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A mother is dead and her 3 day old baby missing after a shooting and abduction outside a TX pediatrician's office.
22 Apr 2012
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From felon to "phenom," the homeless guy, Ted Williams with the golden voice has a promising future. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports.
6 Jul 2012
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Science educator Bill Nye says that climate change is to blame for the recent spate of wildfires. For more CNN videos, check out our YouTube channel at ***********/CNN Or visit our site at *******www.cnn****/
7 Jul 2012
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I'm not saying UFO's from outer space took down the twin towers. I'm simply saying that someone or something was there that day observing from non terrestrial air crafts that were caught on video from several cameras as seen in this news clip footage! Isn't funny how nobody mentions it? There were non terrestrial UFO's on 9-11! In fact... There was a UFO on 9-11 trying to tell us something... (and I alone noticed) It flew over a plume of smoke that wouldn't have existed given the official story that planes brought the towers down! I was just the guy who was bright enough to see something and catch what you guys might get paid to call a "helicopter" all day instead! To see a short GIF of the UFO telling us about (hovering above) the lower plume of smoke (that shouldn't of existed) coming from the base of the building go here: ***********/images01/122/f1cd6911b6507430942ae06b3397afa8/l.gif The story of 9-11 has had holes in it for over a decade. Given that it is the premise for an undeclared unconstitutional War perhaps star visitors were here to help us get the story strait. What does the UFO teach us? They were pointing out that the lower plume of smoke shouldn't of existed given that (THE PLANES) are what was supposed to bring the towers down. Aside from the fact proffesor Steven Earl Jones pointed out Nano-Thermite explosives were used to detonate the towers in a controlled demolition... we blatantly had UFO's anyone can see. A story that everyone in the professional World (but me) is afraid to touch with a 10 foot pole! When they attempt to re-write history they will tell you that the UFO's were in fact "helicopters" as seen here on youtube! If you could go back in time and wanted to stop an endless War like the War on Terror what would YOU do? I would fly over a plume of smoke that should not of existed given the official 9-11 story in a space ship and get myself caught on camera so someone sensitive could pick up on it and get people to talk about it! To see ANOTHER UFO on 9-11 from ANOTHER camera look at this one: ***********/watch?v=YBH2s4J_Scc ***********/watch?v=YBH2s4J_Scc
6 Aug 2012
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Watch CNN's Becky Anderson, Linford Christie and crowds in London react to Usain Bolt's win in the men's 100 meter dash. For more CNN videos, check out our YouTube channel at ***********/cnn Or visit our site at *******www.cnn****/video/
17 Aug 2012
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Excitement over the first pictures from Mars rover Curiosity. For more CNN videos, check out our YouTube channel at ***********/cnn Or visit our site at *******www.cnn****/video/
20 Aug 2012
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Ever since my cable dumped AFN and CNN, TV has gotten plain weird in Korea. *******
22 Jun 2011
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