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Released 1999 Above, following on from White Label, was Chill Factor Films 5th release. Featuring Snow, Skate and Wakeboarding from across Europe.
26 May 2008
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Ruka, Finland, Feb 8th, 2009, 2009 Finnish Lapland Resort of Ruka Welcomes The North Face® Ski Challenge Presented by Gore-Tex® For The Second Time In The Country Of The Flying Finns ! The North Face Ski Challenge presented by Gore-Tex continued its tour this year by going to Ruka, in the Finnish Lapland to once again admire freestyle skills of the Flying Finns. Chilly temperatures didn’t prevent 33 kids from throwing a major freestyle show and ski difficult blown snow in freeride. If there’s a country were our eyes are always turned to the skies, it’s Finland. This year again, we were amazed at the freestyle skills participants demonstrated! Their jumps and tricks in the air attracted a fascinated crowd in spite of the polar temperatures.This year again, and even if the Finnish winter vacations hadn’t started yet, 33 kids travelled sometimes more than 1000 kilometers to Ruka to participate in this year’s edition of the ski challenge. And temperatures didn’t rise in spite of the hot freestyle show: Järi, our snowmobile driver in the park, said: “ It’s only -22°C but with the wind chill factor, it’s more like -50°C in fact !” And on the freeride day, it got even colder with wind chilled temperatures of -60°C ! Confirmation of mature talents. Some of the young riders participating this year were already known to us and qualified again for the final in Val Thorens to be held at the end of March. Roppe Leppänen & Antijussi Heikkinen were two of the young skiers we knew would probably do well, as they demonstrated so much talent and skills last year. Roppe Leppännen: “ I clearly came here today to win and qualify for the final again. I was third last year in Val Thorens and when you see what happened to AJ Kemppainen, the first edition winner, it motivates you to come back and try to win”. For AJ Heikkinen, he has clearly come to qualify again and go back to the Alps. Impossible to determine winner If no girls showed up this year to participate, the Kings category was so competitive that the judges couldn’t determine who was the strongest skier between Roppe Leppänen and Aleksi Laitinen. Along with Ville Koskela and Juha Mourujärvi, who qualified in 3rd and 4th place, they will form a team that will come to the top of the Trois Vallées end of March with legitimate ambitions. Remains for them to train in more demanding snow conditions on steeper terrain to maybe win the ultimate prize: a sponsoring contract with The North Face, Dynastar and Lange. Record number of qualified riders ! The jury decided to qualify 11 young riders this year in Ruka, setting a new record for pre qualified riders of the event series. William Revenaz, our starter: “ The kids here are really above the field in freestyle. And given the mountain here, I can understand why. But they’ve also improved their skills in freeride. Young Anttijussi Heikkinen for instance, came to Val Thorens and discovered big mountain skiing there. This year, he won’t come back to discover only !” The North Face Ski Challenge presented by Gore-Tex now heads west to Âre next week end (Feb 14-15), located 1300 kms from Ruka. Then the young riders will come to Chamonix on Feb 28-Mar 1 before travelling to Jasna, Slovakia ( March 7-8). All qualified riders will then meet in Val Thorens, France on March 27-28 to determine who’ll win the ultilmate prize: a sponsoring contract with The North Face, Dynastar and Lange and become a pro rider ! More info and applications online on www.thenorthface****/skichallenge About The Competition The Ski Challenge idea came to life when J.P. Baralo, a former freeski team manager, realized that there was no European outlet to showcase the potential of young, undiscovered freeskiers. Baralo approached The North Face, and created a new, unique event in which unknown kids from across Europe could demonstrate their skills and have an opportunity to make a name for themselves. The North Face Ski Challenge presented by Gore-Tex is open to all European residents, boys and girls, aged 12-18 and tours Europe all winter. www.myspace****/thenorthfaceskichallenge
29 Aug 2010
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Mount Washington is very close to the coast, which is why it has such unpredictable and changeable weather. The winter period is the worst in terms of weather fluctuations, when temperatures plummet. A temperature of -40 degrees Fahrenheit is quite common, but it often feels like -100 degrees F due to the wind chill factor.
18 Apr 2017
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Dans le cadre du pot commun national le country club Benett et Thierry vous proposent " Chill Factor "
4 Nov 2011
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From "Jumpin' Off" released back in 1997, Richard Elliot delivers "In The Groove" (feat. Peter White). Richard's a Scottish-born saxophone player who first found fame as a member of the funk band Tower of Power. His solo career took off when he remade the Percy Sledge classic "When a Man Loves a Woman." Other well-known songs include "Take Your Time," "Crush," "Chill Factor," "Corner Pocket," as well as remakes of classic pop songs like "I'm Not in Love" and the Luther Vandross hits "Here and Now" and "Your Secret Love."
25 May 2009
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This is <b>Twitch</b> doing a lil <b>solo</b> of his routine he taught at the Twerkshop (workshop wit a twist)the day after Collaboration. If you didn't go u seriously MISSED OUT! <b>Twitch</b> was on the Wade Robson Project and is now a member of Boogiezone's Breed OCLA and Chill factor
19 Mar 2009
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HALO Jump: The Breakdown *******www.facebook****/RichardRyan Act of Valor ***********/actofvalormovie Behind the Scenes: ***********/watch?v=uSW-8p8VY7g My Facebook page: *******www.facebook****/RichardRyan Tactical bracelets: *******ratedrr.tubeconic**** Twitter: *******www.twitter****/RichardRyan Shirts *******www.districtlines****/ratedrr Special Thanks to: Andy Witcomb -- Military Advisor & Safety Officer Jeremie Chapin -- Jumpmaster & Instructor Paul Rodriguez - HALO jump Cameraman & AFF instructor Pat Newman - AFF Cameraman & Instructor Ben Summers --AFF Cameraman & Instructor All the wonderful staff at Skydive Perris! You all have been amazing! Special Operations Forces regulations define the requirements for safe operation and mission completion for HALO and HAHO. For day operations, supplemental oxygen must be used by all parachutists above 10,000 feet MSL in the aircraft if exposure exceeds 30 minutes. Oxygen is supplied either by inline oxygen or from portable cylinders. If there are extremes in temperature or physical exertion, the jump master for the HALO or HAHO jump can recommend supplemental oxygen at 5,000 feet MSL. Supplemental oxygen is used during the parachute descent for any jump above 13,000 feet MSL, and can be an option for jumps initiating below 13,000 feet MSL. For night operations, supplemental oxygen is required in the aircraft for all parachutists above 10,000 feet MSL while flying to the drop zone and is encouraged for altitudes above 5,000 feet MSL at the discretion of the jumpmaster. The HALO operations may be performed below 13,000 feet MSL once the parachutist has left the aircraft. The HAHO operations above 10,000 feet MSL must be performed with supplemental oxygen both in the aircraft and under the parachute canopy. Aircraft oxygen delivery systems must be capable of delivering 100 percent oxygen and supplemental oxygen settings with a mask which conforms to physiologic PRICE check procedures. Parachute canopy oxygen delivery systems such as a simple oxygen cylinder and mask must maintain the jumper's oxygen hemoglobin saturation greater than 92 percent. The cold is another factor jumpers must contend with. For every 1,000 feet you ascend, you lose 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit in temperature. In those conditions, knowing the wind-chill factor (a function of ambient temperature and wind speed) is important. HALO & HAHO: Any time a military flight drops personnel or cargo at altitudes above 18,000 feet, specially trained aerospace physiology technician, nicknamed PTs, must fly on board. These technicians, who are experts in the field of human performance and the effects of flight on the body, monitor the aircrew and parachutists looking for signs of impairment caused by altitude. A physiology tech's most critical duty is recognizing and treating those taken ill by the altitude. They administer to the sick until relieved by a flight surgeon. Tags: HALO jump "act of valor" ratedrr "rated rr" breakdown halo HAHO haho h.a.l.o. "high altitude" "low opening" "high opening" "skydive perris" skydive wingsuit "wing suit" skydiving military freefall parachute canopy vector mirage v3 cypress aff "accelerated free fall" swoop swooping navy seals "richard ryan"
20 May 2012
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"Adia" is a song by Sarah McLachlan that originally appeared on her 1997 album Surfacing. It was co-written by McLachlan and her longtime producer, Pierre Marchand. The song allegedly reflected the apology to her best friend for becoming involved with, and later marrying, her friend's ex-boyfriend.[1] On VH1 Storytellers, McLachlan also said "I'm not quite sure how to explain this one but, uh, I guess more than anything it's about my problems in dealing with feeling responsible for everyone else" about this song. "Adia" has been covered by Avril Lavigne on the Control Room -- Live EP. She said she used to cover it when she was 15. In 1999, saxophonist Richard Elliot covered the song from the release Chill Factor. No copyright infringement intended. For entertainment purposes only. I own nothing. DL Link: ***********/#v=eU0pp-m0d4M
5 Mar 2013
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