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Love, loss, and battle at the time when Jesus of Nazareth walked the earth! The Great Commandment is a powerful epic Christian film from the late nineteen thirties. What distinguishes this film from other Christian epics is that it deals much more closely with the simple lives, hopes, and dreams of common zealots who were persecuted by the Romans for following Christ. Strong performances help to underscore the message of forgiveness and love without being heavy handed. Unpredictable and clever, especially for thirties’ filmmaking, The Great Commandment is a penetrating story of romance and resistance against the Roman establishment and the power of the Christ.
15 May 2008
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Producers hope the new Christian film "The Grace Card" will help bring light to racial problems that still exist today and how God's Word can help in solving them. .. The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN ***********
15 Jan 2010
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*******missjudyscorner****/missjudyrecommends/ TRUST IN GOD with all your heart, all your mind, and let Him lead You. Don't look at the things of this world. Look at God. Watch Him. He is perfect in everyway and He is always there when You need Him.
15 May 2010
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This might be a good movie for a Christian film fest.
9 Feb 2009
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Are You Ready For Marriage? It is a question many people should ask themselves when on the brink of engagement. In this 1950s Christian film, the two young adults, Sue and Larry, want to be married and go in search of answers from a marriage counselor at their church. After some strange advice by today's standards (sex is glossed over with amusing code words), this youthful couple realizes there is still a lot to learn from each other before becoming husband and wife. This video takes a realistic approach in discussing marriage and understanding just how practical people were in the mid 20th century.
9 Apr 2010
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Our first film short. Official entry at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival
31 Oct 2009
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New Christian film featuring songs by Jeremy Camp, Thousand Foot Krutch and Decyfer Down now available on DVD!
3 Oct 2009
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The Widow's Might is a film directed by 19 year old John Moore, who wrote, produced, and directed the film, as well as acting and singing in the lead role. The Widow's Might took the largest cash prize in America, when it won the Best of Festival and Audience Choice awards at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival. This is the first time a Christian film has won the largest cash prize in the country.
3 Nov 2009
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22 Oct 2010
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4/2/11 168 CHRISTIAN FILM FEST, morning session..good morning showing of's some of the verbatim...[ it prob. won't fully fit here, so go to the following website for more info: *******hearingtheword2.posterous****/4211-some-verbatim-from-168-film-fest-final-d ] [this is unedited, incuding typos..last year I posted little clips of each vid, trying to promote the faith, & advance the kingdom..but I'm noticing more "copyright" claims at the end of these films...(I never understand "Christians" who claim copyrights on "Christian" material) I might not be posting vid clips..even tho I want to promote the faith..some of these "industry" people can be seriously uptight about this stuff (I remember a few messages from last year)...(which is a shame b/c the true Christians who want their stuff promoted for Kingdom purposes, may get left out..its too much of a danger for me..on YouTube..getting one more strike could lead to my entire 15,000 plus video website being shutdown) Here's my notes & some verbatim from the morning "...Pat hussion, rescued..hello ..broken down car..manw wagon.."the end is near"...hey help ..don't need no help..out of gas? Parking bbrke is off..loose gear? End is near for high prices ..poke around...won't fit wagons full.....horn works....wipers..trunk..where find this..get rid of it..why matter..look..tried it...if u ru help me..back off ols man....what s he got in trunk..what's ur name city boy..well adam....trunk is smokin..this box always with .e...parties..drunks..all in the wrists takes box out of runs leaving deadwood..end is near..karen eachus ------------------------I'm not on gallows..method acting, boot to act, act to live..look..a hanging..let me go I will never act again..hey boys..j get to be sheriff .***nsider this commitment one last time..real this your woman ? ...whay u expext ..expected tea ..snake in my boot...honey that's funny...only cure we know of is..hanging..I'm an alien..u can't find it..method acting cult of some kind..checking w your agent..I'm an actor..I'm stella steinberg..this town has no horses ..judge hy cell..planted on me ..I lost my husband....chhris shawn shaw...1 samuel--------------- Nellike van dijk----------------Rev 3.20 gary emrick Revelation zone.."gave him wrong time.." billy & tilda.***uld be u the viewer..lukewarm...all could change.**** could save their lives..they think they r waiting for phone call ..under table..piece of gum..hello..aunt lily..its tilly ..not a bomb, just a test call they hung & tilly..not going to make it..u shhh.u shhh..I may lose my job..ring u dumb thing..if lose job, lose lebanon..crying ..tissue..knock on door ..peter jeaton--------- Verse from Isaiah..kid eat cereal...cupcakes..I'm cuttin u off mmgive me your keys..divorcd in duplex..graduation..."not your fault"...have to go..back at house..rips..pounds wall..takes his mouse..pounds hole in door..they reconcile..give him grad robe..judith shelton..vance sanders, --------------she's in surg..crit***nd..hurt badly..doing all we can...bad maloy..sams acc..waitin for doc..why call u the drunk u act as if u care..samanthas husband..bad bleed..didn't make it..sorry..sorry man..want to crash my place..understand...starts drinkin..timmy..ots ok..came for kids..u smell like alcohol..taking kids..better off w her..get stuff together..they deserve better..ur right..ill help u..filet for pet for custody..dumps out booze , coast guard, reinstated ...swing set, sercixes.. they want u to sign away your rights to the kids..why..I've done everything..still can't get kids..? Serenity wisdom courage ..whatever want..understand..I was terrble husb bad father..wish I could take it back..just wnt what best for kids.jst tell them daddy loves them..u never liked u..u see ur trying to change..not convinced..bbut.nt same man I hated....she refuses to siggn..w
3 Apr 2011
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An affectionate little sheep guides her disgruntled shepherd through mountainous terrain in hopes of gaining his love. ... dan segarra animation mentor sheep short shepherd bible scripture psalm 19 christian film story love nature heaven sun
8 May 2009
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Entry for the 36-hour Christian film contest by christianfilmmakers****
30 Sep 2009
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Watch it now at *******www**** This is an excerpt from COMING SOON by Sir Tijn Po which I find to be the most un-Christian film of all time as it explores the Bestiality Rights Revolution and will change your view about Christianity and all religion! "Hilarious and disturbing... entertains while raising deep questions!" (Peter Singer - World-Renowned Philosopher, Princeton University) "An exhilarating and unsettling film echoing Nietzsche, Pasolini and Svankmajer!" (Institut Francais de Prague) "Redefines the boundaries of love, tolerance and sexuality!" (Kino Babylon, Berlin) "A HIGHLY chilling tour de force!" (Czech National Television) "One good film! I'll be promoting it!" (Jan Svankmajer) "The perfect gift for Film Lovers, Animal Lovers, Equality Lovers, Comedy Lovers, Freedom Lovers, Philosophy Lovers, History Lovers, Revolution Lovers, Love Lovers, Sex Lovers, Experiment Lovers, Zoophile-Rights Lovers, Bestiality-Rights Lovers etc." (Devilhead Films) For Hi-Res DVD's, or more information, go to *******www**** Definitely recommended!!! young natural bbw amateur sexo kissing erotic dick skirt paris kinky hardcore fuck cock strip nurse group horny bra adult teacher voyeur butt free big chick kiss porno nice sexos cyrus girl blowjob miley teen naked nude gay spears latina stockings wet tranny gangbang asian huge tease lolita sex blonde hard gonzo orgasm drunk vagina cam handjob incest upskirt lesbian thong rape titty schoolgirl britney sexy legs fetish pussy nympho ebony mature ass anal sex, sex, sex, sexual revolution, sexual revolution, sexual revolution, equality for all, equality for all, equality for all, bestiality, bestiality, bestiality, zoophilia, zoophilia, zoophilia, zoophile, zoophile, zoophile, al gore politicians political white house jesus god war bomb nuke osama saddam k.fed fed chicken popozao po po zao concert guitar hero music cds cd method man men group jay-z ashanti myspace google aliens UFO conspiracy government denial explosion mission impossible tom cruise scientology hot girl big tits tight pussy ass xxx porn anal booty thong lesbian webcam girl sex nude strip teasing web cam sexy lingerie sexy mature sexy models sexy naked sexy photos sexy pics sexy pictures sexy teens sexy video sexy videos sexy women all sexy bollywood actress bridal sexy britney spears sexy busty sexy free sexy videos free sexy woman pic i m too sexy im too sexy indian actress lace sexy plus size sexy sexy actress sexy actresses sexy and funny sexy and funny com sexy anime sexy asian sexy ass sexy asses sexy babe sexy babes sexy beast sexy bikini sexy bikinis sexy bitch sexy black girls sexy blonde sexy blondes sexy body sexy boobs sexy boy sexy boys sexy bras sexy butts sexy cars sexy cartoon sexy cartoons sexy celeb sexy celebrities sexy celebrity sexy celebs sexy chat sexy chicks sexy clips sexy clothes sexy clothing sexy costumes sexy desktop sexy desktops black booty sexy dress sexy dress up sexy dresses sexy feet sexy female sexy flash games sexy free video sexy game sexy gifs sexy grils sexy girls sexy guys sexy hentai sexy hot babes sexy hot girls sexy images sexy japanese sexy jeans sexy jokes sexy ladies sexy lady sexy latina sexy leather sexy lesbian sexy lesbians sexy losers sexy love sexy maid sexy male sexy man sexy men sexy milfs sexy model sexy mom sexy moms sexy movie sexy movies sexy music sexy naked girls sexy naked women sexy nudes sexy nurse sexy nurses sexy older women sexy online games sexy outfits sexy party sexy photo sexy pic sexy picture sexy playboy sexy poems sexy porn sexy prom dresses sexy russian girl sexy russian woman sexy school girls sexy secretaries sexy secretary sexy sex sxe sexy sheer sexy single woman sexy stocking sexy stockings sexy stories sexy
25 May 2012
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In 2008, a clip posted on You Tube featuring an emotional reunion between a young lion and his owners became an internet sensation. Overnight people wanted to know more about what lay behind this clip. The two men in question, Anthony 'Ace' Bourke and John Rendall, have published an updated bestselling version of their account of how they came to buy Christian the lion from a London department store in the late 60s. They explain how they lived with the lion whilst working in a furniture shop down the King's Road in what was then the tail end of the swinging 60s and how they eventually came to introduce their lion into the wild under the watchful eye of lion expert, George Adamson. For the first time this TV Special, filmed in 2009, pulls together this amazing story using up to date interviews with many of those involved in this unique story. It includes the original footage of Christian filmed in both London and Kenya, the reunion between the three and exclusive new footage of a second reunion which was to be the last time the two men would see Christian.
14 Jan 2013
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