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The clip The big fight begins from Cinderella Man (2005) with Bruce McGill, Russell Crowe. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. Gentlemen, I gave you the rules in the dressing room. One minute to midnight, Cinderella. Your clock?s about ticked down, asshole. Tell laughing boy no backhanding. No holding and hitting on the breakaway. No low blows. Tell this bohunk no manhandling. Watch your language, you nasty little shit. Holy mackerel, it talks! Look at that. Keep your hands up at all times. Touch gloves and come out fighting. Good luck. Go to your corners. I'll kick his Mick balls up to the roof of his mouth. That oughta taste familiar. Come on, Jimmy boy! Come on, boys. Get some pictures here. Come on!
25 Jul 2012
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