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never seen tutorial showing a bar trick how to tie a cigerette in a knot and smoke it. you can win a bar bet with this one.
4 Jan 2008
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RJ Reynolds quit making Viceroy. To compensate for that they are giving a coupon for free carton of Pall Mall's. Call 1-866-909-VROY Follow the prompts and tell them you are a smoker and want the free coupon. 1-866-909-8769
14 Jan 2008
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flame thrower cig party trick
31 May 2006
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31 Mar 2010
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catching a smoke in your mouth
30 Jul 2007
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The horrifying truth of one lizards addiction to tabaco products, and what you can do to prevent your reptiles from smoking.
20 Oct 2007
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2 May 2010
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5 May 2010
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watch as Fearless Freddie comes along a bunch of smoking animals deep in the jungle
21 Mar 2012
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E Vapor Cigarettes ***********/watch?v=IMd7AtNqKQ4 I have tried almost all of the E-Cig brands on the market and spent a little more than a couple hundred dollars on them which only led me back to paper cigs. I lost hope and even cursed the electronic concept until i tried one of these blu cigs for the fist time. These are amazing! reviews on e cigarettes reviews on electronic cigarettes reviews of electronic cigarettes review of electronic cigarettes e cigarettes starter kits electric cigarettes review cheapest e cigarettes compare e cigarettes e vapor cigarettes top rated cigarettes top rated e cigarettes smokeless cigarettes review smokeless cigarettes where to buy top rated electronic cigarettes best smokeless tobacco premier cigarettes electric smokeless cigarette smokeless vapor cigarettes smokeless cigarettes with nicotine smokeless cigarettes in stores smokeless cigaretts smokeless cigarettes side effects menthol smokeless cigarettes blue smokeless cigarettes smokeless cigerettes smokeless cigarettes as seen on tv volcano smokeless cigarettes
21 Feb 2012
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This multi award winning short film was directed by Matthew Esterhuizen and Ben Collins ,it depicts a Cleaning robot that has a problem with a annoying member of public throwing litter out there window.
22 Feb 2009
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You'll find the full video at www.haircuttingfun**** Brought to us by TJ, Tum Tum has her head shaved smooth. Warning: Tum Tum smokes in this film. As you know, smoking kills, so we at www.haircuttingfun**** don't condone smoking.
20 Oct 2010
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Pre-order the album 'Stereo Typical' from Play**** now: ******* Video for 'Prophet (Better Watch It)' by Rizzle Kicks. Download on iTunes: ******* Verse 1 " I'm lurking in your pocket, better watch it, rizzle kicks, HA!" What! I'm last on the heaven list, cuss i couldn't give a ras what angelic is. Even my laughter is venomous Dennis is, not even half what this menace is. We don't choose to make trouble holding up stores with lucazade bottles I'm the one forcing you to break bad whilst little goodie two shoes glue plane models. Mmmm an air of sophistication when i enter various situations your best mate's gone downstairs while your stuck there with his sister waiting. I'm chilling in estates, sniffing at a rave sitting in a cave with a grin up on my face I aint civil but I'm brave never listening to faith quick smile then a middle finger to your face Chorus Stuck in your pocket in your feathers while you sleep I am a prophet and a profit's what you'll keep you and i belong together I'll live within your soul forever Verse 2 ahahah, what, listen up yo, ah I'm in the spare bedroom at parties full of sweet whispers not very smarties. hope that nobody comes in knock another drink, one thinks with no mention of car keys I'm a hoodlum stood in the woodlands gonna set fire to the trees Who wouldn't ? Du Dum Dum Dum end of the episode punk style death threat letter in the envelope. Somebody's door for a quick whizz real weekender bloke somebody kiss this I'm your mistress' mistress that your wife didn't put on her christmas wish list. let me rifle a quick flow more punchlines than a highschool disco ain't nobody gonna tell me what i wanna do I'm rude get your thongs out i'm called sisqo chorus Stuck in your pocket in your feathers while you sleep I am a prophet and a profit's what you'll keep you and i belong together I'll live within your soul forever Verse 3 The one who wakes up and can feel no pain cus you strive on another mans strain me and you will never be the same cuss clearly for you this aint just a phase the type to steal something although that it is free the type to make a promise just to break it clean who are you trying to be who are you trying to please make your mind up and choose your way maybe then we can seal the daaaay chorus x2 Stuck in your pocket in your feathers while you sleep I am a prophet and a profit's what you'll keep you and i belong together I'll live within your soul forever Stuck in your pocket in your feathers while you sleep I am a prophet and a profit's what you'll keep you and i belong together I'll live within your soul forever Directed by: Toby Lockerbie Assistant Director: Charlie Carr-Gomm Facebook: *******www.facebook****/RizzleKicks Myspace: *******www.myspace****/rizzlekicks Website: *******www.rizzlekicks**** Youtube: ***********/RizzleKicks
1 Sep 2011
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The popularity of electronic cigarettes is raising questions about how safe they actually are. Jeff Glor reports.
22 Jul 2013
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Hi friends, this video was taken during our fun time.we replace the tobacco in cigerette with match stick material. one of our friend was trapped that day. so enjoy this small clip.
8 Jun 2010
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I can never find this version on Youtube, so I thought about putting it up. So, no I dont own this Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. I got 5 on it - Luniz Single by Luniz featuring Michael Marshall from the album Operation Stackola Released --August 31, 1995 Recorded --1994 Label-- Noo Trybe Producer-- Tone Capone ----------------------------------------- I got 5 on it, i got 5 whachyou got nigga? damn, i think i got 2 bucks in my sock nigga, well dats dat, fuck it i think i got 3 bucks in my back pack enough to get a fat sack you got some zags? not at all man. let get some from the sto fo sho because a nigga need a tall can open the door blood, nigga where my keys at? oh no i gave them to you get get that weed sac, oh here they go, wit my sock hey put your seat belt on cuz theres hella cops parked up the block, well nigaa bust a uey then, nigga follow up dat doobie den, hell naw, you made it scandolous partnah, well sue me then, ohh we like that on a roach, nope look at them hoes, man fuck them tricks nigga lets get smoked, pass the doobie to the left biddy bum bum boom, whoa what the fuck wrong wit you, damn i had a flash back, this nigga fronted me some yay, but you know that he aint gon'got his cash nigga, fuck this im puttin it in the cutless, man you know we aint got no tags on the cutless, hey you know what 84th is the closest, a fat ass half nigga lets smoke this, lets roll a blunt with the skunk, why you bring this scandolous ass sac, this shit aint no pump hmm smell this............roll it up then nigga, hey lets go half on some liquor, hey go get some tango or something (you got some ID?) ohhh man shit i aint got nuthin man i spend with you all the time (sorry no ID, no colors i see blind) ohh fuck that maaan, (why dont you get of my store niggah) man i aint trippin. I got 5 on it grab your 40 let get keyed i got 5 on it fuckin with that endo weed i got 5 on it got me stuck and now toke back i got 5 on it nigga lets go half on a sack i take a sack to the face, when ever i can, fuck a crutch i be smokin that shit till the joint be burnin my hand, next time im rollin in the tamba, to burn slopes so that ashes wont be burnin up my hand bro, hoes wanna hit but they know, they gotta pitch in then, i roll a joint that longer than your extention, cuz ill be damn if you get high off me for free, fuck that you better bring your own shit G, whats up dont babysit that, you better pass the joint nigga stop hittin, cuz you know you got asthma, crack the 40 open homie and guzzel it, cuz i know the weed in my system is gettin lonley, i gotta take a piss test to my P.O. i know i'll fail cuz i jes smoked hella weed bro, and every time we with chris that nigga rollin up fatty..... but the tangaray straight had me, lit to the fullest extreme, there was gettin no higher, that shit had my chest on fire, dru hill was swingin to the face straight, but i aint fuckin with that, i think ill stick to the crazy 8's, bring me a bottle and im cool wit that, im'a lounge with that, nigga bring me a fat sack, i dont know how to roll, but i know how to smoke, i think im gonna hit it til my ass choke, chorus playa, bring me some brew , and im might just chill, but im the type that like to light another joint like cypress hill, i steal doobies, spit loogies when i puff on it, i got some bucks on it, but in aint enough on it, fuck with the S-T-D-I-D-E-S, nevertheless im hella fresh, rollin joints like a cigerette, (hit it) so pass across the table like ping-pong, im gone, beatin my chest like king kong, its on, wrap my lips around a 40, when it comes to get another stogie niggas all kick in like shinobi, no he aint my homie to being with, its to many heads to be poppin at my friend, hit shit, unless you pull out the fat crispy, 5 dollar bill on the real before its history, cuz niggas be haven them vaccuum lungs, and if you let'em hit for free, you hella dumb-duh-dumb-dumb. i come to school with a taylor on my earlobe, avoiden all the dick teasers, skeezers, and weirdos, yall be fuckin off the land, like where the bomb at, gimmie 2 bucks you take a puff and pass my bong back, suck up the dank like a slurpie, this serious bong will make a nigga go delirous like eddie murphy, i got more growin' pains than maggie, 'cause niggas nag me, to take the dank out of the baggie
16 Apr 2012
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