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Clothes off x Lil chris x clothes off x Lil chris x clothes off
8 Nov 2011
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The clip Joker takes his clothes off from Next Friday (2000) Good boy. Feel that? Good dog. Lay down. That's a good boy. Lay down. Yeah, you're a good boy. You are a good dog. Oh, I'm gonna do you good. I'm gonna give it to you rough. Here's Johnny. I call him Mini Me. I'm gonna do you like American Me, baby. Don't look at me. Don't look at me, little puppy. Can I get a whoo, whoo? I'm an Aztec warrior. Bring your ass home, Craig. Come on. Hey, I'm cold. I'll close the window. Oh, shit. Motherfuckers can't fuck with me. I'm a player. I'm a player!
11 Nov 2011
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Lying is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off - Panic! At the Disco
26 Jan 2012
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WARNING:This video contains yaoi(boyxboy).If you dont like it,dint watch. -THE HIGH QUALITY IS YOUR ONLY OPTION XD- I am concious about how crappy this video is,but it took me a good time to finish it,so I am uploading it.There are just not enough terrorist AMVs!!And there were just three episodes of the couple in the entire anime!!T^T. I have to say,Miyagui and Shinobu are so cute toguether,geez...I want to make a good video of them some day-_-. Anyway,about this,the song is called "we dont have to take our clothes off"(too long),by lil chris,I watched a KKM AMV with this song and it was like "....this is for shinobuXD".The point is...well,there is no point,it is kinda a crack vid,Miyagui is not a pice of meat and Shinobu is a little hornyXD(Not really,but he´s the most agresive uke in Junjou) this is all from Miyagui´s POV,I dont really think the song fits them or anything,but I was really bored...I actually wish they would take their clothes off more often(just kidding...maybe). Well...I think I had sayed enough already,now everybody sing it with me!!: -I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE MATERIAL USED FOR MAKE THIS VIDEO,IT IS PURELY FANMADE- Please comment and rate^^
8 Apr 2012
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The clip Taking Tina's clothes off from Do the right thing (1989) with Spike Lee. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. Tina, take your clothes off. I already told you it's too fucking hot to make love. It's too fucking hot. Why are you always cursing? I don't fucking curse that much. What the hell you mean? All you do is curse. Anyway, no rawness is jumping off tonight. All right? That's it. No rawness? No. No rawness. Why's it always like that when you come over? It's not always like that. It's always... What are you doing? I'm not cursing. Mookie. Come on. I mean it. I'm not playing. I'm not playing. Don't be so anxious. That's right. Take it off. You're sweating. Of course I'm sweating. It's only 100 degrees in here. Look, freeze. Don't move. I'll be right back. What do you mean you'll be right back? Where are you going? I'll be right back. Why you got me standing on the bed? Where you going? How's my son, Hector? Honey, do you hear that? He wants to know how you are doing? And he has the straight face of asking about it. Sinvergüenza. Good for nothing. Callejero. Que se la pasa por la calle... - English! English! I want my son speaking English. Get out of my kitchen. Bad enough his name's Hector. Get out of my kitchen. I don't want to hear anything. Out, I said.
7 May 2012
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We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off Jermaine Stewart Not a word, from your lips You just took for granted that I want to skinny dip. A quick hit, that's your game. But I'm not a piece of meat, stimulate my brain. Night is young, so are we. Let's get to know each other better, slow & easily. Take my hand, let's hit the floor. Shake our bodies to the music. Maybe then you'll score. Chorus: So come on baby, won't you show some class Why you want to move so fast. We don't have to take our clothes off To have a good time Oh no We could dance & party all night And drink some cherry wine Uh huh We don't have to take our clothes off To have a good time Oh no We could dance & party all night (all night) And drink some cherry wine Uh huh Na na na na na na na............ Just slow down if you want me A man wants to be approached cool & romantically I've got needs Just like you If the conversation's good Vibrations through & through So come on baby, won't you show some class Why you want to move so fast We don't have to take outr clothes off To have a good time Oh no We could dance & party all night (all night) And drink some cherry wine Uh huh Na na na na na na.........
4 Oct 2012
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Music video by Jermaine Stewart performing We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off. (P) 1986 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by Virgin Records Ltd
11 Oct 2012
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The Sims 3: Using the moodlet manager to zap the clothes off the maid
7 May 2013
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Everyone at Beach Watches Woman Take Clothes OFF RebelBunnyTV
24 Jan 2015
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we dont have to.. hit single from jermaine who died of Aids in 1997, r.i.p from john uk
7 Oct 2008
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We're Only in It for the Money/Lumpy Gravy
3 May 2009
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Diva versus Diva ,Sable v Torrie Wilson: Bra and Panties match.On WWE Smackdown! Here Comes the Pain for Playstation 2. To see the full video featuring the entire roster please visit www.megavideo****
14 May 2009
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6 Sep 2009
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6 Sep 2009
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These are half
26 Dec 2009
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8 Apr 2010
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