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From the movie Kung Pow: Enter the Fist - The Chosen One (Steve Oedekerk) impresses the others as he starts training and is challenged by Wimp Lo (Chia Yung).
20 Jul 2011
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From the movie Kung Pow: Enter the Fist - A rough-around-the-edges martial arts master seeks revenge for his parent's death.
1 Aug 2012
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Fantastic classic kung-fu movie created by Shaw Brothers studio, one of the best kung-fu movie makers in China demonstrating some serious martial arts skills such as Iron Body, mental skills as well as excellent classic kung-fu skills, strength and techniques. Starring all of the Liu's including Gordon Liu/Chia Hui Liu (Ti Tan) his brother Chia Yung Liu (Lei Ying) and Chia-Liang Liu the senior brother of the family that plays Lei Kung in this movie and sister Kara Hui (Fang Shao-Ching ) Legendary Weapons of China (aka Legendary Weapons of Kung Fu, ) Shi ba ban wu yi (original title) is a 1982 martial arts film directed Chia-Liang Liu. It takes place during the late Qing Dynasty when Empress Dowager Cixi dispatches her agents to various factions of the Boxer Rebellion in order find supernatural martial artists that are invulnerable to western bullets. When one of the leaders of these groups disbands his forces because he knew that their iron body skills could never withstands the newer western guns with their higher hitting power, pointed bullets and rifled barrels, assassins from the remaining factions are sent out to kill him for his apparent treason. As the title of the film suggests, a great variety of fights take place involving the "legendary weapons." Although Lau Kar-Leung is known for showing "real Kung-Fu" in his films, he does take some artistic license by incorporating elements of Taoist Maoshan folk magic with hand-to-hand combat. This is similar to what he did in another of film of his, Heroes of the East (or "Challenge of the Ninja").
18 May 2012
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