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A pastor was caught sleeping while service was on going. This has really set the internet abkaze
27 Mar 2018
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The Church of the Nativity is one of the old churched located in Bethlehem. It was originally built for Constantine the Great and his mother Helena. It is actually believed to be the site where Jesus was born. The Church of the Nativity was completed 339 but was burn through fire on 565 it was then rebuilt. It is located 10km south of Jerusalem. The Church of the Nativity is run under the Status Quo of the Holy Places which was implemented by the Greek Orthodox Church, the Custody of the Holy Land and the Armenian Patriarchate. The Church of the Nativity is actually one of the best churches to visit in Bethlehem not only because of its beautiful structure but more to that the history that it went through since the beginning. It has witnessed a lot of changes involving religion.
12 Apr 2018
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The funny cat actions will make you imagine that this cat is a church personal and it is baptizing this human into the cathood, Amen.
25 Mar 2018
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Read more of this description, (with a lot of links), at Mike Overson at Vimeo at class 253. If YouTube can get away with being this unfair and illegal to me, (the 1), how much more could they do this to anybody else. It's like when I explained “Liberty and justice for all means no exceptions”, (in class L97 at Vimeo). At 1 minute in this class 253 I show class^L97, (is also at 24 min in class 248 at Vimeo), as the first of three strikes that YouTube gave me as an excuse to close my account and take away my playlists. That's like the third strike when YouTube closed my account due to class^248 after I said to YouTube that it's been at Vimeo for over a month, (since 1-27-18), without any problems. At 1 min I show the description of class 248 and how much the FBI and YouTube were trying to block me from making that class because they were defending how evil the church has become. At 43 min I show YouTube closed my account on Good Friday 3-30 which is the number for “egg”. In class 99 (at 38 to 44 min at Vimeo), I compare “Wall Street laid an egg”, (at the Great Depression when the stock market crashed), to New York laid an egg again at the 9/11 disaster because Easter eggs were a prophecy that “the powers that be” would try to kill me so hard that it would cause the 9/11 disaster and cause Jesus to die of a broken heart on the cross. The main point of telling that^Easter egg^story is YouTube and the church walked into a trap by taking away my YouTube playlists on Good Friday 3-30-18 because it was parallel to when fake men of God were so jealous of a real man of God, (Jesus), that they killed him out of envy. Now the church, the FBI and YouTube have told on themselves that they took away my YouTube playlists out of envy.
3 Apr 2018
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Lovemaking song at a funeral? Sounds shocking but sh*ts often happen now and then and a girl did this with a church full of crowd.
4 Apr 2018
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A video -quotes message at the celebration of Easter. Basically the "apostles creed". images from nature, gentle musical background.
31 Mar 2018
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After a 20-year hiatus, GRAMMY, CMA and ACM-winning country band Shenandoah are reunited and back on the road with the new album RELOADED. We sat down with front man Marty Raybon and founding member Mike McGuire to hear all about the new record produced by Rascal Flatts’ Jay DeMarcus.
3 Apr 2018
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26 Mar 2018
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Capernaum is known to be a fish market located beside Sea of Galilee. It is considered to be the hometown of Jesus Christ for many of His miracles happened here. Not only that miracles happened here but Jesus first disciples are from here like Peter, Andrew, James, John and Matthew. In Capernaum Jesus teaching made a deep impression on the locales. He has healed a lot of people’s illness like Peter’s mother-in-law. On the 3rd century it was called the despicable town and it was one of the three cities that was cursed because many of the people didn’t believe Him and has a lack of faith. It later fell into ruin because it only has seven houses of poor fishermen. Today, a modern catholic church was built in a site where it is believed to be the site of Peter’s house and where Jesus has lodged. Capernaum is owned by two churches, the Franciscans and the Greek Orthodox. The Franciscans are in the western portion while the Greek Orthodox is marked by white church with red domes. Capernaum is one of the many beautiful places with rich culture and story that we could all enjoy learn and discover through times.
12 Apr 2018
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Latrun Monastery is visited not only for peace and solace but also for the olive oil and wine made by the monks. When you get into the monastery you will discover a different kind of serenity. And the very intriguing olive oil and wine that are specially made by the monks can only be bought here, this is why it really gets a lot of tourist coming in. The Latrun Monastery was founded in 1980 by the French Trappist monks where they started cultivating the land but there was a war that occurred which lead them to leaving the place only to return in 1926 and started building the sandstone monastery complex that is what we are looking today. The Latrun Monastery includes a hilltop with a park with scale models of the historic buildings in Israel. It also stands as the way station for the pilgrims from Jaffa to Jerusalem. It is a large, historic and wonderful church that vowed to refrain idle talk and hold silence all the time with the exception during prayers.
16 Apr 2018
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21 Apr 2018
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Perhaps the greatest song of the year by the best band of the moment duetting with Charlotte Church. TV magic.
17 Sep 2006
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one of the most wonderful church from Georgia, from Rustavi. i advice to watch it at once
1 Nov 2006
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