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The clip identifying the picture from Cidade dos Homens (2007) So how's my nephew? In'87, I'd given up playing. I was the coach. -Who are the other guys? -They were all on the team. Did you know my father? No, I didn't. Wasn't he one of them? Most of those guys are either dead or have left the hill. My grandma said when I was born she told you to get my dad. She must be going senile. Your dad's not there. -Were any of them waiters? -I don't know. I got an idea... Goiano, you pay for Tiquinho's shirt, he's the star player. Then I'll go hit up the others. -lt's just $ 1O for one shirt. -$ 15. -1O or 15? -15. -Who are these guys? -I don't remember this guy. This is Helinho. That was my brother, Edson. Helinho, were any of them waiters? Waiters? I don't think so. -ls that you, Zeze? -No, I'm not bowlegged. -Was anyone a waiter? -A waiter? No... -Wait! Heraldo was a waiter. -Heraldo? -He joined the team later. -He was awaiter and on the team? Hey, Ace! -Well? -Well what? -Tell me... -No way... -C'mon, man! -I'll think about it. -You have to pay. -Like hell! Okay, take it easy. Your father's name is Heraldo, bro. -Heraldo? -Heraldo. Heraldo. He plays over at Aterro do Flamengo. It's a team of waiters. Heraldo...
1 Dec 2011
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