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The aptly named Movie Collector helps you organize and keep track of your movie collection. Want to see who has your Blu-ray copy of Spiderman? A Internet video series by butterscotch****.
23 Sep 2009
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Here we have all of my first gear trucks to date. Got some new ones since the last video. I don't have the same ones as in my last video due to selling some of them or some of them just breaking over time. I'm currently not selling any of my trucks right now but if you would like to know where I got some of them or how to get some, please feel free to leave a comment or message me! Got a lot of Front loaders. (My favorite), some side loaders, rear loader, roll-off, tipper trailer, and my most recent and one of my most recommended first gear trucks, the Heil Collecto Pak. Fully detailed and 100% functional! Even has a tip-to-dump body! The new Curotto Cans are also a must have! Very detailed and fun to mess with at times. As you can see, my yellow Curotto Can doesn't have belted grippers or the front screen. That is because I wanted to test what no gripper belts was like and this screen broke off during shipping so this was the perfect candidate. Hope you enjoy what I have to offer! I will have all of the trucks and what time you can see them featured in this video. NOTE: THE LAST 4 TRUCKS FEATURED IN THE FIRST CLIP ARE NOT SHOWN ANY FURTHER AS THEY ARE NOT COMPLETED YET!
16 Oct 2013
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This is just a quick little video showing two of my personal favorites from my model garbage truck collection! Featured first is a Mack "L" Series chassis with a Heil Collecto-Pak refuse collection body. Everything is fully functional - the trough raises to be dumped into the body, the top open as the trough is being raised, the tailgate open and the body raises to empty the load of trash. This is an extremely detailed piece! Also featured is a Mack AK chassis with an open-dump style body, the very first "garbage truck"! Just as detailed as the first truck! The tailgate open and the body raises! Both models are made by First Gear Replicas and are precisely 1:34 scale! The first truck generally runs about $65 and the second truck around $45! They are highly recommended for collectors of model garbage trucks, collectors of vintage truck models, or die-cast model collectors in general! They are extremely fragile and have lots of small, delicate, moving parts, so they are not recommended for children, and I do not recommend "playing" with them a whole lot, they are mostly meant to be displayed! Questions and comments are more than welcome! Enjoy!
30 Jun 2014
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