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This is our Cocker Spaniel back in 1995. He would always climb the fence no matter what we did he would get out of the backyard. 2 days after we shot this video he got hit by a car and was killed. R.I.P. Blackie!!
22 Sep 2007
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The clip Climbing the fence from Notting Hill (1999) with Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. All these streets round here have these mysterious communal gardens in the middle of them. They're like little villages. Let's go in. No, that's the point. They're private villages. Only the people who live round the edges are allowed in. You abide by rules like that? I don't, no, no, but others do. And I just do what I want. Right. Whoopsidaisies. What did you say? Nothing. Yes, you did. No, I didn't. You said "whoopsidaisies. " No one says "whoopsidaisies," do they? I mean, unless they're... There is no "unless. " Because no one has said "whoopsidaisies" for 50 years. And even then it was just little girls with blonde ringlets. Exactly. Right. So here we go again. Whoopsidaisies. Yeah, well, it's a disease. It's a clinical thing. I'm taking pills and having injections. And I'm told it won't last long so... Okay, stand aside. I don't think that's a good idea. Really, it's quite tricky. Anna. Anna, don't, it's harder than it... No, it's not. It's easy. Come on, Flopsy. Right. Right! Oh, bugger. Oh, God. This could be very unpleasant. Bugger, bugger.
28 Mar 2012
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a puppy climbs the fence of his kennel top and gets out
25 Oct 2009
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David Slade talks about fans, how he was once chased by crazy Twilighters, and how fans would try to climb the fence at his studio! Part of our interviews with the cast at the Eclipse movie premiere.Presented by HisGoldenEyes**** and TwilightGuy**** (with help from TwilightLexicon****)FOLLOW ME*******www.twitter****/kalebnationFRIEND ME:*******www.facebook****/kalebnation
27 Jun 2010
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www.d-pan**** White Stripes "We're Going To Be Friends" Produced by D-PAN, the Deaf Professional Arts Network American Sign Language Direction by Ronald Dans Directed by Nicholas Hill of Lucky Airlines video made possible by Sorenson Communications. lyrics: Fall is here, hear the yell back to school, ring the bell brand new shoes, walking blues climb the fence, books and pens I can tell that we're going to be friends Walk with me, Suzy Lee through the park and by the tree we will rest upon the ground and look at all the bugs we found then safely walk to school without a sound Well here we are, no one else we walked to school all by ourselves there's dirt on our uniforms from chasing all the ants and worms we clean up and now its time to learn Numbers, letters, learn to spell nouns, and books, and show and tell at playtime we will throw the ball back to class, through the hall teacher marks our height against the wall And we don't notice any time pass we don't notice anything we sit side by side in every class teacher thinks that I sound funny but she likes the way you sing Tonight I'll dream while I'm in bed when silly thoughts go through my head about the bugs and alphabet and when I wake tomorrow I'll bet that you and I will walk together again cause I can tell that we're going to be friends
6 Feb 2012
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Uncensored & Unrestricted Music Videos you can't find on other Social Networks! *******bvmtv****/ Twitter: #BVMTV - JeffBVMTV Rage Against the Machine (RATM) played a free concert in protest of the two-party system. The band had been considering playing a protest concert there since April of that year.In the months leading up to the convention, cable channel MTV began planning a large, free concert to take place in downtown Los Angeles as a part of its "Choose or Lose" campaign aimed at getting youth out to vote. MTV decided that popular rock group RATM would be the ideal marquee band. However, RATM's aggressive political message combined with the title of its most recent album, The Battle of Los Angeles, caused serious concerns from LA city leaders. MTV's applications for staging the concert were denied by the city and the channel eventually gave up its attempts to plan one. After MTV's attempts failed, a number of protest groups agreed to give their one hour time allotments on the stage in the Protest Zone. RATM was offered prime time slots coinciding with the marquee speaker on the opening night of the convention, then-President Bill Clinton. Although they were at first required by the City of Los Angeles to perform in a small venue at a considerable distance, early in August a United States district court judge ruled that the City's request was too restrictive and the City subsequently allowed the protests and concert to be held at a site across from the DNC. The police response was to increase security measures, which included a 12' fence and patrolling by a minimum of 2,000 officers wearing riot gear, as well as additional horses, motorcycles, squad cars and police helicopters. A police spokesperson said they were "gravely concerned because of security reasons". During the concert, RATM singer Zach de la Rocha said to the crowd, "brothers and sisters, our democracy has been hijacked," and later also shouted "we have a right to oppose these motherfuckers!" After the performance, a small group of attendees congregated at the point in the protest area closest to the DNC, facing the police officers. Reports of what activity they engaged in vary, the most extreme being reports of throwing glass, concrete and water bottles filled with "noxious agents," spraying ammonia on police and slingshotting rocks and steel balls. However, milder reports also arose, one only mentioning "tossing rocks." The police soon after declared the gathering an unlawful assembly, shut off the electrical supply, interrupting performing band Ozomatli, and informed the protestors that they had 15 minutes to disperse on pain of arrest. Some of the protesters remained, however, including two young men who climbed the fence and waved black flags, who were subsequently shot in the face with pepper spray. Police then forcibly dispersed the crowd, using tear gas, pepper spray and rubber bullets. At least six people were arrested in the incident. The police faced severe and broad criticism for their reaction, with an American Civil Liberties Union spokesperson saying that it was "nothing less than an orchestrated police riot." Several primary witnesses reported unnecessarily violent actions and police abuses, including firing on reporters, lawyers and people obeying police commands. Protesters were trapped between police fronts, and some were beaten by police while trying to obey commands. At one point, four young men were repeatedly beaten by mounted police while trapped against a wall. Police responded that their response was "outstanding" and "clearly disciplined." Footage of the protest and ensuing violence, along with an MTV News report on the incident, was included in the Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium DVD.
6 Aug 2012
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To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email licensingstoryful**** After work I decided to go say hello to this precious foal! She galloped up to the fence and was very playful, naturally I climbed the fence and started playing with her. I will say, I have been around hundreds of foals but not one quite like this. She is one in a million, possibly one in a billion. This was the sweetest thing that has ever happened to me! Enjoy! The baby horse belongs to Meg Miranda at Glenmore Ponies, which is one of the oldest and top producing show pony bloodlines.
1 May 2015
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