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Peter Ho to be a white-collar for a week
28 Aug 2017
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Find tips about using the dog shock collar with remote. How can you use them for yielding the best results? What must you know before buying them?
22 Sep 2017
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Furbabeez Pet Boutique wants you and your pet to stand out from the crowd. Browse our pet apparel, collars and leashes, beds and more to spoil your fur baby.
8 Sep 2017
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Who would have thought that a vinyl corset could be so chic? Tibi designer Amy Smilovic’s runway show offered up a variety of PVC waist trainers to complement her mannish separates and fresh lavender, tangerine and lime-hued dresses. Suits with Bermuda shorts were a huge trend, as were column dresses with flirty collars and easy-to-wear athleisure-inspired pieces.
13 Sep 2017
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However, not everybody accused of a any crime is guilty. Many suspects find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. Just one arrest can bring severe consequences. If you have been accused of White Collar Crime, theft crimes, Juvenile Crimes or violent crime contact the Law Offices of salt lake city Criminal Defense attorney immediately.
22 Sep 2017
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LA hip-hop duo Bleu Collar represent with the video for Keep on Loving Me. Watch for the single with bonus track The Day After the Rain feat. J*Davey.
26 Dec 2006
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radio station producer doing shock collar trivia. collar has 4 settings, he is asked 10 questions. everytime he gets one wrong it goes up a notch in strength, to a max of 4 the highest setting
25 Dec 2006
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Fred Hassen CEO of "Sit Means Sit" dog training, frequently pulls youngsters out of crowds to show what a remote dog collar feels like and it's adjustability in modern technology dog training. Over the years, dog training has certainly changed for the better as far as advancements in people being able to maintain their own training, and in speed of training. Fred Hassen's "Sit Means Sit" Dog training, has long been the leader of remote dog training throughout the United States and Canada. This is a live video clip from a Fred Hassen demonstration at a home show in Tucson Arizona, showing the adjustability of a dog training collar and it's various levels. Fred Hassen's "Sit Means Sit" dog training, does not sell remote dog training collars to the general public without training, and does not recommend the training of a dog, without a certified "No Limitations" or "Sit Means Sit" Dog Trainer. For more dog training information, or information on their dog trainers, please see www.sitmeanssit****
24 Dec 2006
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Men's Covert Collar Zip - Look refined without all the extra fabric maintenance hassles. The Arc'teryx Covert Collar Zip features a Polartec Thermal Pro sweater knit that looks like wool, but it has a soft, itch-free texture that doesn't permanently stretch a size with extended use. Woven with breathable and fast-drying Polartec Thermal Pro sweater knit, this Arc'teryx Covert Collar Zip combines a tailored appearance with functional fabric. While Polartec Thermal Pro sweater knit looks like wool, it's easier to launder and doesn't have the same permanent stretch properties. Unlike many Arc'teryx pullovers, the Covert Collar Zip doesn't have handwarmer pockets, but there is a small stash/radio pocket on the left sleeve. If you're looking for something functional without all the mundane stuff found on typical fleece outerwear, the Covert Collar Zip has it all together in a sharp looking package. If the missing pockets are a big deal but you like the innovative knit fabric, the Arc'teryx Covert Hoody has pockets in the typical places with a hood thrown in on top. * Breathable and fast-drying 100% polyester 10-oz. Polartec Thermal Pro sweater knit fabric * Gusseted underarms keep you covered even while reaching * Laminated sleeve pocket and laminated zipper * Weight: 1lb .9 oz. (480 g.) in medium size
14 Jun 2007
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Shock collars just ain't what they used to be. Fred Hassen and Alfredo Rivera show how to completely turn behavior around with today's technology and the "Sit Means Sit" Collar, and the best trainers in the world at using them. This woman has an immediate 'emotional' response when she envisions old shock collars from years ago, she is quickly educated, and has an amazing, and thankful turn around with her dog.
10 Sep 2007
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We have an exciting, brand new documentary called "Players: The Blue Collar Gambler". This is not the same kind of "how to" piece or disclaimer film showing the evils of gambling that seem to be the standard fare of this subject. "Players: The Blue Collar Gambler" is a well reviewed documentary which shows how various "everyday" people have decided to make a living from gambling in much the same way people make a living from selling automobiles or insurance. The film, "Players: The Blue Collar Gambler", focuses on a handful of players, each of whom uses their own home-grown method in games or sports that range from poker to horses to backgammon. What they have in common with each other is the discipline to stay within their own rules no matter how enticing the circumstances might be. For more information or to purchase the full length "Players: The Blue Collar Gambler" DVD: ***********
13 Nov 2007
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Self defense against an attacker grabbing your collar with two hands
24 Nov 2007
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