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Puro ejemplo de lo malo remalo que llega a ser el cine en algunas ocasiones
20 Jul 2017
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Fechas de Estrenos: Black Phanter: 9 Febrero Reino Unido, 28 Julio España, 16 Febrero Estados Unidos, The Flash: 16 Marzo Estados Unidos, X-Men Nuevos mutantes: 13 Abril Estados Unidos, Los vengadores 3 Guerra del infinito parte 1: 4 Mayo Estados unidos, 28 Julio o 4 Mayo España, Deadpool 2: 1 Junio Estados Unidos, El hombre hormiga y la avispa: 6 Julio Estados unidos, 27 Julio España, Spiderman 3 Venom: 5 Octubre Estados Unidos, X-Men Supernova: 2 Noviembre Estados Unidos, Aquaman: 21 Diciembre Estados Unidos, 23 Junio España, 20 Diciembre Perú,
8 Jul 2017
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Synopsis: There are other worlds besides this. Stephen King's Dark Tower, the long and ambitious story of one of the world's most celebrated authors, prepares its release to the big screen. The last Warrior Knight, Roland Deschain (Idris Elba), has been engaged in an eternal battle with Walter O'Dim, also known as The Man in Black (Matthew McConaughey), determined to prevent him from demolishing the Dark Tower, which holds together To the universe. With the fate of the worlds in play, good and evil will collide in the final battle in which only Roland can defend the Tower of The Man in Black.
10 Jul 2017
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Synopsis: Year 1989, the Berlin Wall is about to fall. An undercover MI6 agent appears dead and spy Lorraine Broughton (Charlize Theron) must find by all means a list that the agent was trying to get to the West, and which lists the names of all undercover agents working in Berlin Oriental. Lorraine will not stop at anything to get to that list, facing several assassins and plunging into a world where no one seems to be who you say you are.
14 Jul 2017
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Synopsis: Sequel to the 1982 film Blade Runner. Thirty years after the first film, a new blade runner, Los Angeles Police Officer K (Ryan Gosling), unravels an old secret that can cause chaos in what remains of society. K's discovery sets him on the mission of finding Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), a former police officer who has been missing for the past 30 years.
19 Jul 2017
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El negro del Whatsapp aparece por todos lados, que hartura...
20 Jul 2017
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Synopsis: In a world where fantasy creatures coexist with humans, the police have a special department dedicated to crimes involving magic. A human cop (Will Smith, The Truth Hurts) is forced to work with an orc (Joel Edgerton, The Gift) to find a dangerous object that many would kill: a magic wand.
21 Jul 2017
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The man to sing hail (gentleman cine) good
3 Jun 2007
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Cine suntem?????miau miau miau
24 Sep 2007
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Errors of cinema,gazapos de cine
17 Dec 2007
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Hacienda ayuda al cine pero no a los emprendedores.
5 Mar 2008
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www.cinemaabierto**** Proyecto "Cine en el Museo" por el Instituto Matamorense para la Cultura y las Artes IMACULTA en conjunto con el Museo Historico Fuerte Casamata, para proyectar cada martes por la noche peliculas clasicas al publico en general
21 Mar 2008
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