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Not quite sure I understand the relationship between Bourbon Street and Chinese food but I'm not sure I care. With low fat and low cholesterol, this Tai Pei Bourbon Street Chicken meal may be perfection in a chinese food takeout container. The Frozen Food Master reviews this product, shows you how it looks, tells you how it tastes, and gives you the lowdown in this episode of Freezerburns. Nutrition Facts: Serving size: 1 cup (170g) Servings per container: 2.5 Calories: 180 Calories from Fat: 25 Total Fat: 3g Saturated Fat: 0g Trans Fat: 0g Cholesterol: 10mg Sodium: 330mg Total Carbohydrate: 34g Dietary Fiber: 2g Sugars: 13g Protein: 6g Price: $2.99
22 May 2013
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Lin's Mandarin Chinese Restaurant is a Chinese Restaurant in Norridge, IL that has been doing business since 2003, specializing in Chinese Restaurant, Chinese Food Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Thai Basil Fried Rices, Chicken Chow Mein Meals, Egg Roll Appetizers, Family Dining, Family Restaurant, Chinese Food Catering Services, and Chinese Delivery Restaurant.
15 Jun 2013
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*******www.freezerburns**** Iapos;m Chinese so I know Chinese Food. This Pagoda Express Spicy Garlic Chicken meal tries to be Chinese all the way down to their pseudo chinese takeout packaging but most everything is wrong with this meal. The term "White chicken meat" is very different than "white meat chicken"... The Frozen Food Master reviews this Pagoda Express Spicy Garlic Chicken meal. He will tell you how these frozen products looks, smells, and tastes in this episode of Freezerburns. Read the Nutrition Facts and Ingredients of the Pagoda Express Spicy Garlic Chicken meal below: NUTRITION FACTS: Serving Size: 1 cup (198g) Calories: 210 Calories from Fat 20 Total Fat: 2g Saturated Fat 0g Trans Fat 0g Cholesterol 15mg Sodium: 850mg Potassium 150mg Total Carbohydrate: 39g Dietary Fiber 2g Sugars: 6g Protein: 8g Ingredients: COOKED RICE: WATER, RICE. GARLIC SAUCE: WATER, SOY SAUCE (WATER, WHEAT, SOYBEANS, SALT, SODIUM BENZOATE [PRESERVATIVE]), SUGAR, COOKING SAUTERNE WINE (SAUTERNE WINE, SALT), GINGER PUREE (GINGER, WATER, SALT, AND CITRIC ACID), GARLIC, VINEGAR (VINEGAR, WATER), CHILI GARLIC SAUCE (RED CHILI PEPPER, VINEGAR, SALT, GARLIC, XANTHAN GUM, GUAR GUM, NATURAL FLAVORS [CANOLA OIL, NATURAL FLAVORS]), MODIFIED FOOD STARCH, GREEN ONIONS, CONTAINS 2% OR LESS OF: CANOLA OIL, GRANULATED GARLIC, TOASTED SESAME OIL, XANTHAN GUM. VEGETABLE BLEND: CARROTS, PEPPERS, PEAS. COOKED WHITE CHICKEN STRIPS WITH GRILL MARKS: CHICKEN WHITE MEAT, WATER, MODIFIED FOOD STARCH, DEXTROSE, SALT, SODIUM PHOSPHATE. CONTAINS: WHEAT AND SOY. FreezerBurns is a video frozen food review show on a mission to deliver you real in-depth frozen food reviews and to make frozen entrees even better with fresh ingredients. Gregory Ng is the Frozen Food Master and acts as frozen food chef, critic, and guinea pig. Follow Freezerburns on Twitter: *******www.twitter****/freezerburns Like Freezerburns on Facebook: *******facebook.freezerburns**** Download the Freezerburns iPhone App: *******app.freezerburns**** Buy Freezerburns merch: *******freezerburns.spreadshirt****
16 Jul 2013
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We make a fusion of Chinese Food and a Delicious Burger!! Here's EpicMealTime's take on a Chinese Food Burger!
17 Jul 2013
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We make a fusion of Chinese Food and a Delicious Burger!! Here's EpicMealTime's take on a Chinese Food Burger! LIKE, FAVORITE and SUBSCRIBE!!! Watch our new howto cooking show, Handle It! *******youtube****/user/howtohandleit Check out the cook book, hats, hoodies and tshirts: *******shop.epicmealtime**** and the cooking arsenal: *******smart.epicmealtime****
16 Apr 2014
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Chinese food just visited the south. Here's how we do BBQ player.
10 Sep 2014
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Epic Mook teaching you how to make American Chinese food even MORE American! Thanks to Hormel for bringing the bacon! *******www.hormel****/Brands/BlackLabelBacon.aspx LIKE/FAVORITE and SHARE for new meals every week! And order the COOKBOOK from any of these links: Amazon: ***********/exec/obidos/ASIN/147674601X?tag=simonsayscom B&N: *******www.barnesandnoble****/w/epic-meal-time-harley-morenstein/1116055728?ean=9781476746012&itm=1&usri=9781476746012&cm_mmc=AFFILIATES-_-Linkshare-_-PwUJvmDcu1U-_-10:1&r=1,%201 BAM: *******www.booksamillion****/ncom/books?isbn=147674601X iBooks: ************/us/book/epic-meal-time/id673578486?mt=11 Need tools to cook with? Order the cooking arsenal: *******shop.epicmealtime**** Download Instaradio for podcasts from the Sauce Boss: ******* ************/ca/app/instaradio-its-snap-to-broadcast/id643855633?mt=8 The General's Burger - Handle It
13 Jul 2015
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Chinese food lovers, try this "Chilli Chicken"
3 Mar 2017
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Practical methods on learning how to cook your Chinese food fast for every day of the week. Learn easy planning techniques that can be used today.
19 Oct 2008
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Chinese food with a twist! This is my first attempt to make a video, so.
19 Oct 2008
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Ching-He Huang visits Melton Mowbray to see tofu being made (rather than the pork pies the town was famed for), and then makes a stir fry with tofu and edamame. From Episode 2 of the BBC2 series Chinese Food Made Easy, made by Lion Television and first broadcast on July 14, 2008.
2 Feb 2010
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From the movie The Code - Gabriel (Antonio Banderas) sweeps Alex (Radha Mitchell) off her Chinese food hating feet.
9 May 2011
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Watch CONAN *******teamcoco****/video. Conan returns to NYC to live the glamorous life of a Chinese food delivery man.
4 Nov 2011
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The clip Ordering Chinese food from Two Weeks Notice (2002) Hi, Mr. Wong? Yes, Lucy Kelson. Yeah, it's been a long time, huh? I'm back at my parents' house. It's kind of fun being in my old bedroom and in the neighb... Sorry. Can I have two number sixes... ...and a number, a number 12? Yes, that's for one. Always for one. Yes. That's it. No. You know what... ...just throw in a couple egg rolls and that would be great.
12 Nov 2011
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From the movie Everything Must Go - Nick (Will Ferrell) invites Samantha (Rebecca Hall) to get some Chinese food with him.
17 Nov 2011
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The clip chinese food from Rush Hour (1998) with Chris Tucker, Albert Wong The other will be on you. Now when you make the drop- Do we have it? All right, pick it up. You have what I asked for? I do. I hope now you realize how serious I am. Take the money to the alley... behind the Foo Chow Restaurant in Chinatown. You have 29 minutes left. Damn, Chen, this is some greasy shit. You ain't got no better food... Like some chicken wings, some baby back ribs... some fries or something? Chinese food, no soul food here. I didn't say soul food. I said better food. I don't want that greasy shit. How you gonna sell a big box of grease? I'm chilly a what? Come on. I'm no punk bitch. I ain't no punk bitch neither. I'm no punk bitch. I'll knock your hat off. Come on. Man, what you got me eating? That's eel. Is it good? Very good. What you got? Camel's hump. What? Camel's hump. Kinda good. Need a little hot sauce, but it's kinda good, though. We still waiting? Yeah. How we gonna get Juntao?
22 Nov 2011
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