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a cute baby boy with his grandfather choudhary
16 Oct 2007
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Miss India Universe Ekta Choudhary is almost all set to take part in the Miss Universe pageant. Standing at 5 feet 9 inches, Choudhary sports short hair and has got tattoos that goes very well with her look. In Indian attire, she looks like a royal princess and has a perfect mix of Indian beauty and international style with her short hair. Ekta will carry quite a lot of dresses, designed by different top fashion designers, for the month-long pageant at the Bahamas where the finale is scheduled for Aug 23. She will be one of 75 contestants from different parts of the globe. Distributed by Tubemogul.
21 Jul 2009
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Raja Choudhary, a name that is synonymous with impulsive behavior has many truths to share. Raja boldly takes the ‘hot seat’ this week and subtly tackles the truth about his personal and professional life with much élan! Be it the questions revolving around his relationship with his estranged wife Shweta Tiwary or a sensitive and most difficult decision of getting separated from his loving daughter Palak, Raja bares his heart out with moist eyes.
6 Aug 2009
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The hot and sexy VJ turned singer, Sophie Choudhary looked extremely hot and gorgeous when she did an exclusive photoshoot for ace potographer Mohit Israni
15 Jul 2010
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The hot and sexy VJ turned singer, Sophie Choudhary looked extremely hot and gorgeous when she did an exclusive photoshoot for ace potographer Mohit Israni
16 Jul 2010
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Page three glitterati join the cause. Seen here in a special clip for Tanker Free Mumbai - Ashish Choudhary Visit the Tanker Free Mumbai page on Facebook (visit ******* ) for getting your ticket to the annual Yuva party attended by your favourite celebrities. Participate in Water Wars Contest today - your chance to get back to the BMC!
22 Jun 2011
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Page three glitterati join the cause. Seen here in a special clip for Tanker Free Mumbai - Ashish Choudhary Visit the Tanker Free Mumbai page on Facebook (visit ******* ) for getting your ticket to the annual Yuva party attended by your favourite celebrities. Participate in Water Wars Contest today - your chance to get back to the BMC!
8 Jun 2011
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Pakistani actress Veena Malik who was all set to choose her groom through her swayamvar, has got a marriage proposal and guess who is he? He is none other than Shweta Tiwari’s ex-husband Raja Choudhary.
14 Jun 2012
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Sapna choudhary a famous haryanvi dancer did a sucide attempt
18 Sep 2016
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Khamoshiyan - Title Song - Ali Fazal - Sapna Pabbi - Gurmeet Choudhary - Arijit Singh
7 Apr 2017
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She can still give the models a run for money. mahima get back to business from pardes.
8 Jan 2010
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Designer Kanika Saluja’s USP has to be her unmatched creativity with playing with metal elements on her garments. At the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week SS13, she worked with a mix of flowy and structured garments in hues of pink, blue and green among others. She added the metal element in her detailing on the shoulders, neck and of course that made a statement like no other. Gurpreet in a conversation with Kanika on her inspiration, use of metal and much more. many such fabulous videos are at www.nevanta****
15 Nov 2012
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MQM TERRORISM IN KARACHI ON 12 MAY !!!! MQM terrorist group in karachi lead by and un educated and nihayat he ghaleez leader name Altaf Hussain. he is a blood sucker of people in karachi. they beg vote on the gun point and says that 21 million people are on their side. They actually don't know that everyone hate Altaf Hussain (MAzloomon ka kaatil hai altaf hussain!!!) and MQM because when he sees the work is done he kills his own people, why on 12 May they failed to stop firing in karachi because they wanted to kill and harrase the public in karachi , dozens of tankers and busses have been burned and more then 43 people died and 22 people wounded, ishrat ul ibaad and wazir e aala sindh was just watching their people killing every one. Government found a lot of ammunation in the Lal Masjid but how about the dozens of heavy weigth ammunation ak-47, pistols , tt, shot guns, etc and guns thousands of bullets that have been used in the karachi on the day of 12 may, Musharaf is just taking side of Altaf Hussain and MQM because he wants his government. MQM is the facist party in all over the pakistan and specially in karachi, musharraf find terrorist in waziristaan but the actual terrorism and terrorists are in karachi which he can't see is he blind? yes he is because of his power. he does everything on the finger of bush kills his own people. 12 May is the day when MQM made a biggest mistake in their political history each and every seen of their gun man been captured on the cassete and played live on ary and aaj tv. now even the middle class or even nuetral people of karachi now knows that MQM is the facist party, Altaf Hussain says that someone else is firing on them , if they have their government rangers, power, police force then why did they let it happen, because they are the actuall terrorists... but now the history can not rewind and it can not come back the reputation of MQM in the eye's of every Pakistani is intensively degraded and can not be cure... May allah help pakistan to stop mqm terrorism in karachi..... more tags, ak47 ak-47 khail tamasha mqm altaf group geo pakistani capital talk ary aaj tv muttahida qumi moment vs jamiat jamat-e=islami jamat mma muslijm league phadda must see hello altaf fun entertainment simpson family toyota saloon corola bikes cd 70 honda bike musharraf musharaf islamabad lahore karachi new karachi north karachi manghopeer pahar nice very tires machine gun aaj tv siren popon governmnet lal masjid attack ghaddar-e-pakistan MQM altaf kaatil of 23 people in karachi drugs jaish mujahid pakistani pakistan lahori maza geopakistani aamriyat jihaad jihad jahil jihalat show stage punjab lahore choudhary mushahid muhammad rasool guns gunz gangs ahliyan e karachi residents of karachi listen hear bombardment friing blood aag khoon tail petrol gasoline hampton busses seats aaj geo tv ary tv ary one nova hyderabad gali bikes toyota corola hukoomat justice aitraz ahsan chief justice islamabad iftikhar choudhary iftikhaar society quran qur'an hyderabadi poetry mushaira patli gali contest suite dhaishat gardi khoon kharaba speed time need ghareeb kamzoor for speed gulbarg chorangi ammunation ammunition amunition amunation gangster no help airport ishratul ibaad arbaab rahim lango stick fight mqm is responsible for killing inncoent people in karachi on 12 may 2007 summer imraan khan qaazi hussian qazi hussain balloch balochistaan bazm e saathi new karachi no cap for the police rangers foog army kalashankoof terrible fighting hum pakistani music muziq cricket soccer footbal fotball sandle chappal mosque masjid pols roads dawood saith malir maleer muttahidda qoomi moment ghaddar-e-pakistan sharif qoomi mafad mafaad assemble senate palastine irq iran kashmir afghanistan america usa u.s.a cnada u.k uk mqm killing in karachi on 12 may 2007 karachi mqm 12 may ataf killer bhagura kutta kaatil blood islam choudhry muslim bush musharraf musharaf lahore pakistani..
30 May 2008
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Rakhi Sawant recently celebrated her birthday with ZoOm. And the item girl said she can never forget her ex boyfriend Abhishek Choudhary.
29 Dec 2008
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Recently , Vinay Pathak,Gulpanag,Anuj Choudhary and Parvati Bala gopalan were in the capital for the premiere so their film ‘straight- Pinu Patel Ki Tedhi Medhi Love Story!! The film is produced by IDreams Productions; producer Asish bhatnagar was also present Vinay said, “When I heard the first sentence of the story, I decided that I will do it. I always look for freshness in the script and something different than usual , that what is Straight about.” He said, “‘Straight!!’ is a funny tale about Pinu, who struggles with himself, his fears and his complexes, to ‘come out’ as straight and find himself a love story..It was a great experience working with her and Gulpanag.” Parvati added’ “Not at all, gay is not the issue of my film. Pinu runs a restaurant he is a 40 yrs. Old bachelor, till date is not in a relation with any girl. A girl and boy which are his employ fall in love and then he started having the doubt that is he a “Gay” The story is in the midst of central London, a successful Indian restaurant called ‘Gaylord’ is run by a Londoner of Indian origin called Pinu. A simple soul at heart, Pinu has many complexes – a special one being that he is a virgin and has experienced no intimacy with a woman. To top that, his biggest fear is to be laughed at by people… an ever-repeating phenomenon with him. Pinu is quite an introvert and has no real friends…the closest he has ever gotten to a friendship is with his foster brother rajat, who is quite a contrast to his own personality –A casual air about him, he is the lead singer of a rock band. Rajat is very fond of pinu, though is often a source of annoyance to him as he finds pinu really funny. One day, a young Indian fellow called Kamlesh comes to his restaurant and asks for a job as a stand-up comedian. Quite thrown off, Pinu initially refuses but finally lets him join as a cook, who also does a stand-up act in the evenings. On the same day, he hires a new cashier - Renu, a young art student from India, who has a passion for caricatures. Life changes dramatically for Pinu as Gaylord begins to transform… Renu works on the look of the place, makes cheerful caricatures for customers while Kamles is a fabulous cook with a great talent for making people laugh in his acts and soon the restaurant is more happening and the business is much better. But the greatest difference they bring to his life is friendship. There is a visible difference in pinu’s personality now as he lets himself hang out a bit with them.
24 Mar 2009
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The Pantaloons Femina Miss India 2009 winners - PFMI World 2009 Pooja Chopra, PFMI Earth 2009 Shriya Kishore and PFMI Universe 2009 Ekta Choudhary just enjoyed a 7-day holiday in Turkey.Back in India, the three winners gave us a quick bite on their trip to turkey. The three will now start training for the international pageants scheduled for this year.Here a sneak peektake a look!
11 Mar 2010
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