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21 Jul 2018
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Guns 'N Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine bass cover
22 Jul 2018
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Worker Incredibly Saves a Child as He Falls 4-Stories
25 Jul 2018
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Police free screaming child from scorching hot car – while mother is at a festival We already know that no living thing should ever be left behind in a hot car in the summer — even if you think you have something “more important” to do or that it would not take long. This is unthinkable especially when it comes to your own child. Sadly, this is exactly what a small 2-year-old had to recently endure in Rheda Wiedenbrück, Germany. The child was freed by police after nearly 30 minutes of crying in a scorching hot car. Where was the mother? With a friend at a festival. Bild reports that late on Monday evening, an officer freed a boy aged about 2 from an overheated car, after a passersby called the police. The desperate, sweating child was screaming and crying from the car. According to the University of Georgia, a car can heat up to over 130 degrees Fahrenheit in just 30 minutes if the outside temperature is between 93 and 104 degrees. For over 30 minutes, the little boy screamed until officers rushed to his aid, smashing the car window and pulling him out. Ten minutes later, the child’s 22-year-old mother returned from the festival. “We were looking for another girlfriend. It took longer than expected,” she told Bild. The officers interrogated the young mother, ultimately charging her with bodily harm and abuse of a minor. In addition, the state child welfare organization was notified. Children at this age can not fend for themselves and free themselves out of a scorching hot car. The little boy was lucky that a passersby was observant enough to notice him and made the emergency call. Thank goodness for this passersby and the officers who freed the boy from the hot car. We hope that he recovers from the shock as soon as possible and wish that no single creature — human or animal — ever has to suffer such an incident again. Please share this video to remind all your Facebook friends about this critical information.
29 Jul 2018
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Applying for child custody investigations Los Angeles? The documentation process could be tiresome for you since investigation team and child welfare takes every bit of information before approving one. Here is all you need to keep handy before writing an application for child custody. Need professional consultation? Don't hesitate to contact us
3 Aug 2018
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They say that everyone should never let the child in them die. But what do you do if you are a failure at being a child too. Watch this hilarious fail at the inflatable balloon.
7 Aug 2018
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Maybe this is the reason grown-up people don’t use cars that are meant for kids. She will remember this if she learned her lesson.
19 Jul 2018
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The sea lion has taken an interest in the little girl who was sitting at the side of the boat. It took her in the water, thank God a guy was there to save him from drowning.
15 Aug 2018
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Kid Talk Counseling is a family oriented counseling for children, adolescents and adults founded by a licensed counselor, Robi Heath in Frisco. We offer quality counseling services with the help of professional counselors. Adolescent Therapy is one of the best therapeutic treatments for teenagers to overcome their mental issues and problems. A parent – child relationship is the most determining factor in mental health changes of an adolescent.
23 Jul 2018
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पटना पारस अस्पताल | Paras Hospital Patna | Paras Patna | पारस पटना A child fights Hodgkin's Lymphoma with Nuclear Medicine. Paras HMRI Hospital Patna is the only centre in Bihar & Jharkhand to have PET CT, Gamma Camera, LINAC and comprehensive cancer care treatment facility.
10 Aug 2018
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Cute shewawa dog park at crazy child These cute little puppies need a loving home. As soon as you look into their expressive eyes you will want to make them your own! Pet and cuddle them. Their faces move and they even breathe, just like a real animal. These super adorable pups are just waiting to be adopted by you! Check out these cute puppy barking videos. Puppies barking in this dog barking videos compilation. Also try out other funny videos on the channel. Cats are the most awesome and funny pets so check out funny cats or funny cat videos compilations. Animals are so funny you just can't stop laughing so a funny animal compilation will make you laugh. Subscribe for the greatest and funniest animal moments because animals and pets are humorous and hilarious if you will, living your entire life in a dirty pen through summer, through winter, through fall, through spring. You have little knowledge of the human race other than sometimes, they might throw over a bite of food for you, but most of the time, they don't bother This is where we spent the next 45 minutes. This person decided to turn the camera on so that you all could witness the beginning stage of his recovery process. Her only goal for the day was to let him know that human touch was safe. You are snared and placed into a crate ending up at a strange place where they poke you with needles, stick a probe up your butt, take your blood, remove your testicles and give you funny pills that upset your stomach. You are then picked up by a transport van and driven to your new unfamiliar temporary home where excited humans who seem like aliens greet you with love and compassion.
12 Aug 2018
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Learn to say No to your child and stick to it. No matter what kind of tantrums it throws at little age or at grown-up age. Dr. Sapna Sharma throws light on it.
17 Aug 2018
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