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This week I take Vayetse, Livy and Ginny out for a beautiful walk whilst answering some of your questions! Do the lions understand their own name? Are lions inherently mean? These questions will be answered, along with a clip of Ginny being her clumsy self!
9 Sep 2016
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"Every time I have a bad day I watch this and think, "Thank God I'm not this guy."
5 Feb 2014
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This is part 2 of the series. You should check out part 1 if you have not already. I tell about the tale of the other extreme, the clumsy humpty dumpty wild donkey butts. Check out my facebook page at:
8 Jan 2014
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Actress Jennifer Aniston is currently nursing a broken toe after her clumsy fiance, Justin Theroux, stepped on her foot. More details in this video For daily dose of entertainment news log on to: Like our Updates: Follow our tweets:
29 Jul 2013
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DANCE WITH THE ELEPHANT: LIFE'S COSMIC EQUATION Purchase our book: For more DWTE merchandise: Info on our upcoming Workshops: For more Inforamtion: Check out our Blog: Don Calhoun and Duane Kuss co-author the ground breaking book "Dance with the Elephant: Life's Cosmic Equation" filled with life-changing stories and personal exercises. (Creative Power (CP) + Receptive Choice (RC) + Faith (F)) * Time (T) = Cosmic Legacy (CL) The Story: 
Duane and his wife Bette live out in the country on a small piece of water called Hermit Lake. Their english tutor home sits high a hill above the lake and includes a main floor music room where Bette hones her creative profession for weekly performances and regularly teaches students her greatest passion. Bette grew up the youngest of three kids on a farm in south central Minnesota. She went to a country church school and helped her Mom and Dad raise thousands of chickens on their farm for egg production. While growing up, Bette was never very good at physical activity or sports, in fact most would judge her to be clumsy and uncoordinated. She struggled and had to work harder than most to keep her grades up as she moved from the country school to the closest community high school. Growing up, essentially all alone on the farm, gave Bette little experience with making friends and understanding the cruel realities of teenage clicks and social groups. In many ways, Bette was an outcast and never really fit in at her high school. But there was one thing that Bette learned how to do early in life that set her apart from the rest. Once a week, her mother would drive her 25 miles, one-way, to meet privately with a piano teacher. After many years of piano lessons and piano recitals, Bette cultivated her natural talent and gift of playing piano. Bette, who to this day cannot walk and chew gum at the same time, can sit down at the piano and make magical sounds on the keys. She has touched thousands of people with her music and she truly understands the gift of her creative power and how that has led to her destiny and contribution in life. Creative Power (CP) Duane:

The key to creative power is understanding it's a part of a unique and all encompassing equation to living a fulfilling and purposeful life. It is the first part of the five piece equation (CP + RC + F ) * T = CL. "CP" or Creative Power is probably one of the most exciting and awesome laws of the universe we all live in. The idea and concept lies in the fact that since the beginning of time there has been a spark, a driving energy force that has created all things. It began with hydrogen atoms that came together to form helium. Hydrogen and helium combined to form stars. Those stars then died in great atomic explosions that in their creative power process created even heavier elements like Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen. All of the elements that make up the universe exist because of the creative power that combines the simple into the more complex. The source of this creative power exists in all things and most importantly is a part of you and me. As the sun rises every day in the east, so to the spark of creative power lies within you. Discovering that creative force and connecting with it is your true destiny in life and your fundamental reason for existing. Don: 
Creative Power is a part of a five piece formula that Duane and I have worked on to truly unlock and unleash the full understanding of your human potential as it relates to you and your entire family. Creative Power is really the awe, the awe in you! It is what is unique to you. It is what is your gifts, what are your talents, what are your treasures and what is it your bring to life that no one else can take away from you? It's your unique contribution to the universe. Like the birth of a star, and all the stars that have born and died throughout time, everyone has been unique. None is exactly like the other. There's a cosmic energy manifested in its uniqueness. So the journey and purpose of life is to discover, cultivate and manifest your creative power and to use that power to make your contribution to the universe. Like Steve Jobs said, "Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your inner voice. And most importantly, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become." You are truly unique and Duane and I will take you on a journey in our book to discover and understand your personal creative power. LIKE us on Facebook!
27 Jun 2013
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Movie: Hitch Release Date: 11th February 2005 Character: Alex Hitchens Plot: In New York, Alex Hitchen is a kind of sentimental advisor, teaching each client how to date the woman of his dream. His present case is helping the clumsy Albert to date the wealthy and powerful Allegra Cole. Meanwhile, Hitch has a crush on the gossip columnist Sara, who was assigned to write about Allegra. When the best girlfriend of Sara has a love disillusion with a man that Sara thinks that is a client of Hitch, she plots a revenge against Hitch and the misunderstanding leads the two couples to a conflictive situation. © Sony Pictures
17 Apr 2013
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Gungriffon: The Eurasian Conflict review. Shop CGR shirts & glasses! Classic Game Room reviews GUNGRIFFON THE EURASIAN CONFLICT from Game Arts for the Sega Saturn released in 1996! The first Gungriffon has kick-ass gameplay and solid visuals (although clumsy controls from the era) and rocks with huge robots, missiles, machine guns and that Silpheed computer system.
10 Apr 2013
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It’s not always easy being a penguin. Here's a compilation of penguins being clumsy.
17 Mar 2013
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Archie and the Gang Costumes The longest operating comic strip syndication comes to life at Our Archie Comic Costumes. Come and join Archie and the Gang as they simply begin to lay out for brand new adventures at Riverdale to check out exactly what cool stuff high school will probably do to ordinary teens. Introduced on December 22, 1941, by Pep Comics, Archie was drawn by Montana and penned by Vic Bloom. Archie Andrew is really an archetypal 17 year old redheaded boy next door. Regarded as being generous, good natured, and a little bit clumsy. He happens to be the center of fascination of his two main crushes, Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge who consistenty vie to get his attention. He is truly loved by almost all of his friends, Jughead Jones, Regie Mantle and Dilton Doiley. Jughead is Archie's childhood bestfriend who helps him out in some difficult situations. He is normally seen donning a clubhouse beanie that is made from an inverted fedora with scallop trim brim and a poker faced closed eye lid expression. Regie is Archie's strong challenger in physical activities and romance. A typical prankster who cracks skeptical jokes and tricks on Archie, he could be shown as a good companion despite his cockiness and his attempts about taking Veronica away from the other. They are often seen together playing sports and hanging around town. Dilton is a brilliant genius who helps out Archie from tacky situations by using his experiments. See more of your Riverdale Gang at:
2 Feb 2013
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Clumsy Cat video review. Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow video review of Clumsy Cat from Dingo Games for the iPhone. You play Clumsy Cat as said clumsy cat. You're left alone by your negligent owners, who therefore deserve the financial setbacks you're about to engender. You have three minutes to annihilate as much of their crap as possible. Fortunately, you have the strength of ten cats! Break as much as possible within your time limit. It's a cool concept, but the controls are a little weird. This video review features video gameplay footage of Clumsy Cat for the iPhone and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.
11 Jan 2013
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XG2 review! Shop CGR! Classic Game Room reviews EXTREME-G 2 for the Nintendo 64 from Acclaim and Probe released in 1998! XG2 is the direct sequel to 1997's excellent Extreme-G for the N64 and plays much the same with hyper-fast driving, wild track designs and futuristic weaponry. While the designers seem to make the game more EXTREME!!! for Extreme-G 2 they also mar its performance with murky visuals, frequent slowdown, boring music and clumsy track designs. XG2 is a fun game but a step back from the original that remains a futuristic combat racing game worth playing if you can find it for a good price (which you should be able to). CGR Extreme-G 2 video review features XG2 gameplay on N64. XG2 has numerous codes and cheats that unlock new bikes and features.
4 Jan 2013
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Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013 review. Shop CGR! Classic Game Room reviews CABELA'S DANGEROUS HUNTS 2013 from Cauldron and Activision which is played with the Top Shot Fearmaster! This is the PlayStation 3 version of Dangerous Hunts 2013" it's also available on Xbox 360" Nintendo Wii and PC! Another year" another awesome set of shooting galleries and the excellent "Reflex Mode" where you shoot animals in a specific order to score big points. But lack of precision aiming and a clumsy control scheme with thumbstick on rifle makes the storyline mode awkward at best. Cabela's games have always been aimed at hunters first so the crowd shopping at Cabela's may very well get what they want out of Dangerous Hunts 2013, but I wish they would focus on the arcade style shooting galleries more and drop the first person shooter crossed with rifle shooting hybrid. CGR Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013 video review features Dangerous Hunts 2013 gameplay with Top Shot Fearmaster which can check your heartbeat and club baby seals at the same time!
20 Dec 2012
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When Janine, Aiden Fesyo’s long-term girlfriend, announces she’s earned a promotion and is leaving, she also informs him that he has a four-year-old child out there somewhere. Janine vows the child will never be found. Aiden believes otherwise. In his search, he encounters people linked to members of the latest team on the “HorrorShow,” a 3D sorreality contest where contestants pass through nine circuses on California Island to win a trillion-dollar prize. The team consists of a spangled banner of races and troubled pasts, assembled by the government to stave off bankruptcy. There’s a gay Hispanic gymnast whose lover died of retroviral plague; a Native American stunt coordinator whose cowardice caused a catastrophe; an Aborigine swimmer obsessed with her brother’s death; a genetically engineered “fiteball” player caught in a point-shaving scandal; a Bosnian movie star who strangled a starlet; a Japanese American prostitute and assassin; and an African American “bizzyball” player, dreaming of the child she aborted. The team contends with hot-headed centaurs, homunculi bikers, mutant hairdressers, clumsy ninjas, talk show hosts in army tanks, and distortion fields that carry them through space and time. Aiden and the team unite in a climactic encounter with a triple-bodied Satan, who explains why God is playing a game with the universe. Order Now Link:
13 Nov 2012
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Tonic Trouble review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Tonic Trouble from Ubisoft for the Nintendo 64. Tonic Trouble was released by Ubisoft eight weeks before the company launched Rayman 2, a platformer that made this one seem even less impressive. And that was 1999. Tonic Trouble tells the story of Ed, a clumsy guy who one day drops a can of his alien tonic. It falls out of his spaceship and plummets to Earth, where it transforms the landscape, turns vegetables into predators and allows a viking to take over the planet. The problem with Tonic Trouble is that it never does anything with that fun least, nothing you're going to remember for more than ten minutes. This video review features video gameplay footage of Tonic Trouble for the Nintendo 64 and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.
20 Oct 2012
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NBA Ballers: Chosen One Review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review NBA Ballers: Chosen One for the PS3. Developed by Midway Games and published by Midway Games. You create your own NBA Baller and take him through a career to become the Chosen One. With arcade controls, the game creates the environment of over-the-top street basketball. With different game modes and NBA stars, the game has a lot going for it. But the clumsy controls really take away from the whole experience. This video review features video gameplay footage of NBA Ballers: Chosen One and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Ryan.
19 Oct 2012
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Kristen Stewart says she's always been 'clumsy' with her fame and wishes she could act more 'smooth'.
4 Sep 2012
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