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I hope you like it hon. You tube disables the audio for this :( Typical eh? Love ya XOXOXO
27 Dec 2010
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9 Feb 2011
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Client Video Testimonial
10 Sep 2011
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*******DentistClaremont**** " Invisalign Dentist Claremont CA", talks about the differences between metal dental braces and invisalign dental braces in this video interview. When it comes to dental braces patients have a few options to choose from. Traditional dental braces are the most commonly seen dental braces composed of a metal wire. In the other hand invisalign dental braces also known as invisible dental braces have a huge advantage over the traditional dental braces. With invisalign people won't notice that the patient is wearing dental braces. However when it comes to teeth straightening, some dentists prefer to recommend traditional metal braces as their argument is invisalign dental braces are mostly used for tooth appearance improvement. Above video is produced with Xtranormal. " Invisalign Dentist Claremont CA" also provides dental care in: Pomona, Montclair, La Verne, Upland and following zip codes 91711, 91767, 91763, 91750, 91786, 91784
17 Dec 2011
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TMJ Treatment Montclair CA, Facial Pain, Headaches Upland, Claremont CA Jaw Misalignment "*******DentistinMontclair**** TMJ Treatment Montclair CA gives us an insight on TMJ Disorders and misaligned teeth in this video interview. TMJ disorder is known to cause jaw misalignment. TMJ causes headaches and migraines and also facial pain and jaw pain. In some cases also created pain in the shoulders and neck. TMJ for the most part causes teeth grinding and jaw clenching. However it can be treated with a bite guard. The bite guard will effectible protect the teeth and will provide relief to the jaw. In some cases TMJ is treated with physical therapy or chiropractic care. Above video is created using Xtranormal. TMJ Treatment Montclair CA is also available in : Ontario, Pomona, Claremont, Upland, and following zip codes 91763, 91762, 91767, 91758, 91798, 91711, 91786."
29 Dec 2011
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The Creakers is an extremely short film involving a man and some creaky floorboards. An obsession develops that leads to a close encounter in the basement.
6 Jan 2008
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The death of a child
29 Mar 2008
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A & Hollywood Network Production Special Musical Guest: Dream Infernal Producer: Daniel Sternklar Producer: Morgan Monroe Host: Morgan Monroe Editor: Daniel Sternklar Copyright 2008 / The Hollywood Summit Show
2 Apr 2008
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Phil introduces CLB the boxer. SmellTheHorse****
30 Apr 2009
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video report on the Mansfield Half Marathon 2008 in Nottinghamshire. For a full report on the event, and a better quality video, visit *******www.chad******/sport/
8 Jul 2008
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Did this gang-banging EMT take Christine’s father's watch instead of just his blood pressure? Watch the new original series Crash on Starz, Fridays at 10p E/P *******starz****/crash
22 Oct 2009
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Christine’s dysfunctional family pushes her to the edge and sends the caretaker packing. Will her apology help? Watch the new original series Crash on Starz, Fridays at 10p E/P *******starz****/crash
16 Dec 2009
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:3 This is the link to my friends Jack Black Love story~ *******www.quizilla****/stories/8693710/were-one-mistake-from-being-together-a-jacob-black-love-story And here is the screen names on where I got the females from DeviantArt::: LinAt Asilwen venaya SinfulEyes tiny_bug lilynoelle Zzaarr Ingrid_crimsion Drowning_kitty mjakmysia Anahita I think you are all beautiful and I love your hair!! XD Thanks for having beautiful pictures up!
8 Jun 2009
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Zed Van Veen Fire show Britains Got Talent 2009 April 25 Kelly Brook
1 May 2009
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The Nature Connection is an interactive workbook chockfull of creative exercises for kids ages 8 to 13. Leslie begins simply by encouraging children to look out the window and record what they observe: What color is the sky? Are there any birds?
31 Mar 2010
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Our eponymous honeymooner is the dumbfounded Fran, piecing together his now very ordinary existence after the unexpected departure of his fiancée. Col Spector deftly pokes fun at the modern metropolitan menagerie of relationships, where the support network of friends and neighbours is seen as an almost unattainable ideal. Aided by the understated performance of lead actor Gerard Kearns (C4’s Shameless), alongside a uniformly smart supporting cast, Honeymooner is a gentle and articulate gem.
19 Jan 2011
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