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APPLE CINEMA HD DISPLAY A1082 M9178LL/A 23" 1920 x 1200 WIDESCREEN LCD MONITOR. NO POWER ADAPTER INCLUDED. Novia Networks 14495 23rd Ave N Plymouth,Minnesota (763) 208-6495
16 Mar 2017
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The final project for my cinematography class. So much fun to make. Cast: Preston Simpson - Miles Prower Ally Goins - Alyx Hamilton Katie Quinlan - Robin Thicke Brad Goldsmith - Alabaster McGrooder Allen Gray - Larry Pankey Director: Matt Riddle, Allen Gray, Kathryn Quinlan, & Preston Simpson Camera 1/Editor - Matt Riddle Camera 2 - Preston Simpson Boom - Everyone Location Scout - Allen Gray
28 Feb 2017
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Inspire Animation is a Film Maker for Cinema and Television Screen Cartoon Animations in UK, US, Canada, Australia, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore.
15 Mar 2017
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UFC fighter JASON SAGGO on how not getting selected for The Ultimate Fighter led to his getting an offer to fight in the UFC. Legendary Kickboxing champion and cinema star, BENNY “THE JET” URQUIDEZ, network sports broadcaster MARK HEBSCHER on his interviews with Muhammed Ali, George Foreman, Roberto Duran, Joe Frazier, Sugar Ray Leonard, and other World champion boxers, and JAMIE CHAMPION, president of Prospect Fighting Championships. Martial Arts World Radio is currently seeking corporate sponsors.
15 Mar 2017
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Tried this with After Effects CC and Cineware but the renders did not look that good, so used Cinema 4D then rendered them out to After Effects, render times were a killer. Thanks to the person who made this 3 D model, they put a lot of work into it.
15 Mar 2017
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Hall of Fame World Champion Martial Artist and action cinema star CYNTHIA ROTHROCK, WIBA World Boxing Champion turned professional MMA fighter LINDSAY "LETHAL" GARBATT, and Kung Fu Cinema star and film producer, Jalal Merhi.
21 Mar 2017
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Cesar Augusto Corretor de imóveis - CRECI 17264 cesaraugustoimoveis. com. br Mídias sociais. Twitter: cesar_corretor instagram: cesaraugustocorretor Contatos: (85) 99985-2646 Whats/TIM (85) 98526-7171 OI (85) 99168-5089 Claro (85) 98187-4052 VIVO Descrição do imóvel: O Moma Condominium é muito mais do que um lugar para morar, é uma verdadeira obra de arte. Um empreendimento cosmopolita, de arquitetura contemporânea, com 3 torres residenciais emolduradas por uma extensa e diferenciada área de lazer. As torres são posicionadas de forma a proporcionar vista livre, aberta. O inovador projeto aproveita ao máximo os espaços através de suas linhas retas. As transparências interligam ambiente interno com externo, proporcionando espaços mais amplos e iluminados. Está situado no melhor do bairro Dunas - Fortaleza, uma área nobre e privilegiada. Com sua crescente expansão e o surgimento de condomínios residenciais, prédios empresariais e um grande shopping center, a região está se tornando cada vez mais valorizada em Fortaleza. Localização perfeita para quem quer morar com alto padrão em conforto, privacidade e próximo a tudo o que é bom. 3 Torres com 260 apartamentos. Unidades padrões com 83 e 111 m², com 2 ou 3 suítes, duas vagas na garagem. Uma ampla área de lazer e comum com: Brinquedoteca, Campo Gramado, Churrasqueira, Descanso, Espaço Goumert, Fitness, Fitness externo, Goumert externo, Home Cinema, Lounge externo, Mini Ramp, Pet Place, Piscina adulto com borda infinita, Piscina infantil, Playground 0-5 anos, Playground 5 - 10 anos, Praça das águas, Praça das flores, Praça das frutas, Praça das palmeiras, Praça dos aromas, Praça lúdica, Redário, Relax, Salão de festas externo, Salão de Festas adulto, Salão de Festas infantil, Salão de Jogos, Sauna, SPA, Tenda Zen, Trilha e Túnel perfumado.
24 Mar 2017
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Do it yourself - How to build a home cinema with a notebook and an overhead projector!
13 Jun 2006
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How to make pills in Cinema 4D
17 Jan 2007
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This is a tutorial (my first) on how to take renders from Maxon Cinema 4D into Adobe After Effects without having to use any green screen, just using Alpha Channel in the Render Settings. 1. First, select any objects that you DON'T want to appear in the render. Now in the objects menu bar select FILE >> NEW TAG >> COMPOSITING TAG and now in the bottom right you will see the Tags' properties appear, simply uncheck Seen By Camera. Now do a quick render and you will see it dissappears. 2. Go to your Render Settings, select RENDER >> RENDER SETTINGS >> SAVE >> then choose FORMAT >> QUICKTIME MOVIE. Now with Quicktime Movie selected the option for Alpha Channel appears, check this to activate Alpha Channel. Now render the file. 3. Open After Effects and create a New Composition 4. Go to the main menu, FILE >> IMPORT >> FILE and select the rendered file. Now it will come up with Interpret Footage where it looks at the alpha settings, be default it should be Straight - Unmatted, if not, select this and then click OK. 5. Once the footage is in your file library, drag it to your timelime to be automatically centred. You can now add layers underneath it to show that only the objects you left without the Compositing Tag appear over the layer under it. Any questions feel free to ask! Any hints or suggestions to make the tutorial better will be great! Thanks.
4 Feb 2007
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14 Feb 2007
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Part 1 of a basic introduction to the Hair Plugin found in Cinema 4d
6 Mar 2007
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A camera introduced in a cinema to make a screener of "Casino Royale".
11 Mar 2007
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Part two of an interview with film critic Professor Christopher Sharrett PH.D on the film "300" and the role of comic cinema.
24 Mar 2007
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Exclusive muscle videos from the private vaults at Terry Photo. The Terry Muscle Cinema showcases bodybuilders in backstage pump-room and flexing clips, as well as behind the scenes photo-shoots in never before seen footage.
16 Jun 2007
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Engineered to deliver full 1080p resolution, the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 1080p combines five revolutionary innovations in one remarkable performer. It begins with Fine 3LCD technology, the core of this powerful projector, designed to faithfully reproduce every color and scene. Next, there's a proprietary lamp that provides consistent light from corner to corner, using the least amount of power, while 1080Perfect video processing offers full HD, 1080p performance with 10-bit color processing and HDMI 1.3 compatibility. AbsoluteBlack technology delivers a 12,000:1 contrast ratio and ensures the richest, deepest blacks. And, the innovative OptiCinema lens delivers amazing detail and breathtaking color for spectacular results.
13 Aug 2007
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