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Watch Uganda's current President and his child soldiers. Uganda may be voted onto the United Nations Security Council in October, despite the grave crimes against humanity Uganda has committed internationally, particularly in the Great Lakes region. Uganda has been fined by the International Court of Justice for war crimes in the Congo and was also involved in the Rwandan genocide. Please visit: exposeugandasgenocide.blogspot**** for more information. Call, write, email or fax your elected officials, media and community organizations to register your protest of Uganda's term on the Security Council. Please pass this video on and spread this message of truth. May the people of the world prevail over dictatorships and abusive governments.
29 Sep 2008
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The Source of Inspiration for Child Soldiers: When negative individuals speak to you it is best to smile. If showing an outward smile is an offence then smile inside because they can be a source of inspiration. A fool came to me speaking of plans on how he would like to use me for financial reward Child Soldiers Poetic Source of Inspiration: To read more may order your copy of the book, ISBN: 0970335318, as we continue…. This video is just a new avenue on the artistic creative release using the materials that have already produced; it’s a resourceful necessity, a poetic outfomercial. The Artist thanks you for your appreciation and continual support. Ashia`-Hotep
8 Jan 2008
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Army rescues LTTE child soldier - Mannar (Sri Lanka)
12 Jun 2008
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UNICEF correspondent Val Wang reports on the last group of child soldiers released from the former Maoist rebel army in Nepal.
7 Apr 2010
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UNICEF's Salma Zulfiqar reports on the rehabilitation and reintegration of former child soldiers in Chad.
22 Jun 2010
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CONTINENTAL SOLDIERS Crosby and Augustine, we have been together as a group for over 10 years and friends since I could remember. Our home town is Lake Tahoe, CA. We relocated to the northwest 2 years ago to persue our musical dream. Since then, both of us have gone through a lot of change, more knowledge then ANYTHING!!! Crosby and I have been through it all from playing soldout shows to break ups / a tour that was a compleate failure and everything in between, NO JOKE. When we moved to Seattle thats when we decided to form a band... started by finding a guitar player, then a DJ, and then of coarse a heavy DRUMMER! We were on the road to success, MORE and MORE people were coming to the shows, we got offered great nights to play with people we did'nt know, we had two attourneys approuch us and ready manage CONTINENTAL SOLDIERS. Then everything fell apart when no one could TOUR... people said they wanted to move on "or something like that" Crosby and I were lost not knowing what to do.... THEN WE HAD AN IDEA!!!! no more show! just create! Create with NO limits (how will we produce this live) -its like having to paint a picture with only two colors.... boring!!! NO LIMITS this time. LETS RECORD A SONG AND THEN RECORD MUSIC VIDEO and thats what we are sit back, watch & hear the magic!!
UNICEF correspondent Ndiaga Seck reports on local communities helping former child soldiers.
14 Feb 2011
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Mother: I would have preferred a different son had died The Palestinian Authority continues to promote the use of children as soldiers and to present their deaths as valuable and heroic.
18 Oct 2006
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13 May 2007
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CHILDREN during the Lon Nol regime turned into soldier and later into Khmer Rouge.
12 Nov 2008
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- :Soldiers Angels mission is to provide aid and comfort to any and all Armed ... Operation Soldiers Helping Children ... Operation Soldiers Helping Children is ...
5 Jan 2009
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16 Apr 2010
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Northern Uganda has endured 20 years of brutal civil war – a conflict that enslaved thousands of child soldiers and created 1.6 million refugees. A fragile ceasefire has existed since the summer of 2006 and the country is now looking to the international community to help solve the many problems created by war: the cult-like Lord’s Resistance Army perpetrated massacres and mutilations, forcing girls to be sex slaves and brainwashing the boys to become brutal killers. Aid agencies such as Plan Canada are now helping to rebuild the communities and infrastructure destroyed by 2 decades of turmoil and unrest.
8 Mar 2008
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