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My friend Chibi( Amaya6666)has prank our friend Catherine with Maze game we said : -San(chibi), come in. - play here - what's this - Don't touch the wall! - CAUTION don't be so fast ***** - Don't touch the wall be slowly.. - it's Fuc**** hard - Why do you be good like this .. we're so mad at this. - AAAAA - I tried to... - Retry ! - who was in the end ? a naked women ? - no - what did you say? * laugh* - don't click on the mouse .. - wow! ... - Shit! - There a monster hein? - eeeeee no ...
4 May 2009
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video de la cancion "querer" de chetes. hecho con imagenes de anime. imagenes propiedad de : www.ninioromantico****.ar cancion: chetes - querer ... chetes querer anime amor love romantico video 愛 manga こんにちは te amo cute jpop chibi tierno naruto 私は愛する pop 2008 emo aiko
6 May 2009
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Some random My Chemical Romance quotes and pictures EDIT: This is the link for the MCR Babies chibi picture, I didn't draw it obviously! *******chocoreaper.deviantart****/art/Chibi-Baby-My-Chemical-Romance-47330776 *PLEASE NOTE* i am aware the song is not MCR, i am aware you probably hate it, but it was the only song that actually worked! The Song Is Called Heartbeats and it's by Jose Gonzales PLEASE VISIT MY MYSPACE MUSIC PAGE: www.myspace****/thewayofthewise
17 May 2009
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Lo considero un hermoso video, tiene imágenes de ángeles anime (anime, sailor moon, sakura card captors, chibi moon, evangelion). La música de fondo es de Phill Collins de la película Tarzan (en mi corazón vivirás)
6 Jun 2009
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I know I haven't uploaded anything in a very long time. I'm sorry. School has been very busy. I have to admit that I haven't had many ideas and for the few ideas I did get I need the last two episodes and I haven't got them yet -_-; And the fact that my personal favourite and most popular video Zutara 4Ever Chibi Style, was deleted because of "copyright violation of Viacom" didn't help to motivate me either TT_TT But then I got a idea for which I don't need the last two episodes and can just the material I already have. So now I'm back!!! With not just one but two videos =D As you can see in the title this is version 1. Version 2 will be up in a few days. I'm almost finished with it. Why two versions and not just one? Well, I couldn't choose whose point of view I would use. So I decided to make two. This means that you shouldn't expect huge differences, but they're absolutely not the same either. Now about the video itself. This video is about Katara and Zuko thinking about each other. When the moon shines they are haunted by Zuko's betrayal, the memories, the hurt, the fear of something terrible happening to each other and the longing to be together. Enjoy!!! #29 - Most Discussed (Today) - Film & Animation - Netherlands #75 - Most Viewed (Today) - Film & Animation - Netherlands
6 Sep 2009
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A little trick with paper I show people... Song - Scarlet Chibi Vampire... I mean... Karin OP In this, you can learn how to fold three things: a heart, a swan, and a ninja star. BE NINJA! join me Ninja Day 2009! December 5, 2009. aiiight?
6 Sep 2009
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**UPDATED DESCRIPTION!! [[Please read!]] ..what's the point of uploading multiples of this SAME video on youtube?! ..are you all playing a childish competition on getting the most views or ratings or something? .. it's lame. Description: -An ad campaign for LOUIS VUITTON by Mamoru Hosoda. an updated alice in wonderland, in which a girl, searching for her lost cell phone, floats in a dizzying world of the company's logos. While waiting to meet her friends outside of a Louis Vuitton store, Aya's cell phone is eaten by the LV Panda, who then promptly swallows Aya - but the inside of his stomach is gateway to a psychadelic wonderland. Based on characters created by famed superflat artist Takashi Murakami. Location: -The LOUIS VUITTON store featured in this video is the Omotesando in Tokyo, Japan. Music: -The song featured in this movie: Fantastic Plastic Machine - "Different Colors" -Download the audio/music from this video here: *******rapidshare****/files/104644991/Superflat-Monogram.mp3.html Facts/FAQs: -The original video on YouTube! -The director of the Digimon movie is the same person who directed this movie: Mamoru Hosoda. -Marc Jacobs and Takashi Murakami collaborated to create the fresh looking multicolore design for Louis Vuitton. -Takashi Murakami has featured his artwork along with Louis Vuitton's collaborated products at MOCA, Los Angeles' Museum of Contemporary Art. The limited Murakami edition of Louis Vuitton's Neverfull bag is one of the most sought after items for Fall 2007. The newest character added on the Louis Vuitton monogram pattern is the Chibi Kinoko on the Agenda PM. -Takashi Murakami will showcase his MURAKAMI exhibit for the 2nd time to the public at the Brooklyn Museum in New York between April 5 - July 13, 2008. The most anticipated new design that Takashi Murakami has reinvented for the luxury company Louis Vuitton is the "Monogramouflague".
16 Oct 2009
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Drawing names: Tengu Cross Beast (Megaman Battle Network 6 Falzar) Aqua Cross Beast (Megaman Battle Network 6 Falzar) Heat Cross Beast (Megaman Battle Network 6 Gregar) Slash Cross Beast (Megaman Battle Network 6 Gregar) Charge Cross Beast (Megaman Battle Network 6 Gregar) Bass (Megaman Battle Network 1-6) Herculious Anchortus (Megaman Zero) Kuwagust Anchus (Megaman Zero 2) Pegasolta Eclair (Megaman Zero 4) Tech Kraken (Megaman Zero 4) Fenri Lunaedge (Megaman Zero 4) Craft (Megaman Zero 4) Atlas (Megaman ZX Advent) Sianaq (Megaman ZX Advent) Prometheus (Megaman ZX/Advent) Pandora (Megaman ZX/Advent) Vile (Megaman X/Maverick Hunter X) ??? Vieze (Atelier Iris 2) Fee (Atelier Iris 2) Rena (Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni) Chibi Subaru and Teana (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS) Subaru Nakajima (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS) Fate Testarossa (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha/A's/StrikerS) Sayo Aisaka (Negima!) Konoka Konoe (Negima!) Nodoka Miyazaki (Negima!) Mist (Fire Emblem Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn) Mia (Fire Emblem Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn) Zelgius/Black Knight (Fire Emblem Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn) YF-19 (Macross Plus) B303-Devilfish (Eureka Seven) Vermillion (Raphxephon) Percival (Code Geass R2) Galahad (Code Geass R2) Gawain (Code Geass) Song: A Motion of Finishing Blow
28 Oct 2009
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[READ] Please Watch It In High Quality. Shufflers In Order - Brunei ; Dafy Advii Wafy Ame Bazz Malaysia ; Kechik O-Chibi Ajam Achik Epul Comments, Rates & Subscribe. (: Hope You Enjoyed Watching As Much As I Am On Editing. ;D Thanks to AANSTER for some teachings. ;p
28 Oct 2009
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Naruto and chibi (plushie) Sasuke join forces to lipsync to 'And I Love You', an AWESOME song by Monsterslovesushi!! Its a mini/sample/thingie of the song, so if you like it, go to their youtube account and watch their vid! its uber sweet ~Naruto
18 Nov 2009
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Yeah I made this for a friend who actually likes Sasuke Which I don't understand coz she is ALWAYS stealing my Itachi chibi
5 Jan 2010
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OK, so here's the first part of the tutorial. It presents basic head structure and how to plan it out and draw it. This is just my method of drawing sailor moon. you're totally free to use it if you'd like. If you DO plan to use my method, i assure you the first few times you try it's not gunna look cannon, but if you try a few more times, you'll eventually get it, then you'll never have to use references when drawing sailor moon again! =D So the camera is hanging from the ceiling, if you think there's a better way to record videos in the future, please don't hesitate to suggest. Feel free to leave comments, critiques, suggestions, requests, etc. Thanks for watching =) Coming up: -Sailor moon 1/4 view -Mercury and Mars faces -Venus and Jupiter faces -Pluto and Saturn faces -Neptune and Uranus faces -Chibi Moon and Tuxedo Mask faces -Suit changes from normal to super henshin -Prism, Crystal, Cosmic suits -Crisis Suit -Eternal suit(maybe...i hate this suit) -Princess Serenity dress *Subscribe so that you'll get the latest videos when they;re uploaded =P
3 Mar 2010
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Caramell Dancen Full Video with Hatsune Miku's Chibi & the others
20 Apr 2010
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This video is about life of Vegeta. I tried to match up lyrics and video.. It turned out good(IMO) See for yourself. XD p.s. dbz rocks ^^ more tags: vegeta goku super saiyan majin king vegeta dbz dragon ball z gt db dbgt budokai tenkaichi dragonballz chester bennington lq majin buu saiyan prince amv ssj ssj2 piccolo what ive done anime grim burst limit naruto manga cartoon network dbz movie live action video cinema in the end vegeta's suicide saiyan pride nappa kill frieza gokou death goku vs vegeta vegeta vs majin buu little vegeta saibamen dying numb mike shinoda z warriors vegeta crying kai dragon ball kai saga episode chibi vegeta king vegeta dodoria zarbon sacrifice tears music touching video good great chester mike shinoda top best New Divide lq hybrid theory Minutes to Midnight awesome ballz fan made episode :)
27 Aug 2010
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Anju Maaka from Chibi Vampire. Song is Pain by Three Days Grace. xD
13 Sep 2010
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Here's the link to download the 57 720p HD backgrounds: *******www.megaupload****/?d=IA67N87JHere's the download link of the song: *******www.megaupload****/?d=RG961MDEAll DragonBall / DragonBall Z / DragonBall GT Characters can be found at *******www.myfavoritegames****/dragonball-z/Info/Bios/dragonball-z-character-a.htm also everything about the seriesDragon Ball Z Characters:Alien Announcer (Afterlife Tournament Announcer):Android #16:Android #17:Android #17 [From Another Timeline]:Android #18:Android #18 [From Another Timeline]:Android #19:Android #20 (Dr. Gero):Android #21 (Cell):Announcer:Appule:Arqua (Aqua):Atla (Atura):Baba (Fortune Teller Baba or Uranai Baba):Babidi:Bee (Biru):Bibidi:Blueberry:Bubbles:Bun:Burter (Baata): Buu (Majin Buu, Mr. Buu, Super Buu, Evil Buu ETC):Captain Ginyu:Cargo:Cashew (Spice):Caterpy (Catapy):Chapuchai (Chachai):Chiaotzu (Chaozu):Chi-Chi:Circus Boss:Cold (King Cold):Cooler:Crop Farmer:Cui:Dabura (Demon King or King of Darkness [Doubler]):Dai Kaio/Kaiosama (English: Grand Kai):Dai Kaioshin (Grand Supreme Kai):Dende:Doctor & Nurse (Mr. Doctor & Nurse):Dodoria:Dr. Briefs:Gero:East Kai (East Kaio) :East Kaioshin (East Supreme Kai or Supreme Kai):Elder Kai (Supreme Kai, Rou Dai Kaioshin, Old Kai):Enma Daio (King Yemma):Erasa (Eliza):Evil Buu (Thin Buu):Fat Buu:Fortuneteller Baba (Baba):Frieza (Freezer or Furiza or Freeza):Froug (Frog):Garlic Junior:Gero:Ginger:Captain Ginyu:Gohan:Goku (Gokuh, Gokou, Son Goku, Kakarot, Kakarotto):Goten:Gotenks:Grand Kai (Dai Kaio/Kaiosama): Grand Supreme Kai (Dai Kaioshin): Goz:Great Saiyaman:Great Saiyawoman (Great Saiyaman 2):Gregory:Guldo:Guru (Grand Elder):Gyuu Maou (Gyu Mao, Ox-King):Haze Shenron (Ryan Shenron):Hercule (Mr. Satan):Human Gunman :Human Gunman's Associate:Idarsa:Idasam:Iedei/Ledei (Yeti):Ikose:Jeice (Jisu):Jewel:Kame-senin (Master Roshi/Muten Roshi):Kami (Kami-sama):Kargo (Cargo):Karoni:Kibito (Kibit):Kibito Kai:Kid Buu:Kilah (Killer):King Cold :King Kai (North Kai):King of the World:King Yemma:Korin (Karin-sama):Kui (Cui):Krillin (Kuririn or Krillen):Lemlia (Queen Lemlia):Lime:Lime's Caretaker:Lord Frieza (Freezer or Furiza or Freeza):Majin Buu (Buu, Mr. Buu, Fat Buu, Evil Buu ETC): Majuub:Mariko (Maraikoh):Master Roshi (Kame-senin):Mez (Mezu):Mighty Mask:Moori (Muuri):Mr. Popo :Mr. Satan (Hercule):Mrs. Brief:Nail:Nappa:North Kai (North Kaio, King Kai):North Kaioshin (North Supreme Kai):Ogre Intern: Olibu (Olive):Oolong:Otoko Suki:Ox-King (Gyuu Maou):Pan:Papoi:Piccolo:Pikkon (Paikuhan) :Pintar (Punta) :Piroshiki:Pizza:Porunga:Princess Snake:Pteranodon Family:Puar:Pui Pui (Puipui):Queen Lemlia:Raditz (Radditz) :Recoome (Rikum):Saibamen:Scratch:Sharpner:Shenron (Shenlong): South Kai:South Kaioshin (South Supreme Kai):Spice (Cashew):Spopovich:Super Buu:Supreme Kai (East Kaioshin or East Supreme Kai):Thin Buu (Evil Buu):Tien (Tienshinhan, Tenshinhan, Tien Shinhan):Torbie:Trunks (Chibi Trunks):Trunks (Mirai no Trunks, Future Trunks):Turtle:Umi-Game (Turtle):Uranai Baba (Fortuneteller Baba): Uub:Valese:Vegeta:Vegeta Jr. :Vegeta Ou (King Vegeta):Vegito (Vegitto, Vegetto):Videl:Vinegar:West Kai (West Kaio) :West Kaioshin (West Supreme Kai):Wild Tiger:Yajirobe (Yajirobi):Yakon:Yama:Yamcha:Yamu (Yam):Yemma (King Yemma, King Yama, Lord Enma):Yeti:Yuzukaa:Zaacro:Zarbon (Zaabon):ZTV Male-Announcer (ZTV no Jikyou Anaunsa):
18 Sep 2010
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