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"On the Verge" is a new internet reality TV show about four girls trying to figure out how to be successful in this crazy world! If this sounds remotely familiar to what you're trying to/want to do, or you just like seeing four blondes try to be smart, tune in and verge!
Author Bob Christenson recounts his most memorable outdoor adventure – a trip he took into the Canadian provincial wilderness with his wife Sue. Bob has always been an avid outdoorsman, whereas his wife was just the opposite. Sue was raised as a city girl, and had only started to go on outdoor trips after she met Bob. A city girl in the Canadian wild – it sure sounds like a memorable adventure. But it doesn’t stop there! Storms, bears, stealth-attack loons, and even naked Germans make short appearances on this great adventure in Into the Wild with a Virgin Bride.
1 Sep 2011
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BY WEN YAN ANCHOR CHRISTINA HARTMAN An adventurous cat, Willow, was found in Manhattan after she disappeared from Colorado five years ago. CBS explains. Anchor: “The calico cat was found here in New York City yesterday after disappearing from a Colorado home five years ago. How she got 1,800 miles from Bolder to Manhattan remains a mystery. An implanted microchip proved it was Willow and we’re told she is doing well." Willow was traced back to her owners by a microchip embedded in her body. The New York Times describes the technology "Using a large needle, a veterinarian injects the chip under the skin, usually between the shoulder blades. Pet owners register the chip, which carries a tracking number linked with the owner’s contact information." Although Willow is a good example of how helpful a microchip could be, TMCnet says the technology still isn’t very widespread. "Microchipping is still a practice you won’t found done by a majority of pet owners. The technology is a little too new and a little too costly for it to be commonplace just yet." ABC News says Willow will be going home. Host: "No one will ever know how she ended up, I don't know, 1,800 miles away from home. We do know that she's gonna make the return trip by plane. So, reunited and it feels so good." CNN describes Willow's experience in the Big Apple as "Country kitty turned metropolitan cat." The executive director of a New York animal shelter told CNN: "Some people are joking that she is a city girl and wanted to see the sights." While people tried to imagine how Willow made her mysterious migration, a gothamist reader told the website she was picked up by a visiting New York resident who thought she was a stray. “So, it turns out the most likely theory was the correct one: That someone picked her up in Colorado, took her to New York and was a loving owner.” Transcript by Newsy.
17 Sep 2011
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"******* - Verified Safe would like to announce our endorsement for New Country Music Singer Arabella Jones Click ******* and vote for me to win a Nashville recording session! A big city girl with a small town attitude! I sing country music."
12 Dec 2011
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WinADay Casino, home of some of the most innovative and extravagant slot games anywhere, has just launched a set of five Penny Slots with the lowest pay line bets available anywhere. The new slots games give hours of playing time for just a few cents. The new penny slots -- Aztec Adventure, City Girls, Deep Blue, Sam’s Burger and Touch Down – all take minimal bets starting at just $.001 per pay line, always less than two cents per spin.
19 Mar 2013
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A poll on WinADayCasino****’s Facebook page shows the new Aztec Adventure is clearly players’ favorite penny slot. A third of the players participating in the Facebook poll chose Aztec Adventure and the remaining votes were split between Touchdown, Sam’s Burger, City Girls and Deep Blue. “Aztec Adventure was part of the first group of penny slots that we created,” said Michael Hilary at WinADay****. “So it’s had some time to get a following. Let’s check in a month. I’m sure some of the penny slots in the second group are going to be really popular too!” Last month, the unique online casino added another five amazing new games to the collection: Vikings, Wild West, Beauty Salon, Monster Trucks and Safari Park. Since the max bet on WinADay’s penny slot games can be as low as $.02, players can enjoy hours of playing time for their slots dollars. Many Facebook Friends left comments to explain their votes: “Funniest to me is City Girls. Should be Party Girls. The disco ball and the booze!!! I live in New York -- it's funny to me so I play it.” “I like Sam’s because it seems to pay more often and more money. The graphics are fun. Loving the penny slots!” “I like Aztec adventure. It's a fun game and it gives you free spins more then any of the other games.” “When I'm hungry for a win I go to Sam's Burger!” “I like Aztec. I like when you get to choose a bonus when you hit the bonus round.” “My final pick for best in show would have to be Deep Blue because you’re able to stop it from spinning along with a select choice of sea animals. And I personally love the ocean and all it has to offer.” “I like Touchdown, with free spins. I like them all actually!” Players can access the cheapest real money slot machines online via the Penny Slots tab that’s prominently featured in the casino lobby. WinADay Casino has ten penny slots and 35 one-of-a-kind premium casino games. A new premium game based on the Alice in Wonderland fairy tale is expected early next month.
17 May 2013
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This story depicts a tragic infliction on a young man’s life when his parents were killed in an automobile accident and his attempt to cope with the total loss of his family. The young man’s reaction to this dilemma was to sell the home he had inherited and to purchase a large sailboat, which he singularly sailed to the Bahamas for the purpose of starting a new life for himself within a new environment. He lived aboard his sailboat near a small island within the Bahamas island chain, where his sadness slowly ebbed and eventually dissipated. The story also relates to the many island friends James Patterson made while living in the area and the physical relationships he shared with some of the native females of the island, including meeting a brash female tourist from New York City who was visiting the island at the time. The adventure also includes his detailed physical relations with the brash city girl from the Big Apple that eventually led to love after finding and excavating a small fortune in gold coins aboard an old Spanish galleon wreck, which sank in that vicinity many years ago. Their find, in conjunction with their torrid sexual escapades throughout the area, eventually formed a trusting bond and mutual respect for each other. The funds from the sale of the Spanish coins allowed them to purchase a new and larger sailboat, which they kept in the Bahamas, and also allowed them to purchase an expensive apartment overlooking the Hudson River in New York City. They also initiated and formed a distinguished restaurant in the Soho district of New York, where it became viable over a period of time, and eventually, James and Sarah sold it for a great profit. Their thirst for new challenges and adventures seemed to be endless. To learn more or order the book: *******bookstore.xlibris****/Products/SKU-0132234049/Bahamian-Affair.aspx
26 Jun 2013
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