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A nice prank we made to a colleague. 2400 post-it. See photos at ***********/photos/82044870N00/sets/72157594518784746
6 Feb 2007
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Jealous colleagues conspire to get a top London cop transferred to a small town and paired with a witless new partner. On the beat, the pair stumble upon a series of suspicious accidents and events.
27 Feb 2007
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Photo books create an awesome pagination of family, friend, buddies, workmates, colleagues pictures.
21 Mar 2007
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Office coworker gets frustrated seeing the new Database Administrator (DBA)/IT Admin sitting and reading a book rather than taking care of the servers. The DBA responds saying the servers are automatically taken care of and there is no need to worry. DBA's colleague wonders how could he do that. DBA mentions that by implementing Sonasoft's SonaSafe solution, he can recover any data or the entire server with just one click. Thats it for now, but I will be adding more and more later.
21 Mar 2007
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A walk-through guide on how to share your Google Calendar with friends or colleagues.
27 Mar 2007
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Policeman tries to stop Ferrari F40 from gumball race at high speed on highway in Serbia, his colleague is recording all that with the cell phone and telling him to let 'em go.... but
27 Mar 2007
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Dr. Lam grafting lectures to his facial plastic surgery colleagues about the aesthetic principles, technical aspects, and results with facial fat for facial rejuvenation in Hilton Head, SC. As the face matures over the years, facial fat loss contributes to a hollow, sunken look that typifies the aged countenance. The analogy of the full grape that begins to transform into a shriveled raisin may be helpful in understanding the process of volume loss that affects the face. Transferring fat from your thighs or belly to the areas that have lost fat in the face, like the brow, lower eyelid, cheek, and jawline can restore the youthful vitality of your face. Removal of fat from the body does not constitute body contouring or "liposuction", as the technique that Dr. Lam uses to harvest the fat from the body is different from traditional liposuction. Care must be exercised to remove only the appropriate amount of fat from the body in a gentle manner, while ensuring that harvested fat cells remain undamaged. Fat transfer may not be the solution for everyone. Traditional face and browlifting can be appropriate for many individuals seeking facial enhancement. However, facial fat transfer can also be effectively combined with facial lifting procedures to provide the optimal aesthetic result in the right candidate. Fat transfer to the lips, smile lines, and around the mouth is less than ideal due to the risks of eventual fat absorption as well as unnecessarily prolonged recovery. Dr. Lam tends to reserve the use of other fillers or skin therapies in this region when individuals desire enhancement around the mouth. Fat transfer has become a cornerstone of rejuvenation for Dr. Lam, as volume enhancement for the face represents an entirely new way of looking at the aging face. Rather than remove away precious tissue, Dr. Lam prefers to restore lost tissue and shape to the deflated and sunken face using his unique approach to fat enhancement. Dr. Lam has already completed his third textbook on fat enhancement, entitled Complementary Fat Grafting (Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins, Philadelphia, PA 2006), and believes that fat enhancement represents the present and the future for facial enhancement. Fat grafting requires very little sedation (light anesthesia), and Dr. Lam's method does not require any body or facial incisions at all. For patients seeking a non-surgical option for volume restoration of the face, many other choices are available at Dr. Lam's office, including Sculptra, Restylane, and Radiesse, each of which has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. Although facial implants can be used in volume enhancement of the aging face, Dr. Lam typically prefers to use fat transfer, as this method provides the ability to shape complex areas of volume loss and facial implants alone can worsen the hollowness below one's eyes. Dr. Lam also specializes in fat transfer for aging hands in order to provide matched facial and hand rejuvenation. Oftentimes after wonderful facial rejuvenation, an individual exhibits mature-looking hands that still give away his or her age. Fat transfer to the hands is a short, pain-free procedure that provides not only immediate benefit but ongoing improvement in skin texture and tone.
10 Apr 2007
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Dr. Lam grafting lectures to his facial plastic surgery colleagues about the aesthetic principles, technical aspects, and results with injectable fillers JUVEDERM, RESTYLANE, AND RADIESSE for volume contouring in Hilton Head, SC. Dr. Lam is board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He has authored three major facial plastic surgery textbooks, including Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation: A Practical and Systematic Guide to the Aging Face, Cosmetic Surgery of the Asian Face, and the recently published Complementary Fat Grafting. Dr. Lam has also published over 100 book chapters and scientific articles on the subject of facial plastic surgery and lectures nationally almost on a monthly basis on facial plastic surgery and has lectured over 100 times to date. Visit www.lamfacialplastics****.
4 Apr 2007
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Sisterhood and girl power is alive in Big Bad Sis, where three textile factory co-workers defend themselves against bullying colleagues, male thugs and a nasty casino boss. Leading the trio is 'Fearless Ying,' a tough-fisted woman on the outside but a girl in love inside. To everyone else though, she is 'Big Bad Sis.' Directed by Sun Chung, who is famous for his sweeping camera work and fluid action. Kung-fu fans will also enjoy kung-fu legend Chen Kuan-tai who appears as a teahouse owner who joins forces with the women.
11 Apr 2007
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I show a card trick, in which my colleague chooses on out of 20 cards. I tell him for which card he decided.
13 Apr 2007
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June 21, 1970) was the first President of Indonesia. He helped the country win its independence from the Netherlands and was President from 1945 to 1967, presiding with mixed success over the country's turbulent transition to independence. Sukarno was forced from power by one of his generals, Suharto, who formally became President in March 1967. The spelling "Sukarno" has been official in Indonesia since 1947 but the older spelling Soekarno is still frequently used. Indonesians also remember him as Bung Karno (Bung is an affectionate title used to address colleagues, popular in the early 1900s). Like many Javanese people, he had just one name.
6 May 2007
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Entertain friends, kids, colleagues with your ability to draw a cartoon figure
25 May 2007
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When actress Annabelle Gurwitch was fired from a play by Woody Allen she wondered how she would cope with being fired by a cultural icon. Turning to friends in show business she was assured she was not alone. Once the subject had been broached, everyone she knew from her rabbi and gynecologists to her colleagues had advice and their own accounts of getting the boot to offer. This set her off on a journey to answer the question: was being fired going to be the best thing or worst thing that had happened in her working life.
1 Jun 2007
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CHECK THE VIDEO AND SEE NBN PRESENTER MOCKING MARTYR EIDO AFTER THE ASSASSINATION WITH ANOTHER EMPLOYEE The presenter is asking her colleague, why it took them that much to kill Martyr Eido, and when is Fatfat's turn, and he is answering we need like 4 or 5 of them still to..... This is NBN, TV of Nabih Berri and those are Berri Employees. Thanks God for that technical mistake that let all Lebanese see the truth of such People. Bravo
15 Jun 2007
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Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa denounced attempts of reactionary forces seeking to underestimate the unprecedented battle-field victories in the East achieved by the Armed Forces, by land, air and the sea. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa addressing the Maha Sangha on the current situation in the North East at the Presidential Secretariat last Thursday opined that the LTTE which has suffered severe setbacks in the battlefield, will obviously strive to utilize diverse strategies to undermine and misinterpret the situation to both the local and the international community. As it has been the norm, the LTTE will in the wake of defeat, invariably bounce back and use its well-established media machinery to propagate and plant baseless allegations to destroy the will power, self-confidence and the morale of the Armed Forces. They allege of human rights violations, political instability and instill fear and panic in to the civilian polity within the country by their recent air power offensives and isolated bomb blasts in certain selected locations. The pressure exerted on the general public by this situation will in turn impact on the President and the Armed Forces. The Defence Secretary was of the firm view that as learnt from past experience, weakening the LTTE militarily was inevitable for a political solution. This time around, they have recorded an unprecedented victory in the East, even transcending that achieved by the IPKF. "Victory was in the psyche of the soldier and that if there was dissonance in it, then the soldier and his colleagues will have to pay the price of sacrificing their dear lives. The Armed Forces undergo a very hard life for the sake of their motherland and nation", he noted. The Defence Secretary ruled out alleged corruption in the procurement of arms and ammunition for the Armed Forces, stating that he had established a separate institution for the purpose. "A third party was not required as such purchases were based solely on necessity and on the terms of the three forces. Although we cannot eliminate corruption 100 percent on such deals, we are confident that we have definitely minimised them. Unfounded allegations in this regard would only fortify Prabhakaran", he said. He added that they have consolidated their links with the United States, the UK, India, China and Pakistan and in no way isolated. He himself had served the Army for 22 years and was in battle with the LTTE, under the UNP regime, when his brother President Mahinda Rajapaksa was in the Opposition. "Politics was never an issue then and my brother consistently encouraged me to fight on to the best of my abilities", he said.
1 Jul 2007
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You've probably played Zuma, Bejeweled, Tetris and etc., but what if you can play your favorite game with a group of friends, colleagues or the best player that's out there? Here comes HeyCosmo (sm) beta! *******www.heycosmo****
3 Jul 2007
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