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A little craziness in relations is the spice to cheer up the things a little bit. But sometimes it gets a little too crazy for the poor guy.
13 Nov 2017
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www.justlaughs****** this is so funny cheer up friends www.justlaughs******
27 Nov 2007
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www.justlaughs****** this is so funny cheer up friends www.justlaughs******
28 Nov 2007
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Cheer Up
17 Jun 2009
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Twice - Cheer up MV [Romanian subs]
19 Aug 2017
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I've been seeing way to many sad people. This might cheer you guys up.
10 Aug 2009
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Cheer Up
23 Nov 2008
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Coreografía "CHEER UP" de Cinta Larrotcha con musica
13 Jan 2009
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A Marketing Poem To Cheer Up Your Day. *******www.markhuby**** Recently I was chatting to someone on one of the social media sites and he asked if he could send me some information to have a look at and see what I thought. I always say theres no harm in looking. It led to a load of information describing how, with very little work, I too could become a Multi Millionairre. Sound familiar?. You may have heard the phrase, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is, well this was one of those. But he just kept sending the same information all the time, even after politely saying thanks, but no thanks. I soon realised he wasnt really reading my messages or should I say the content, so I decided to send something which might catch his eye and wrote him this poem:- A Marketing Poem To Cheer Up Your Day. A marketing poem to cheer up your day. But after reading this you may not know what to say. You started online to make a quick buck, A matter of time before you run out of luck. Rules have been broken or is it just bent, You send out e-mails, yes spam is sent. You drive a ferrari you tweet on twitter, To give the impresion youre a real big hitter. You little villain apprehended, Your account on youtube I see is suspended. So to start online learn like a pro, Trust,value and lots of s.e.o. PS, I almost forgot its the last thing to say, Take me off your list to cheer up my day. it did yhe trick
1 Nov 2009
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My video #186 explains divine signs in Cheer Up songs and it’s continued on 186a & b. On 9-4-10 I needed a cheer up so I synced a few songs, (the theme from The Valley of the Dolls by Dionne Warwick , Homeward Bound by Simon and Garfunkel and Whitney Houston's Step by Step), I synced those songs to scenes from a couple of movies. When I realized how much help I had from God to do this I added a talk at the start to explain that THESE ARE DIVINE SIGNS THAT SHOULD BE SHARED and not kept just for me. It's so blatantly obvious that I posted it at You Tube to challenge how picky they are about copyright, because Vimeo already provoked the wrath of God by deleting my videos due to copyright violations as I explained in classes 161, 167 and L116 at You Tube and Vimeo. I made classes 186a and 186b to explain this 186 better. This paragraph is a list of my best patriotic classes, (186a & b were my first two 15 minutes each). Class L109 is 1:37 hours and was made from L104 except I cut out the detour stories and added relevant stories to better show the magic of patriotism. I condensed L109 into the 15 minute patriot class L112 and then made the first 24 minutes of L113 to go with L112 because they both are my best and shortest explanations of Pearl Harbor, the start and end of WWII and how it so easily explains the main part of the book of Revelation in the Bible. Class 171 is a 13 minute lesson of how America needs to get the magic of patriotism back. With ALL of these lessons you can completely miss the point and a lot of divine and/ or patriotic magic if you are not tolerant of a teacher and prophet (and “the one”) who is a disabled mess on welfare that just recently learned to use a computer. 186, a & b are also at
5 Sep 2010
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Best Western Hotels GB have been cheering people up throughout January and on Blue Monday headed to the Capital to cheer up the people of London with a brass band flash mob playing "It's not unusual".
27 Jan 2012
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*******pierotonin**** A Cheer up Cartoon eCard with a singing Cow! Boost your mood! Guaranteed to make you smile!
29 May 2012
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22 Jul 2008
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The economy's going to hell, but you don't have to.
19 Jul 2013
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24 Mar 2009
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