellular * NMO Mounted 1/4 wave 2M Antenna * NMO Mounted 1/4 wave 900Mhz Antenna * NMO Mounted Scanner Antenna * NMO Mounted Dual Band 2M/440 Antenna * NMO Mounted Dual Band 2M/440 Antenna Interior: * Garmin Nuvi GPS * Logitech Webcam * Windshield Mount for Cellphone * windshield Mount for Yaesu VX-5R * Havis Shield Police Console * Jotto Desk Laptop Mount * Alinco DR-599 Dual Band Mobile * ScanGauge II OBD2 Scanner/Monitor * Switch Box * Yaesu FT-1900 2M Mobile * Yaesu VX-5R Dual Band Handheld * RadioShack Pro-433 Scanner * 100Watt PA * Motorola GTX 900Mhz 33cm Mobile * Midland 1001z CB * Uniden Remote Head for Handheld Scanner * Asus Laptop * USB GPS Puck * Cobra 850 Watt Inverter * Removable lights ** All of my lights are legal to use by anybody and are amber in color. Lights require responsibility, mine are used only if something is in the road or requested by law enforcement to help shutdown a road. Overall just use your head with lights, that's the bottom line. Almost all of my interior components are switched via an ignition controlled solenoid except the Alinco on the dash, it's setup to be always on so the vehicle can be off but still cross band repeating.
16 Aug 2011
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Me chasing a stolen vehicle. Please use my name, Delta0003, when posting my videos elsewhere.
10 Jul 2011
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Audio recording of a vehicle pursuit. Sugar Creek PD pursues a stolen Silverado at speeds of 80mph into Independence. One IPD officer wrecks his vehicle during the chase. Vehicle lost officers but was located later and suspects were arrested. Independence, MO Police
29 Nov 2008
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SLOW MOTION VIDEO OF THE PREVIOUSLY POSTED TANK BATTERY FIRE. While shooting some ENG/stock footage last night of a tank battery fire near Lamesa, TX that was ignited by lightning, an explosion took place that sent a foot and half long, 4" diameter pipe valve from 200 yards away arcing directly into the front of my storm chase vehicle causing extensive damage. This is closer than you EVER want to be to an explosion! Firefighters from Lamesa and Andrews, TX fought to keep the fire down and the tanks cooled off for an hour before it finally exploded. Miraculously, all managed to escape without injury! Video aired today on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, TWC Videographer: David Drummond *******daviddrummond****
15 Mar 2010
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Extreme video of massive hail destroying the TornadoVideos**** storm chase vehicle! The hail was up to tennis ball size, and put several cracks in the windshield and craters in the hood. In terms of volume of hail, this was one of the most intense hail storms I have ever witnessed in 10 years of storm chasing! The hail was 6+ inches deep. Check out TornadoVideos**** for extreme tornado footage, breaking weather news, and our live video streaming.
6 Oct 2010
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Police chase vehicle through suburbs of L.A. as the suspect drives on sidewalks, hits cars and a patrol car crashes.
11 Jan 2013
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