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27 Apr 2010
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24 May 2011
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How To Clean Carp Fish? Cleaning fish video
22 Jul 2008
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Vacation Rentals Dunedin - Looking for Vacation Rentals Dunedin, go to *******www.FlIslandVacations**** or call 727-422-2739 for great vacation rentals in Dunedin Florida with boat slips, nice & clean, fishing charters, dolphin watching from the backyards, vacation rentals Dunedin
5 Nov 2009
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How to Clean, Dress, and Filet Fish...and the tools and utensils needed
15 Apr 2010
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Easy to maintain. No more massive cleaning. Fish can navigate from bottom to top aquarium through the opening outlet without restriction. Effective submersible box filter helps to maintain clear water. Waterfall on left is to provide extra oxygenation. ROLE OF BACTERIA IN THE NITROGEN CYCLE Many different kinds of bacteria are present in our bodies and throughout the environment, including water. There are aerobic (good) bacteria, which require oxygen, and anaerobic (bad) bacteria, which do not require oxygen. The bacteria in the aquarium will establish themselves on all the surfaces that are suitable for them to live on. These include the gravel, ornaments, tank walls and more importantly, the filter, where a majority of them will accumulate. Aerobic bacteria need three things to survive: a habitat, food and oxygen. The filter contains a medium that provides a large surface area on which bacteria colonies can establish themselves. The water flowing through the filter provides them with good food and oxygen. Food is derived from the decaying organic material in the water column ( uneaten food, fish waste, decaying plant matter). And the movement of flowing water will permit gaseous exchanges to occur, and as a result, oxygen to be produced. Normally, it takes the good bacteria approximately six to eight to be properly established before they can cope with a new aquarium's bio-load. The environment in a newly set-up aquarium is a sterile one. At this point, there simply any enough good bacteria to take on the bio-load. Therefore the amount of fish and food added to it should be limited, until adequate bacteria colonies are established. The first bacteria that develop are the nitrosomonas, which are hardy and efficient. Once established, these bacteria ingest and break down ammonia into nitrite -- this process occurs in the first stage of the nitrogen cycle. Ammonia, a by-product derived from the decomposition of the organic matter, is extremely toxic to fish. Its level will peak then decline, as the growing population of nitrosomonas feed on it. In the next stage of the cycle, bacteria called nitrobacter will in turn ingest the nitrite and convert it into nitrate, which is the least toxic form of the three by-products. However, unlike nitrosomonas, nitrobacter are slower to develop and less hardy. As they are not as robust and easily affected by chemical treatments and changes in water quality. In nature, plants and algae absorb nitrate for use in metabolic processes: but in an aquarium, it is almost impossible to have a large enough number of plants to absorb the entire nitrate in it. Therefore, the best way to remove nitrate and keep the environment stable is through regular water change. For more infor call 98584206 Mr. Ho (Singapore) or email hsk_7Hotmail****. Thank you..... For more video search for .. FISHFREEDOM
21 Dec 2008
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27 Dec 2008
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This is how they clean fish in Maldives Fish Market, this is so quick and amazing. They are specialized in Tuna fish specially
7 Sep 2009
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Kerala Style Fish Peera / Meen peera using boneless Tilapia fillets. Tilapia fillets- 1 lb Cut in to small cubes. Green chillies - 2 nos Ginger cut in to small pieces - 20 gm Garlic cut in to small pieces- 15 gm Shallots - 2 nos Curry leaves - A few Coconut - 1 no Turmeric powder - 3/4 tsp Salt - As reqd Kokum or Tamarind 15 g 1)Grind together the grated coconut, turmeric, shallots, salt and mix this with the cleaned fish. 2)Add the remaining ingredients(Kokum or Tamarind, curry leaves, garlic pieces and ginger pieces)with water and cook until done with most of the water evaporated. 3) Allow to cool and serve with rice.
6 Nov 2009
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Visit our Community: *******www.ecountrylifestyle****/ Your Virtual Lifestyle Community Watch part 2 of this video on YouTube: ***********/watch?v=1q_g431h8Wk Eric Knudsen shows you how to use the Canadian Fillet Method to clean fish, keeping waste to a minimum, resulting in delicious boneless filets.
8 Jul 2010
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Yes it's not the cleanest environment, yes you might have a problem with my rings, knife, cloth, wooden table, chickens, etc., personally I don't care. I'm teaching how to fillet a salmon, if you don't like my video there's a little x in the corner you can hit. :) I've tried several different ways to fillet salmon and have finally found the best way for me :) If you have a hard time here's a simple and easy way to quickly get the job done. To easily clean a fish in about 20 seconds without dulling your knife, you can check it out at ***********/watch?v=M65rwk1K3wE or at my blog: *******kansasa.blogspot****/2007/09/how-to-clean-fish.html There's a tutorial on canning fish as well as a short post on smoking it. If you like dried fish (st'wan) I have a video on that as well.
24 Apr 2012
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