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A great selection of black, yellow or chocolate labrador retriever ornaments to decorate your Christmas Tree this season are available at MyFavoriteHolidayStore****
9 Nov 2010
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Embroidered, appliqued and more Christmas Tree Skirts from MyFavoriteHolidayStore****
10 Nov 2010
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Learn how the tradition of Christmas tree decorations got started. Many legends surround the beginnings of Christmas tree decorations. One of the most popular such legends proposes that it began with St Boniface,in Germany around the 1st century. St. Boniface happened upon a pagan ritual involving an oak tree, and, enraged, cut it down. A miracle occurred when out of the roots rose a young fir tree. St. Boniface then believed the tree to be a gift from God and as such deserving of adoration. Another, purports Martin Luther as the father of the Christmas tree. And still others credit the Egyptians with this well loved tradition. Regardless of origin though, it is clear that the custom has changed and evolved throughout the centuries to become the family affair we look forward to today.
4 Dec 2010
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A Missile of Christmas Tree ******* *******vitalsouls****
10 Dec 2010
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The Enoshima Aquarium in Japan shows off its annual Christmas tree - powered by an electric eel.
16 Dec 2010
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This happened in Acapulco on December 30th, in a few minutes, a 22 meters christmas tree was completed distroyed by fire, no casualties.
5 Jan 2011
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New Belgium Brewing reports a seven percent sales increase in its craft beer brands for 2011. The company operates on a sustainable business model, with ownership and decision-making shared among its 425 workers. New Belgium also pays 100 percent of health insurance premiums and matches 401(k) contributions. Its charitable giving includes donations of $700,000 this year, and it is the first brewery to commit to wind energy and to recycle its brewing waste into fuel. Five Oregon tree farms have signed up for a new sustainability program for Christmas tree farms. The trees will bear a tag identifying their origin as a Socially and Environmentally Responsible Farm—SERF. To be certified, a farm must develop a plan that addresses five areas of social and environmental health: biodiversity, soil and water resources, integrated pest management, worker health and safety, and consumer and community relations. For more information on these and other stories, go to thecsrminute****
14 Dec 2011
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Bringing Home A Christmas Tree & GM Links Up with Siri; Automotive News from The Car Pro, Jerry Reynolds. For more straight talk & honest answers about everything automotive and to find out when the Car Pro Show airs in your area, visit www.carprousa****
23 Jan 2013
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20 Jan 2014
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Christmas Tree Murderer
8 Dec 2017
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The longest human Christmas Tree on record
25 Dec 2017
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A cool card trick for you !!
26 Dec 2006
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Guess the owners are the cause
26 Aug 2007
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Rudi came back after a three week absence to play with one of our Leland Cypress trees
4 Nov 2007
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Funny stuff, must see
13 Nov 2007
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happy chritmas
21 Dec 2007
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