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We have an exciting, brand new documentary called "Players: The Blue Collar Gambler". This is not the same kind of "how to" piece or disclaimer film showing the evils of gambling that seem to be the standard fare of this subject. "Players: The Blue Collar Gambler" is a well reviewed documentary which shows how various "everyday" people have decided to make a living from gambling in much the same way people make a living from selling automobiles or insurance. The film, "Players: The Blue Collar Gambler", focuses on a handful of players, each of whom uses their own home-grown method in games or sports that range from poker to horses to backgammon. What they have in common with each other is the discipline to stay within their own rules no matter how enticing the circumstances might be. For more information or to purchase the full length "Players: The Blue Collar Gambler" DVD: ***********
13 Nov 2007
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Self defense against an attacker grabbing your collar with two hands
24 Nov 2007
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Dog Chases Laser Attached To Collar This guy has attached a laser to his wiener dog's collar and lets the hilarity and confusion ensue.
17 Feb 2008
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this is how to break your collar bone in four easy steps... 1. Run 2. Jump 3. Lean backwards 4. Land
10 Mar 2008
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Local Badman is a fast paced and clever western, which is the calling card of a good Hoot Gibson cowboy adventure. Some unscrupulous bankers are running out of money, so they decide to rob themselves! Boarding large sums on a train, the white collar criminals pull off the theft and blame the train driver, doubling their principal amount by insurance fraud. Hoot Gibson, ever a cowboy who would use his brains before his fists, sets to work on figuring out the scheme. Local Badman would be enjoyable enough just because of classic Hoot Gibson as the lead, but the well crafted plot also works to perfection.
21 Mar 2008
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API 10 D license, ISO certified manufacturing Bow Centralisers, Positive Centralizers, Stop Collars, Solid Rigid Centralizers
1 Apr 2008
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How to defend a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu collar choke from inside your opponents guard . As seen at www.learnbjjtechniques****
25 Apr 2008
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Reel of the editor/video artist Alvaro Collar. To further information please contact him on: email: infoalvarocollar**** phone (UK): 07530325630
15 May 2008
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When your opponent defends your kimura attempt from sidemount you can use this technique to isolate their arm and move to a collar choke submission. As seen at www.learnbjjtechniques****.
28 Oct 2009
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From side mount move to north south position on your opponent. In north south set up a collar choke submission. As seen at www.learnbjjtechniques****.
13 Jun 2008
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The cast of the blue collar comedy tour come together with Drew Carey to make this hillarious piece about big decks.
6 Oct 2008
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Bottle Collars are promotional marketing products for advertising on bottle necks made in the UK by Whitney Woods Ltd. The one in the video is a very simple example and details of the product can be seen on *******www.popupmailers******/popup_bottlecollars.html
9 Feb 2009
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What collared lemurs lack in ring-tailed lemur flash they make up for in natural “perfume”. Learn more about this odoriferous species at *******lemurlife****
20 Oct 2008
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