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Our Incense Candles is made up of high costa cola; you can buy incense from our classic or rich wealthy stores at reasonable price. We provide best incense candles in Chicago.
6 Dec 2017
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15 Nov 2017
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15 Nov 2017
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30 Jul 2017
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5 Amazing Things You Can Do at Home Compilation - How to Make Popsicle Stick House for Rat - DIY Ping Pong Table Tennis Game for One Person - How to Make Coca Cola Soda Fountain Machine with 3 Different Drinks at Home - DIY Logan X-Men Wolverine Automatic Claws with Real Blades v2.0 - DIY Coin Sorting Machine from Cardboard thanks for watching.
18 Jul 2017
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5 Awesome Tricks With Magnets Tricks from this video: 1. Homemade compass. For this trick you need needle, piece of cork, magnet, plate and some water. You need to magnetize a needle and put it on the cork which floating in the plate with water. The needle show you South and North. 2. Simple speaker. For this trick you need copper wire d 0.2-0.3 mm, magnet and tape. Follow the instruction and coonect the ends of the wire to your mobile phone or mp3 player. 3. Electric magnet. For this trick you need battery, copper wire and nail. Instruction is quite simple: wrap the nail with the wire and connect the ends of the wire to the battery. That's all :) 4. Simplest homopolar motor. You need battery, aluminium foil and 2 neodium magnets. Connetc opposite poles magnets to the battery and put it on the foil. Your motor starts rotate. 5. Perfect geometry. You need 7 same magnets, 7 coca cola caps, plate and water. Stick magnets to the caps. Fill the plate with water and put caps very carefully one by one. You will see the perfect geometry! thanks for watching.
15 Jul 2017
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DIY Amazing Mini BBQ from Coca Cola Can at Home In this video I show you how to make amazing mini BBQ from coca cola can, it's easy to build but you will be surprised how effective it is! thanks for watching.
15 Jul 2017
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In this video I show you how to easily make minigun weapon from coca cola cans and syringes. You need - 4 coca cola cans - 8 syringes - 8 lighters - 16 small nails - rubbing alcohol - 16 wires at least 25 cm each Make sure syringe plunger is from rubber (not plastic). You will be surprised how powerful is your minigun and how easy to make it. Although minigun looks great because of coca cola cans and very comfortable to hold and shoot. Your friends will love it. Enjoy your coca cola not just as a drink :) thanks for watching.
14 Jul 2017
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Social media can make and break brands. Find out how some of the most popular brands suffered from their mistakes on Social Media.
4 Jul 2017
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1 Jul 2017
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19 May 2017
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Не открываем, ставим в морозилку на минут 30-40, в зависимости, сколько градусов "-". Ждем до образование легкого покрова льда. Взбалтываем, и резко открываем! Уклоняемся.
18 May 2017
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How to Make GIANT Gummy Coca Cola Bottle Shape Jelly Dessert Easy DIY Gummy Soda Jello - Lifehacks Compilation Lifehacks Compilation - Lifehacks from around the InterWebs brought to you in a compilation of DIY, protips, and timesavers. Pick up some new tricks and tips when it comes to cooking, emergency survival, cleaning, and more. Enjoy these lifehacks, pro tips, and repurpose ideas. No I do not recommend to repeat all the action, as shown In this video, this video was created exclusively for educational or documentary purposes, to let you know the result and have tried not to repeat what he saw everything !! instagram/4letsbefriends #4letsbefriends #Lifehacks #Halloween #EXPLOSION #Chemical #Stupidaccidents #Accidents #Fire #Discovery #Science #Google #YouTube #MetaCaFe #DailyMotion 4letsbefriends Lifehacks Halloween EXPLOSION Chemical Stupidaccidents Accidents Fire Discovery Science Google YouTube MetaCaFe DailyMotion
16 May 2017
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