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The clip chasing the car from Children of Men (2006) Stop! The girl's in the car! Stop the fucking car! Give me the fucking keys. Give me the fucking keys. Get down! Get down! Can't you get it moving any faster? For God's sake! Come on. Come on. Stop! Stop! Shit. They're coming! They're coming! Get going, get going! They're getting closer! Oh, God! He's gaining on us! Can I shoot? I got a clean shot! Fuck off! Miriam, jump-start the car! We have to go! Wait till it gets faster! All right! All right! Just push, you push! Fucking hell! Miriam! Miriam! We have to wait for him! Theo! Go, go, go! Kee, are you all right? I'm fine. We need to find a safe house. Yeah, the last one was really fucking safe. Well, what do you suggest? Don't worry. I know where to go.
28 Oct 2011
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