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These people were doing a boat sledding in a snowy climate; the best thing we can see in this video is that they have started their journey of the boat from the road.
27 Dec 2017
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Our rivers, lakes, aquifers, and coastal waters aren’t unlimited resources that can handle whatever we take out or dump in. These waters needs to be cleaned urgently and we are here to help you. Our start-up company FENBITS TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS offers environmental services and have recently developed two innovative technologies (FENBOT & BIO WATER TRAIN) that can help reduce the contamination levels effectively. We are working very hard to reach our services globally. But lack of adequate funding have adversely affected our operations and research. Let us work together in saving our precious rivers. Help us grow with your sincere donations. For any queries, feel free to contact us anytime. visit: www,fenbits,com
8 Jan 2018
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Toxic chemicals The toxic chemicals are the substance that can be poisonous or cause the health effects , They don’t break down easily in the environment , they can build up the tissues of small organisms , they can move up through the food chain . The chemicals can be toxic because they can harm us when they enter or contact the body , they can threaten the human health , The motor vehicle emissions of nitrogen and sulphur oxides cause the acid rain which poisons the fish and other aquatic organisms in the rivers and lakes . carbon dioxide gas causes the greenhouse effect and the climate change , Chlorofluorocarbons ( CFCs ) cause the destruction of ozone in the stratosphere and they create the possibility of serious environmental damage from ultraviolet radiation . The oil drilling and transport , mining and maritime operations all result in the accidental introduction of toxic materials into the marine environment , and the leakage from the storage tanks and the pipelines , and the seepage from the waste dumps . The toxic materials or substances can poison people and other life, They can cause illness and even death if swallowed or absorbed through the skin , where the pesticides , the weed killers , and many household cleaners are toxic , they occurs as a result of a variety of human activities . The industries and the sewage treatment plants discharge the wastes which contain the toxic substances directly into the waterways , These direct pipeline discharges are called the point sources .
27 Dec 2017
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Los Angeles has the advantage of a mild climate that encourages outdoor activities such as swimming. Information shared above is the personal opinion of the author and not affiliated with the website.
10 Jan 2018
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People who live in northern climates , should spend time in the sun. Unfortunately, most people do not get enough sun. sunscreen industry:- selling the idea that sun exposure increases the risk of skin cancer Supplement Industry:- Taking vitamin D pills is a substitute for sunshine. The most publicized benefit of sun exposure is vitamin D production. UV rays also deactivate viruses, including the virus that causes chickenpox and shingles. Safe sun exposure is the key. Start with limited exposure. Now go outside, and enjoy the summer, the sun, and good health. By: Dr. Pam Popper
10 Jan 2018
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Quality Inn & Suites Near Fairgrounds Ybor City 4955 East 18th Avenue, Tampa, Florida, 33605 This Florida city is positioned in the Western portion of the state on the scenic Gulf Coast. The region has a great tropical climate throughout most of the year, making it a wonderful getaway location. Popular nearby attractions in Orlando and the Brandon area include Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Raymond James Stadium, Florida State Fairgrounds. All Rooms gives guests Free Wireless High-Speed Internet Access. Guests can enjoy swimming in Pool, All rooms feature refrigerators, microwaves, hair dryers, Free Hot Breakfast, coffee makers and cable televisions etc.
13 Jan 2018
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Ashwagandha is a medicinal herb full of health benefits. In Ayurveda, it is considered one of the most powerful herbs due to its restorative properties. Botanically called Withania somnifera, it is also known as Winter Cherry and Indian Ginseng. Ashwagandha naturally grows in arid climate which is typical to India, Middle East, and Africa. The name Ashwagandha is derived from Sanskrit and means the smell of a horse, owing to the strong odor that the plant has. Extracts from the roots and leaves are used as the herb. It is known to boost immunity and provide rejuvenation against a number of health problems. Ayurveda helps in many ways, to keep us fit & healthy or to cure any disease. You will find the cure of almost every disease in the Ayurveda.
17 Jan 2018
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Types of Fire Sprinklers Fire sprinkler systems are an essential safety mechanism in every building. They help keep fires under control until the local fire brigade arrives. They help fire-fighters put out fire quickly and effectively. They are equipped with built-in with spoke and gas detection systems. Fire sprinklers are equipped with control valves which activate automatically. Pre-action Fire Sprinkler Systems This system minimizes damage caused to the property when activated. It is equipped with a pre-action trigger in the pipe segment. Pre-action fire sprinkler systems are used in fire prone areas. Dry Pipe Fire Systems In this system water is stored in a supply tank instead of pipes. The sprinkler head is filled with pressurized air which bursts out when activated. They can be used in cold climatic conditions as water does not freeze in the pipe. They are used in parking lots, cold storages, grocery stores etc. Wet Pipe Systems This is the most reliable type of fire sprinkler system. Wet pipe system is equipped with a heat detecting glass bulb. This glass bulb bursts out when exposed to fire. This system is known for its fast reaction time. Deluge Fire Sprinkler System This system is in an always open state. As the system triggers, high pressure water aggressively puts out fire. This system is best suited in areas which house flammable materials. Visit yellowpages-uae com to contact Sprinkler System Suppliers in UAE i e at http://www yellowpages-uae com/uae/sprinkler-system
18 Jan 2018
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A short and interesting documentary about how the events of 9/11 affected the climate.
10 Sep 2006
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17 Feb 2007
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The climate has always been changing and when life started no carbon was locked up in the organic matter.
29 Mar 2007
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A world first Climate change project involving entine community
22 Apr 2007
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World experts gather at Wilton Park to discuss climate change, energy security and plans for achieving low carbon economies in the future.
24 Jul 2007
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Climate change experts at the UK's weather centre have been outlining the scientific changes and information systems needed to improve the forecasting of weather in the future.
16 Aug 2007
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The UK’s Trade and Development Minister, Mr Gareth Thomas, says climate change is not just an environmental problem; it must be seen as a development issue – particularly for poorer countries around the world.
20 Sep 2007
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