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CONGRESS APPROVES LAW TO GIVE MANY HOMEBUYERS TAX DEDUCTION ON PREMIUMS FOR MORTGAGE INSURANCE A new tax deduction will soon make buying homes more affordable by allowing many American homebuyers to write-off premiums for private and government mortgage insurance. Congress has just passed a new tax deduction that allows qualified homebuyers to deduct mortgage insurance premiums from their federal taxes. This deduction is designed to help low- and moderate-income families, who must have a household income of $100,000 or less in order to qualify for the full tax deduction. Families with incomes of more than $100,000 and up to $110,000 will be eligible for a reduced deduction. The new tax deduction will be for qualified loans with mortgage insurance that close in 2007. Homeownership tends to stabilize communities and give people more of a stake in the local and national economy. This new tax deduction encourages that trend, and helps people who want a piece of the American dream get there a little faster. As Congress looks for ways to help the housing market, private mortgage insurance deductibility should help a wide range of home buyers with incomes of $100,000 or less, including minority groups for whom homeownership rates are lagging. Many first time buyers cannot afford to put 20% down, and a loan with private mortgage insurance enables them to own a house for the first time. For more information, please visit: www.privatemi****
12 Dec 2006
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To The Real Fans Of FIve - Never Forget Never Will Be
20 May 2007
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Wassup voters, I appreciate each and every vote i recieve. You know I'm not here to play around. I'm gonna get Tiffany and nobody's stoppin' me.
23 May 2007
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Look how close this helicopter gets to houses and people! SCARY! Lee successfully flying his RC Helicopter with such ease, style and sleek style. Hard to believe that he's 32!!!
5 Jul 2007
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Bruce Cockburn song performed by Donnie Eidt
25 Jul 2007
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Torley gets closer his heroes and talks really fast. Occasionally, slow. Amidst a field of hyper + special FX: fruits, Justice + Kate Bush, "classic" electronic music, Carl Sagan (and other great explainers), and M dot Strange's We Are the Strange all make an appearance. Today's topics: * what is your 2nd-favorite fruit? * Elvis or Beatles? * who are your techno influences? * which music do you listen to now (when you have time)? * what are you reading right now? * would you like to talk about the movie we watched? -=-=-=-=- E-N-J-O-Yyyyy . . . ! -=-=-=-=-
6 Apr 2008
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Pro-surfer Matt Beacham ran from God until he had a near brush with death that changed his attitude (story aired on The 700 Club). The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) is a multifaceted nonprofit organization that provides programming by cable, broadcast and satellite to approximately 200 countries, with a 24-hour telephone prayer line. CBN's flashship show is "The 700 Club", a daily news / magazine television program that presents a lively mix of information, interviews, and inspiration. Keywords: the700club, The 700 Club, CBN News, CBN, Christian Broadcasting Network, 700 Club Counseling Center: 1-800-759-0700
17 Jun 2008
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Watch more at theyoungturks****
26 Jun 2008
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jewish kid running after a shikse in the streets of the holy-city Jerusalem *******www.visit-jerusalem**** *******www.nanook***.il
27 Aug 2008
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Danceoff from moonlight to sunshine. Mymiklo****
23 Jan 2010
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Here's me leading the crowd over to the diagonal cross walk. Yes, I'm taking credit for the idea. I started it! Distributed by Tubemogul.
16 Feb 2009
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The international community realizes the time is nigh.
3 Mar 2009
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