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*******easywaytoquitsmoking**** When you stop smoking cold turkey you are applying one of the oldest and most popular methods to help people stop smoking. People who quit cold Turkey finally decided not to use stop smoking aids to help them stop smoking...
16 Dec 2008
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*******peerfly****/x/0/705/7212/ Quit Smoking Cigarettes Cold Turkey Like I did. I NEVER thought it was at all possible until I decided enough was enough. Good Luck.I hope you quit smoking cigarettes cold turkey and live a long and healthy life. *******peerfly****/x/0/705/7212/
3 Apr 2010
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*******www.GoodQuitSmokingInfo***.tv/ -- The Quit Smoking Cold Turkey Method The quit smoking cold turkey solution is very popular and though it has a bizarre name it the solution that very influential people adopt. The method is very straight, without any preparation just stop smoking, after this quit smoking cold turkey decision is taken what it matters is that the mind be stronger than the desire to smoke. The more enduring you are the bigger chance of success. The quit smoking cold turkey name refers to something done without preparation, just like a cold turkey, since with the quit smoking cold turkey method, there is no gradual dicrease in the level of nicotine. Studies showed that this solution works and helps many smokers determined enough to succeed. The quit smoking cold turkey solution is the most popular quitting method because almost any smoker that tried to escape from addiction has turned to it. Though it is easy to try, the difficult part comes in terms of success, which is why many people appeal to drugs and other alternative methods that help them quit. To improve the success rate for the quit smoking cold turkey method the following guide lines must be respected. Understand that in the first days following the quit smoking cold turkey decision you will feel very irritated and tired, the good part is that after several days the severe irritability will pass. Drink a lot of water, this will help your body flush toxins. Take a chewing gum or candy whenever you fill the need for a cigarette, take a walk or do some exercises whenever you feel the craving. All this are small tips that can help you succeed in using the quit smoking cold turkey method. Calling a friend when you feel like smoking is another suggestion that can help the quit smoking cold turkey method, if you don't have a friend that can really help, you may attend some groups of ex-smokers, they will give you all the needed advice and will support you in overcoming all the encountered difficulties. The quit smoking cold turkey method is free and this is why so many try it, but the fact is that people associate this drastic solution with a superhuman determination and self control. Those who succeeded in quitting using the quit smoking cold turkey technique are powerful people that always succeed in what they set as a goal, for them failure isn't an option. To know more a lot of about Quit Smoking, simply visit: *******www.GoodQuitSmokingInfo***.tv/
24 Nov 2010
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First vlog... random clips.. most of it is shot in a car or company truck. Can't really record in certain areas where i work. First day was rough. Don't expect the next coming days to be easy. 8 years of habit is hard to give up especially when you liked smoking. (more)
11 Dec 2009
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Smokers often smoke because they believe it is doing something for them such as relieving stress or anxiety. It also helps to take the edge off. But if you really want to quit smoking you should use methods that have been proven. Many quit smoking apps and programs are not backed by research, evidence or data
8 Sep 2017
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Funny sketches that contain links to unseen footage that cannot be uploaded anywhere online..'French and Saunders do Bills' which is 'HOT OFF THE PRESS'..more will be added as we get hold of it :)
8 Feb 2009
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Sketch contains link to pretty random footage that we cannot find anywhere on Youtube..we have named it 'Dawn told me'..quite funny, definately random..Please do NOT copy it even though you can make money out of it..
22 Feb 2009
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Sorry all of my clips are inna car. Still haven't smoked a cigarette. And yes, i'm still complaining about it.
16 Dec 2009
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After 20 years of smoking Shawn is now 24 hours into the electronic cigarette experience. This is a series of videos; please view each episode in succession to better understand each video. This is Shawn's first time trying an E-cig better known as an Electronic Cigarette.
4 Jan 2010
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offers STOP SMOKING NOW with HYPNOSIS. No Smoking cessation, quit smoking,No need for a cigarrette, NO cold turkey!
13 Jun 2008
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*******quit-smoking-expert.plus101**** Quit Smoking Today Stop Smoking With NLP . What if there was a 100% guaranteed solution that would allow for you to quit smoking permanently without any effort on your part literally in just 38 minutes and 13 seconds per day while you lie care free in your comfy bed? quit smoking ,stop smoking ,smokers ,quitting smoking ,how to ,smoking cessation ,weight gain ,smoking cigarettes ,smoker ,smoke free ,quitting ,products ,patches ,nicotine ,withdrawal symptoms ,united states ,tobacco use ,tobacco ,success rate ,smoking habit ,quit smoking naturally ,product ,nicotine patches ,nicotine addiction ,national cancer institute ,lung cancer ,kick the habit ,hypnotherapy ,hypnosis ,how to quit ,heart attack ,health professionals ,health ,habits ,give up smoking ,friends and family ,family ,diseases ,cravings ,cold turkey ,cigarettes ,cigarette smoking ,cigarette ,chantix ,cancer ,addiction
20 Jan 2011
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not WHY, but merely how to quit smoking. My reviews of various methods available everywhere.
2 Oct 2007
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