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DOWNLOAD on iTunes here: ******* EXPLICIT VERSION: ******* ...WHO WILL 'GET PLAYED' NEXT? YOU DECIDE! Comment below and Follow The Amazing Cast and Crew!!! STARRING: RAWN as LINK ‪*******youtube****/hiimrawn‬ LISANOVA as ZELDA and SHIEK ***********/lisanova SHAYCARL as GANONDORF ***********/shaycarl DODGER as NAVI ***********/presshearttocontinue WILLY WATS as THE DEKU TREE ***********/willywats THE ZORAS: CHELSEE HEINRICHS ***********/chelseeheinrichs ALANA FICKES ***********/lovealanachan LAURA CORRAL ‪*******www.twitter****/lauraacorral‬ THE MOBLINS: NICK MATTHEWS OMAR G ***********/thestation2 DEREK JONES ***********/whatadayderek Produced by MAKER STUDIOS Story by WillyWaTs, HiimRawn and Joe Rechtman ‪*******youtube****/WillyWats‬ ‪*******facebook****/WillyWats‬ ‪*******www.josephrechtman****‬ Directed by WILL WATKINS ‪***********/willywaTs‬ Executive Producer Alysia Russo ‪*******youtube****/alysiarusso‬ Producer Michael Gray *******www.twitter****/mikeggray Camera & Lighting by Tim Davis *******vimeo****/28335529 Edited by Blake O'Neal, Will Watkins & Tony Lee ‪***********/user/StationTutorials‬ Deku Tree FX and Titles by Tony Lee Post Supervision by DREW WALKUP ***********/name/nm2662411/ Costume Design and Fabrication by MORGAN CHRISTENSEN ***********/ohyeahmorgan and BETH CONTI *******youtube****/utterlycoffee Props & Weapons by ARTIE TERRA BRITTANY WHITE REMY BRIMMER ***********/butterusfx Art Supervision by AARON ARMSTRONG Set PA - Michael Surh AD - Trent Turner SONG, LYRICS, MUSIC by Hiimrawn ‪*******youtube****/hiimrawn‬ ‪*******twitter****/hiimrawn‬ ‪*******‬ ART DEPARTMENT SUPERVISION Aaron Armstrong LYRICS (LINK) Im L to the I to the N-K My Will is to make it to the end game Just Chill cuz you could be offending the ladies im defending I was Raised by the Kokiri but im actually a Hylian Rupees by the Million Shirt green Chameleon Suck these Deku Nuts, Ive got spiritual stones Used to be a runt, now im full grown Known as the Hero of time and I always get mine cuz im always on my grind all the time time Find Find Me Me rescuing some fine lady from the belly of the beast and if youve got beef then id like you to meet my triforces right here 123 Dont fuck with me cuz you find quickly that i Beat Beat Beat Skeet Skeet then Leave (chorus) Why all the Ladies always Trippin on me they be requesting that I be questing I be thee best thing big stick I swing Can you see my Green Drip Drip Viseine IM QUESTING What Im questing Ohh (DEKU TREE) Deku tree what it be cant be like me Cant Ball Like me Y'Aint Tall like me Putem all on me Just Call on me Cuz Magic Sticks are Growing on me I got more rings then a cellular phone I control fairies like an Al Capone If you Cummin inside better Put a Shield on and Face your destiny alone (NAVI) Rupees Rupees Rubies Baby Sippin on your Potion SLUP Fellas makin faces when they Followin my motion DERP Im the illest Fairy from Kokiri to the Sacred Realm Tell'em Im Preparin them for Freaks of Nature Raisin Hell HEY LISTEN Im Navi and im Navigatin I side with you while they hatin I am not an insect better respect me or face the fate of all my fairy magic on your ass that would be tragic Im a Maverick I go Drastic Other Fairies shit is Slapstick (CHORUS) (SHIEK) Im Sheik on the Beat and im Shiek on the street Im petite cuz underneath I got a princess physique dont need to come at you to hard cuz i come at you discreet I pluck Harp Strings Haters suck Hard Things The Music I be Makins got you teleporting. (Ganandorf) Ganondorf and I be coming at you Evil do all this just to help my people Man of the century I be what I wanna be Cant stop me I Take what I please Leave your cities like dust in the breeze I RULE Hyrule Little Kid needs school If you coming at me fool Better be full growed Cuz im about to switch HA BEAST MODE! (CHORUS) x2
14 Feb 2012
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BUY ON iTUNES: ***********/us/album/the-league-and-i-single/id473697503 The League holds a special place in all our hearts :D. This is a parody of the Lady Gaga song "Yoü and I" for those who don't know. :D Follow me on Facebook: *******www.Facebook****/JonTronShow Follow me on Twitter: *******www.Twitter****/JonTronShow You can buy my shirts here: *******www.districtlines****/Jon-Tron-Show DIRECTORS: Jon Jafari (JonTron) & Layne Pavoggi DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Layne Pavoggi EDITING AND SPECIAL EFFECTS: Jon Jafari (JonTron) PRODUCERS: Channing Sargent & Will Lu SOUND AND LIGHTS: Mike Schmidt (my love) DANCERS: Chelsee Heinrich ..... Teemo Julie Bersani ..... Akali Daralina Komar ...... Nidalee BACKUP SINGER: ***********/user/RaihannaEstrada PBG IS THE BEST: *******www.Youtube****/PeanutButterGamer Thanks so much to everyone who was involved!! This was really fun and I hope you all enjoyed it. LYRICS: It's been a long time since I played a ranked Been a long time since some shacos ganked This time I'm not leaguin' without you 5v5 match me with those teammates LOL I'll give anything at all just to avoid a troll This time I'm not leaguin' without you I say sit back down where you belong In your comfy 'puter chair, with the monitor glow Sit back down and click where we solo queued the first time in a PvP, yeah. Something something about the rift (summoners rift) Something 'bout long gamin nights And ignite to get a lift Something something about The cool demacian 5 Yeah something about Babe the league and I It's been two years since Morde wasn't OP His shield is bullshit and don't just tell me to L2P He'll take your soul, and he'll kill your friends with you. (that's just messed up man) When I B'd I picked up a heart of gold So that ashe could farm and get us to our final goal But instead she just ran up-riv and died Ooh-oh ooh-oh Karthus' ult is way too frickin' strong and teemo shrooms make me wanna sing a sad song Sanguine pool is a bunch of B And when fiddlesticks pops might as well GG. Something, something about the rift Something 'bout pwning nubs with nothin' but your fists. Something, something about those level 1 jungle fights. Yeah something about, the good old League and I. The League and I The League, League and I The League, League and I The League, League and I, I The League and I The League, League and I Oh yeah! Watch Cho Gath Fly!! League of Legends and I! C'mon! Get those boots of moblity! Go gank those lanes. It may look bad now, but hey, out here it's war. Anything can happen if we just stick together Eh screw it, maybe gangplank will DC! We got a whole lot of gold, but we still stay in lane 'Cause you gotta keep bringin' on all the pain! There's only three champs that Imma play in my whole life It's Irelia and Annie and Jesus Christ YEH Something, something about the chase Mocking shout Got my 'finity edge, Ima chop you down Before you can even FLASH AWAY Something, something about just knowing when to fight So elixir up for the final push To Baron, to the nexus, IT'S GG The League and I The League League and I Shaco, you're gonna die! Oh shit...where'd he go...fucking stupid ass character...This is bullshit! The League and I The League League and I OH SHIT ITS Soraka I'm gonna die! Long live 5v5! It's been a long time since I played some rounds Been a long time but I aint backin' down This time I'm not leaguin' without you
25 Sep 2012
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SUBSCRIBE! Husky: *******www.YouTube****/HuskyStarcraft Kurt: *******www.YouTube****/KurtHugoSchneider BEHIND THE SCENES: ***********/watch?v=VsRisNkCQvY Ro the Robot: ***********/RosannaPansino Dodger the Geek: ***********/presshearttocontinue Courtney the Unicorn: ***********/courtneypants Tricia: ***********/megumixbear MuzzaFuzza: ***********/muzzafuzzagaming TJ: ***********/tjsmithgaming Joyce:****/joyceirl Jesse the Chicken: My Brother :D Awesome Dance Crew: Elm Pizarro (Boogie Zone) ***********/boogiezone Directed by Layne Pavoggi Director of Photography Jon Na First AD Trent Turner Gaffer Michael Schmidt Gaffer Tim Davis PA Phil Chea Prod. Coordinator Will Lu Edited by Michael Schroeder Produced by Aaron Zaragoza Nerds: Kury Hugo Schneider (KurtHugoSchneider) Kim Wong (***********/ItsKimmykimkim) Erin Sievers (The Game Station) Dodger (PressHeartToContinue) Colin Brooker (The Game Station) Andrew (Nvidia) Rob (Blizzard) Jess Gieseke Will Lu (The Game Station) Robbie Lee (The Game Station) Jamie Coucher Derek Bloom Duy Dao Richard Daniel Sun Jaw Kim Phil Chea (The Game Station) Party-core Partiers: Husky (HuskyStarcraft) Rosanna Pansino (RosannaPansino) Courtnry Sailors (CourtneyPants) Chelsee Heinrichs Tricia (megumixbear) TJ Smith (tjsmithgaming) Joyce (JoyceIRL) Muzza Fuzza (muzzafuzzagaming) Anastacia Devin Brooke Jamie Salemi Katelynn Dubow Kris (Nvidia) Dance and Choreography: Director of Choreography - Elm Pizarro - Section 0:57 - New Jack/Shuffle - TWITTER elmboogie Choreographer/Nerd - Rob! Barragan - Section 2:04 - Waacking/Femme - TWITTER robsocool Choreographer/Nerd - Toy Box - Section 0:43 - House/Footwork - TWITTER box_toy Choreographer/Nerd - Chadd Daddy Moreau - Section 1:41- Tutting/Isolation FACEBOOK chadd_moreau Choreographer/Nerd - Mookie Washington - Section 1:27 - Locking/Breakin' - TWITTER - FACEBOOK bboymookieyahoo**** Choreographer/Nerd Leader - Josh "Ace" Ventura - Robot Man - TWITTER joshventura
24 Mar 2012
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no comment XD
12 Feb 2013
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chelsee tring to get up the slide at Willett.
27 Jul 2009
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