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Watch Uganda's current President and his child soldiers. Uganda may be voted onto the United Nations Security Council in October, despite the grave crimes against humanity Uganda has committed internationally, particularly in the Great Lakes region. Uganda has been fined by the International Court of Justice for war crimes in the Congo and was also involved in the Rwandan genocide. Please visit: exposeugandasgenocide.blogspot**** for more information. Call, write, email or fax your elected officials, media and community organizations to register your protest of Uganda's term on the Security Council. Please pass this video on and spread this message of truth. May the people of the world prevail over dictatorships and abusive governments.
29 Sep 2008
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The Source of Inspiration for Child Soldiers: When negative individuals speak to you it is best to smile. If showing an outward smile is an offence then smile inside because they can be a source of inspiration. A fool came to me speaking of plans on how he would like to use me for financial reward Child Soldiers Poetic Source of Inspiration: To read more may order your copy of the book, ISBN: 0970335318, as we continue…. This video is just a new avenue on the artistic creative release using the materials that have already produced; it’s a resourceful necessity, a poetic outfomercial. The Artist thanks you for your appreciation and continual support. Ashia`-Hotep
8 Jan 2008
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Army rescues LTTE child soldier - Mannar (Sri Lanka)
12 Jun 2008
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UNICEF correspondent Val Wang reports on the last group of child soldiers released from the former Maoist rebel army in Nepal.
7 Apr 2010
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UNICEF's Salma Zulfiqar reports on the rehabilitation and reintegration of former child soldiers in Chad.
22 Jun 2010
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UNICEF correspondent Ndiaga Seck reports on local communities helping former child soldiers.
14 Feb 2011
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Mother: I would have preferred a different son had died The Palestinian Authority continues to promote the use of children as soldiers and to present their deaths as valuable and heroic.
18 Oct 2006
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13 May 2007
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CHILDREN during the Lon Nol regime turned into soldier and later into Khmer Rouge.
12 Nov 2008
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- :Soldiers Angels mission is to provide aid and comfort to any and all Armed ... Operation Soldiers Helping Children ... Operation Soldiers Helping Children is ...
5 Jan 2009
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16 Apr 2010
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Northern Uganda has endured 20 years of brutal civil war – a conflict that enslaved thousands of child soldiers and created 1.6 million refugees. A fragile ceasefire has existed since the summer of 2006 and the country is now looking to the international community to help solve the many problems created by war: the cult-like Lord’s Resistance Army perpetrated massacres and mutilations, forcing girls to be sex slaves and brainwashing the boys to become brutal killers. Aid agencies such as Plan Canada are now helping to rebuild the communities and infrastructure destroyed by 2 decades of turmoil and unrest.
8 Mar 2008
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When my mother died, I just left - I was alone, moving from place to place. Some friends of mine of told me to go into the army. They said that I'd be better off wearing a uniform like them. I thought that maybe I could just put on some smart clothes and become someone … You think - "I'll only be smart if I wear those clothes too." You know what I mean? Have you heard something like that? It was my decision … it was my heart that led me to join the army. I was working as an Assistant Lieutenant. I don't know exactly how many girls there were. There were something like four in a brigade. I was the only girl at Headquarters. Everyone was in the same boat - they didn't think of us as a boy or a girl. Both boys and girls do whatever is needed … in the army, you cannot say that I am a girl, I can't do this or that. We fought in Karuba , we fought in Katoyi, Tshugi, Mushaki, Bushaku, Kalehe, Bukavu. We were fighting a lot. But all the fighting was between us - between our own people. Can you imagine ….. in front of you someone dying, on either side of you - they're dying, behind you someone dying. And you are in the middle of this. It was awful. Plus, when we went to Tango Fort and to get money, they said we don't deserve any salary … that only government forces get money and we were still with General Laurent Nkunda. We were so angry. We told the commander to absorb us into the governmental army right now - We said we cannot live without our salaries or we'll start stealing from civilians … And I said: I want to leave the army. This is how I left it. I went down to the to CTO - the UNICEF transit center. The mentality I had when I was a soldier - it's not really me. When I got here I was well received. They dressed me, they fed me, they taught me, they welcomed me. Now I am learning how to sew. I have been helping with the cooking. We always help each other here with all kinds of jobs. I love them all here, for they helped me to leave the army. There is no way you can forget someone who rescued you from such a life. There is nothing good in the army - only if you can leave alive. As for us demobilized child soldiers, even if we have our papers, we don't know where to go. We’re hard to deal with. I think where can I go? But for now there’s nowhere to go. The mentality I had when I was a soldier, it's not really me. When I got here I was well received. They dressed me, they fed me, they taught me, they welcomed me."
10 Mar 2008
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spread the truth.
8 May 2007
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I joined the army when I was fifteen years old. I don't know if I can say that I went willingly. I was afraid to be taken by force. I was in the Mayi-Mayi group. The Mayi-Mayi are a group of soldiers from the Congo. They unite to chase foreign forces out of the country. They mix herbs with water. Then they spread that water on their bodies. This gives them a special protection. That�s why they are called "water-water." In that group, I was in charge of communication and gathering information. I would go to look for information in the Tutsi camp and bring it to our headquarters. And then we would prepare to fight them. It was a kind of Intelligence Service. They had young children 10 years old - even younger. Those children were in charge of the medicine of the Mayi-Mayi. They would go to look for herbs and mix them. To see how many of us died and disappeared, to see how many of us were wounded, broke my heart. When we killed an American engineer named Claude, the Tutsis became very angry. They broke into people's houses, and then spread gasoline all over them. They burned the people inside and all of their things. They burned the whole village. A lot of people were killed. That village was where I was born. I really thought about my situation. I saw that it was really bad, so I decided to leave. When I arrived here in Goma, I was not with a family. I was in the street. I have some relatives here in Goma, but I was afraid to approach them. Many of them did not agree when I joined the military service. I heard that there was an association looking for people who were soldiers, to see if they could help them. When I went to get enrolled, they told me that they had many sections such brickwork, mechanics, woodwork, soldering. Among us there were many Rwandan people. People from many ethnic groups. We had Mayi-Mayi like us. We had people who came from the government, people who came from MLC, people from the RCD - All of us together The builders who were there were happy with us. They liked our work. They also liked our attitude You see, in the military service, we saw many things that destroyed our mind. How can a child with military training be helped? Take him out of the army. Teach him - as we were. Help him lose his military spirit and he will be an ordinary young man - like I have become.
20 May 2010
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The Prosthetics Outreach Foundation creates opportunities for children and adults in developing countries who suffer from limb loss and limb deformities to lead more fulfilling lives. POF provides access to prosthetics, surgery, and microloans. Distributed by Tubemogul.
11 Jun 2009
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