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22 Sep 2008
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INSTAGRAM: ******* TWITTER: ******* ***CLICK "SHOW MORE" FOR LINKS*** 3 Pokémon Who Could Kill You Video: ***********/watch?v=Lh-7kEk1ceE&feature=c4-overview-vl&list=PLiyjwVB09t5xhhW0IfHke782_PqlLOxU0 Magikarp Pokédex entry: *******bulbapedia.bulbagarden****/wiki/Magikarp_(Pok%C3%A9mon) Silver Carp Attack!: ***********/watch?v=Oc0kYOB0Mfs EPA on Silver Carp: ******* Animal Planet Clip about Silver Carp: *******www.animalplanet****/tv-shows/weird-true-and-freaky/videos/asian-carp-invasion.htm Wired Article on Collisions: *******www.wired****/wiredscience/2009/12/mythbusters-how-do-you-characterize-a-collision/ Textbook chapter on Muscles and Forces: *******www.medicalphysics****/apps/medicalphysicsedit/WebPOTB.pdf XKCD Forum post about being killed by a water balloon: *******forums.xkcd****/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=13773 Footage and interview of Kenny Bräck : ***********/watch?v=Hy8fgGiI1WA Article on Col. John Stapp: *******www.nmspacemuseum****/halloffame/detail.php?id=46 Short doc about Col. John Stapp: ***********/watch?v=VkcSsZttuxg Mythbusters: Knock Your Socks Off (Full Ep): ***********/watch?v=TqtFGAnyF7Q Piece on Blowing From a Gun being used in the Indian Revolt: *******asianhistory.about****/od/india/ss/Photo-Essay-Colonial-India_3.htm *Deleted Scene* Ping Pong Ball blowing through a Paddle: ***********/watch?v=Wc-zmb3jAgo Thanks to Rhett Allain, Associate Professor of Physics at SLU, for discussing this topic with me! Find more of his work on Wired: *******www.wired****/wiredscience/dotphysics *********************************************************************** Vsauce3 Links Twitter: *******www.twitter****/vsaucethree Facebook: *******www.facebook****/Vsauce3 Instagram: ******* Steam: *******steamcommunity****/groups/vsauce3 Google+ ******* T-Shirts: *******www.districtlines****/vsauce Music By Jake Chudnow: ***********/user/jakechudnow Vsauce: ***********/Vsauce Vsauce2: ***********/Vsauce2 Vsauce3: ***********/Vsauce3 WEsauce: ***********/wesauce
13 Aug 2014
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FIT BMX VIDEO: Shawn McIntosh, Quincy Dean, Dan Conway, Raul Ruiz, and Van Homan as they stop by All Day BMX for a session with the locals.<br><br /> Camera: Stew Johnson and Dan Conway<br><br /> Edit: Stew Johnson<br><br /> AF THE NAYSAYER<br /> "Status"<br /> website: afthenaysayer****<br /> twitter: AFTHENAYSAYER<br><br /> ALL DAY BMX SHOP<br /> alldaybmxshop****<br /> Herencia #2393<br /> Col. Villas Del Rey<br /> Mexicali, 21355 MX <br><br /> this is a woozybmx featured video. *******youtube****/woozybmx<br><br />
18 Apr 2012
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İçinde bulunduğumuz dönemde, hemen her gün dünyanın çeşitli bölgelerinde deprem, kasırga, yıldırım, sel gibi doğal felaketler yaşanmakta... Geçmişe oranla çok daha sık ve birbiri ardınca gerçekleşen bu felaketler, 1400 yıl önce Peygamber Efendimiz (sav) tarafından haber verilen ahir zamanın alametleri midir?
26 Sep 2008
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Lt. Col. Dwynne Amesson's testimony, he has three experiences relating to ufo's. Firstly whilst working at Ramstein Air Force base in Germany in the early 60's in charge of the cryptograph centre he read a message that said a ufo has crashed on the island of Spitzberg in Norway and a team of scientists were coming up to investigate the incident. Secondly whilst assigned to 28th Air division Great Falls Montana he received a message confirming Robert Salas's testimony with ufo's over missile silo's. Thirdly security police from Loren Air Force base stated that ufo's were seen near nuclear weapons!
10 Sep 2006
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Based on a true story, UNTOUCHABLE has already broken records worldwide, so far out grossing blockbusters such as Harry Potter, Titanic, Marvel's The Avengers and Avatar in certain territories. It is topping charts all over the globe and to date has made a staggering $356million. The film tells the story of an unlikely friendship between a disabled millionaire (François Cluzet) and his street smart ex-con caretaker (Omar Sy).The pair who, on the surface, seem to have nothing in common find a camaraderie rooted in honesty and humour in one of the must-see films of 2012. Directed by Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache and also starring Audrey Fleurot ('Spiral'), the film was nominated for a total of nine 2012 César Awards, France's equivalent to the Oscars, including Best Picture, and won Best Actor for breakout star Omar Sy. The film also won the Grand Prix award at the 2011 Tokyo International Film Festival. UNTOUCHABLE has received Audience Awards from U.S film festivals including San Francisco Film Festival, COL COA and the Nashville Film Festival.
24 Sep 2012
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Secondly we have Lt. Col. Charles Brown who headed the office of special investigations for the Air Force known as the grudge project in 1949 (preceeds Blue Book). He testifies that many of the UFO sightings he has delt with did in fact have Ground Radar,Ground visual,Airborn Radar and Airborn Visual confirmation of UFO sightings.
13 Sep 2006
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Animation 3D de la partie supérieur du plus grand os du corps humain : le fémur
1 May 2010
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NOW AVAILABLE ON DVD www.cultepics**** Tinto Brass 1960's Psychedelic Classics
2 Jun 2010
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Clay Marzo leads a surgical strike to northern Peru with fellow Quiksilver riders Cristobal De Col, Strider Waslilewski, and Billy Hopkins.
29 Jun 2012
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İçinde bulunduğumuz dönemde, hemen her gün dünyanın çeşitli bölgelerinde deprem, kasırga, yıldırım, sel gibi doğal felaketler yaşanmakta... Geçmişe oranla çok daha sık ve birbiri ardınca gerçekleşen bu felaketler, 1400 yıl önce Peygamber Efendimiz (sav) tarafından haber verilen ahir zamanın alametleri midir?
15 Oct 2008
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Pilot killed in Thai plane crash The pilot of a Thai plane has been killed and 10 passengers injured as it skidded off the runway while landing on the tourist island of Koh Samui. The Bangkok Airways flight, carrying 72 people, hit an old and unmanned control tower amid reports of heavy rain. The plane had taken off from the southern Thai town of Krabi, another resort popular with tourists. Officials said many of the injured were tourists. Hospital sources told the BBC four Britons may be among those hurt. The nationalities of the others were not immediately known, but none were said to be seriously hurt. Map of plane's route "Sadly we have learnt that the pilot of the aircraft has died and so far 10 passengers are confirmed wounded," said Kannikar Kemavuthanon, the director general of the Department of Civil Aviation. Ms Kanikka said the ATR72 twin-turboprop had 68 passengers, two pilots and two crew members on board. "The weather was very bad during landing with heavy rain and wind," she said. The plane hit a building that had once been used as an air traffic control tower, but is now part of a fire-fighting station, a local police official said. "The heavy damage was at the front of the plane where the pilot was. It looks like he suffered from the impact," police Maj Col Sayan Sartsri told AP news agency. The crash happened at around 1400 local time (0800 GMT). Local reports said some of the injured passengers suffered broken legs. The resort island of Koh Samui lies some 300 miles (480km) south of Bangkok. The airport runway was closed after the accident and at least one Thai Airways flight was cancelled.
18 Oct 2010
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