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The fearsome pirates Edward Kenway and Blackbeard pretty much own the seas. This is what happens when you mess with them! Musical Composition by Casey Edwards (*******caseyedwardsmusic****) Additional Music by The Dread Crew of Oddwood (*******www.thedreadcrewofoddwood****/) Drone Camera: Chris Newman & Aaron Sorenson of CineChopper (*******cinechopper****) Produced by Jake Watson Associate Producers: Christian Fergerstrom, Richard Rasner & The Crew of Clan Darksail Casting by Sax Carr Ken Lally as Zachariah Hammond Rob August as Edward Kenway Matthew Mercer as the voice of Edward Kenway Paradox Pollack as Blackbeard Alan Heyburn as the Consulate John Viking as the Drunken Sailor Amanda Shafer as the Wench Stunt Coordinator: Malay Kim Sword Choreography: Luke LaFontaine Stunt Players: Shane Daniels, Robert Dill, Billy Bussey, Michael DeCamp, Michael Shafia, TJ Rotolo Camera Op: Jan-Michael Losada Assistant Camera: Arnold Aldridge, Chris Sherwood BTS Camera: Daniel Kim Lighting by Dustin Gardner of DG's Gaffer Depot, Mallory Glidewell Sound Design: Kevin Senzaki Production Audio: Alex Steen Costume Design by Manzi DeYoung, Jon Enge Additional Costume: Glenn Freund & League of S.T.E.A.M. (*******leagueofsteam****/) Hidden Blades by Kai Norman Special Effects Makeup: Trista Metz & Gruesome Arts Makeup Asst: Marina Mestaz, Tyler Armenta Art Design: Tom Lipka Special Effects: Alex Hill & Going Hot FX Production Assistants: Alex DelVecchio, Curtis Gomez, Erik Agcaoili, Ky Newman Special Thanks: Susan Miller Grant Carlson Nick Hansen Ocean Institute of Dana Point San Diego Maritime Museum Matt Bush & The Cold Spring Tavern RED Digital Cinema Wooden Nickel Lighting, Inc.
17 Oct 2013
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This is the cutest seal ever. Very funny
14 Mar 2008
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NAIR. LIKE NEVER BEFORE: NAIR UPDATES ITS IMAGE AND CLASSIC PRE-SUMMER SPOT WITH HOT NEW CHOREOGRAPHY FROM FATIMA ROBINSON "Who wears short shorts?" It's the iconic jingle associated with the Nair TV commercials of the 1970's. The ad featured cute girls, gorgeous legs and a catchy tune. Now, in 2007, Nair introduces a new commercial for the modern woman: sexy moves, hot clothes and club-like music, representing the evolution of the brand. This summer short-shorts are back on the fashion scene, but now, the brand and the product have evolved. A new commercial campaign, "Like Never Before," developed by New York based The Joey Company, pays homage to the "Short Shorts," and features a giant new "girl power" production number as created and directed by famed choreographer Fatima Robinson. The world-class talent behind the dance routines for the movie "DreamGirls" and this year's Academy Awards, Robinson has worked with everyone from Gwen Stefani, Fergie and Outkast, to the Black Eyed Peas and Michael Jackson.
25 Apr 2007
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Discover the thrill of classical Chinese dance with the show that is winning the hearts of audiences everywhere. See higher resolution preview of the show at *******www.DivineShows****/DC/video !!!. On February 11 - 15, 2009, at the Kennedy Center, NTDTV DC will bring the Divine Performing Arts (DPA: *******www.DivinePerformingArts**** ), the world’s premier Chinese dance and music company, to Washington, DC, with tickets starting at $35 . The Spectacular 2009 ( *******www.DCSpectacular**** ) is a grand production of classical Chinese performing arts, featuring over 100 Chinese dancers, vocalists, and musicians. Inspired by 5,000 years of Chinese history and culture, the Spectacular showcases traditional Chinese dance, vocal and instrumental music, and music written for Chinese and western instruments. Masterful choreography, gorgeous costumes, and digitally animated backdrops combine in an artistic expression of the human spirit that is truly universal. To enjoy this glorious live stage performance with live orchestra, Buy Tickets NOW at *******www.WebTicketCenter****/DC !!! 其他推荐: 神韵艺术团! Astounding! Superb! Incredible! *******www.DivineArts****/ Divine Performing Arts 2009 World Tour *******www.DivineShows****/ 沪浦东法院警察 以拳执法揍代理人 *******
15 Nov 2008
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Here are some perfectly executed moves, even demonstrating the death claw. Use these skills against your school bully :)
6 Apr 2006
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The homing bird and the flower routine The Chairman's waltz - Memoirs of Geisha (soundtrack) Choreography: Wade Robson
20 Apr 2008
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Was the kiss part of the choreography, or did Helio sneak it in? He doesn't dare kiss Julianne the second time! :o).
14 Nov 2007
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So You Think You Can Dance with Evan and Randy doing Mia Michaels Butt routine
15 Aug 2009
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They were here in Chengdu - China..."The Little Mermaid is a lyric piece of art, a love poem, in a world changing between water and air, reality and dream. A state of mind, an emotional image and mostly a journey of independence. The Little Mermaid flows with poetry and sensuality, and the beautiful walks hand in hand with spectacular acrobatic performances full of power. Facts: Period of tour: as per agreement Stage demands: depth 7 m x width 9 m x height 3 m Concept and choreography: Ingrid Kristensen Dancer: Anna Kinoshita Composer: Fuzzy Costume designer: Marie Selmar Light design: Raphael Solholm Duration: 15min. from.. ******* (more)
22 Aug 2007
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*******www.urbanhiphop101**** Learn how to put together your own choreography by watching steve as he explains each step in the complete Urban Hip Hop 101 Teaching Series.
21 Dec 2007
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28 Jun 2009
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Lauren & Neil - so you think you can dance - Season 03. Choreography - Mia Mickeals Let the drummer kick - Ctizen Cope
28 May 2008
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Need Lessons??? Go to - In this dance video, superstar Samantha Davies shows you how to dance to Gwen Stefani's "Wind it Up".
19 May 2009
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look at this people how they can do agood shape by their arrangment
12 Mar 2008
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Performing May 2009, with Safaa Farid's Negum Band of Cairo. Choreography © 2009 Melanie Norman
23 Dec 2009
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ND ATENEO theater . choreography of the Institute of Belly Dance DANZA ARABE-NAYYAH from BUENOS AIRES...Argentina
28 Feb 2008
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