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A finance professor gets tired of the class clown annoying some chick in the classroom and nails him in the face
8 Aug 2009
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Cristmas classroom decorating.
23 May 2006
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Kid trys to jump over six people but they................
31 Jul 2006
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This cop is telling how dangerous weapons are.... And I must say he sure proofs his point!!
4 Apr 2006
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Trading sex for good marks in school!? After school one day, in two neighbouring classrooms, parallel stories are unfolding. How far will teachers and students go in their efforts to “adjust” marks through seduction? Will they succeed? Idea: Kossi Yesunyo Gossou, aged 18 ans (Togo) and Régis Nkouma, aged 20 (Congo) / Directed by: Abderrahmane Sissako (Mauritania). A SCENARIOS FROM AFRICA film (www.globaldialogues****)
5 Jun 2009
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A history teacher struggles to keep his class under control. Talk about a walk down the memory lane.
20 Aug 2006
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must see........a boy n a girl in classroom
26 Dec 2009
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boy flirting with girl in the classroom using his foot (commercial) ...aa
24 Mar 2009
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MASTER GOMES NETO www.agkf****.br Apresentação do Mestre em Artes Marciais de Kung Fu Lançamento do DVD vídeo aula de Defesa Pessoal Kung Fu. Técnicas de defesa pessoal com armas brancas e de fogo. Técnicas de defesa com golpes de armas traumáticas, com armas perfurantes, cortantes e armas de fogo (pistola automática 9mm) As armas são reais extremamente perigosos, aconselhamos jamais tentar fazer estas demonstrações. Mestre Gomes Neto ministra aulas de Kung Fu a mais de 20 anos consecutivos, é um conhecedor da arte com vasta e extrema experiência em combate marcial e militar. Entra em contato; agkfwbig****.br ******* Presentation of the master in martial arts of Kung Fu Launch of DVD video classroom self-defense Kung Fu. Technical defence staff with arms and firearms. Technical defence through arms traumatic, spiked with weapons, cutting and firearms (automatic pistol 9mm) The real weapons are extremely dangerous, we encourage never try to make these statements. Master fanesi Neto lessons of Kung Fu to more than 20 consecutive years, is a knowledge of art with vast experience and extreme combat martial and military. Contact: agkfwbig****br
30 Jan 2009
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In the middle of a very stimulting (...) class, the lecture gets interrupted by ninjas. This happened often when i was in college. (Um, not.)
18 Jun 2006
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A short film about Flowering Plants in the form of a Haiku. For the classroom or for the home. Enjoy. more... Sponsored by The-School****'s educational division. Soundtrack *******www.soundclick****/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=622979 *******www.the-school****/ Little Films for a Big Planet.
29 Jul 2007
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You’re in a normal setting – maybe a coffee shop, a classroom, even a party. You borrow a friend’s ring and hold it very fairly – nothing to hide. Suddenly, you give it a gentle horizontal spin and slowly move your hands away – the ring is now floating. Imagine that it continues to spin – without you touching it! The ring hovers up and down above your hand, from one hand to another, and slowly lands on your own finger! Now get this: You instantly repeat it, and end up with the ring floating onto the spectator’s own finger! Sounds impossible? Believe it or not, it’s easy to master! This levitation has it all. It’s fun, mysterious, edgy, and leaves a strong emotional impact. http:www.ellusionist****
24 Feb 2009
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Cullen’s abc’s (*******www.cullensabcs****) creates free preschool videos to support children’s development at home and in the classroom. This is a song singing the English alphabet, and is great for memory skills. Singing songs with your child is wonderful for many reasons. The most important reason is that singing is it is fun and children love to sing. Songs are great for increasing vocabulary and pronunciation. Using hand and body movements with songs and rhymes helps preschoolers learn to control their bodies. There is even research that has shown that children who are actively involved in music do better in reading and math when they start school, are better able to focus and control their bodies, play better with others and have higher self-esteem. So sing a song now!
27 Oct 2007
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*******www.cutlikeabarber**** CUT LIKE A BARBER" DVD is one of the most comprehensive instructional barbering video ever created! The principal behind each cut is broke down with our unique pre-instruction segments. Follow the easy step by step instructions on the mannequin head as the instructor show you where every stroke of your clipper should go. This is followed by actual application of the technique you just learned in the classroom to clients in the barber chair. Easy to read on screen instructions walk you through each cut and pre-cut. All of the latest and most popular hair styles our covered including the DARK TAPER, SKIN FADE, LOW FADE, and BRAIDS and BEARD TAPER.
9 Dec 2008
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A short Film about the 8 Planets. For the classroom or for the home. Enjoy. Sponsored by the-school****'s educational division. [Note:This the version 2.0 of 3.0] Soundtrack *******www.soundclick****/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=622979 *******www.the-school****/ Little films for a big planet.
30 Jul 2007
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A short film about The Great Wall of China. For the classroom or for the home. Enjoy. Sponsored by The-School****'s educational division. Soundtrack *******www.soundclick****/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=622979 *******www.the-school****/ Little Films for a Big Planet.
14 Jul 2007
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