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I got this clip of 2 very talented people and it cracked me up...
11 Apr 2006
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Why kill them if you can wear them ? I totally support this kind of fashion.
23 Apr 2006
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Cheaply, easily an quickly build an HDTV antenna that outperforms amplified store bought antennas for next to NOTHING! Amazing Results!
28 Jul 2009
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Guy in a rain coat looks trasparent.
10 Aug 2006
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All girls are hereby and henceforth to have long, sleek legs and wear short lab coats with pink underwear. This mandatory aesthetic/dress code shall adhere to the standards of hotness upheld in the video that first led us to suggest this decree -- "Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit." You can thank Fedde le Grand for this hit, which has top dance chart all over the place. He is considered to be one of the most energetic and danceable DJs around the world. And quite the visionary for adolescent youth around the world. For more, you're gonna have to get over to *******www.ultrarecords****/ and step into the music. Don't be left out -- act like you know!
18 Feb 2007
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Aptly named, Coat of Arms clearly reveals its alliance with clients by wielding creative that uniquely identifies a brand and that engages audiences. We tell a story with every project in the way we edit, illustrate, color, write, score, and design. With a team of empowered artists who keep the client's message at the forefront, Coat of Arms gives a unique voice to the art of post-production.
Music: Kevin MacLeod When Mallomars are placed into a vacuum they go through a cool transformation. The marshmallow inside expands and breaks throught the chocolate coating. Interestingly, when the pressure is reapplied the mallomars go back to its original cookie shape.
2 Nov 2007
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How to make a blowgun which will easily blow through half an inch of wood. Please Rate and Comment! For more projects, check out *******funditor.110mb****/
29 Jul 2007
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Goldi, the flat coated retriver in her new show! In this episode you'll see Goldi doing some cool tricks! Hope you'll like it ! :-) More chapters to come ...everything by Raviv Stein, Israel . (C) all rights reserved ,till next time, Raviv Hafakot
22 Aug 2006
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This is actually a commercial that airs in Europe for Porsche. The chick in it is smokin hot and when she passes by a Porsche she flashes it.
29 May 2007
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Funny magic show. Enjoy!!!
27 Sep 2006
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Learn this easy way to make glowing printer ink .No need to buy special paper.You can print on iron-transfer paper,gloassy paper,coated,etc.Work with all color jet printer.RATE THIS VIDEO PLEASE music *******www.cssmusic****
13 Jun 2007
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world's smallest person in world he has been put forward for guinness world record for smallest person in world height only 50.8 cm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! weight only 4.5 kg!!!!!!!!?????????????? so amazing.. n unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!! he can occupy in coat pocket to carry him elsewhere
17 Feb 2007
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