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Two random kids just stole the show with their own aerial dance performance. Watch them acrobatically spin around on stage.
23 Oct 2017
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For the classic full beard look here are the 11 aspects of the beard that cannot absolutely be ignored.
26 Oct 2017
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With age, people often forget things, some even forget names, but one will never forget their taste and skills of music and of course not their sense of humor and romantic nature, here is a classic example of that.
27 Oct 2017
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CWV 244 / Classical Music made by CHASMA in STUDIO REICHtag 2017. Composer: Anders Vigren Artwork: Annika Nilson
7 Nov 2017
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Judging someone by age is wrong and here we have a classic example to prove that age is nothing but just a number. See this amazing kid and his mind-blowing stunt.
16 Nov 2017
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Bobby Smith Band
22 Oct 2017
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At the point when heavenly flavors consolidate and make most loveable Dessert Tutti Frutti Cake, when you make this delicious Tutti Frutti cake at home you will fill your heart with joy sweet. Recipe for Fun & Festive Tutti Frutti Cake is quite easy and quick at make.
23 Oct 2017
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A lyric video documenting some of the other famous cover version.
25 Oct 2017
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Wrote this song in 79. Thought I'd record it live in front of my computer. This is the instrumental version of the vocal song I wrote about the destruction of the environment and the ensuing chaos which really started to concern me after the Three Mile Island Nuke Plant meltdown incident which happened right up the road from where I was living at the time. People were leaving the area and the surrounding cities. Banks were starting to close to doors cause people scrambling to get their money. It was a very strange scary incident. - Lenny
1 Nov 2017
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Golden Dragon Productions presents this action classic. Kevin Falcon is left behind on a mission and must fight to regain his memory.
24 Oct 2017
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Golden Dragon Productions presents this martial arts action classic! Kevin Falcon is betrayed by his commanding officers and must race to stop military technology from getting into the wrong hands.
26 Oct 2017
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Dubai has been a dream come true for shopaholics for many years now and still continues to be a home to many worldwide brands. Dubai has it all; from Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Gucci to Nine west, New Look, Hollister and Aeropostale. This means that if you are a freak for anything be it fashion and makeup or technology and gadgets, Dubai is the place for you to be at. With so much to offer in such a small city, Dubai has done a good job at keeping shoppers satisfied with classic brands and much more. Shopping is one of the many must things to do in Dubai.
7 Nov 2017
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