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Colonel from KFC won’t be happy to see this video. After all, the chicken boys didn’t even raise their voice against them.
3 May 2017
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18 May 2017
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Police Colonel Boong investigates massive tax evasion involving corrupt Thai government officials in several departments. Toyota and Kuehne and Nagel are investigated for fraud. Based in Bangkok Thailand Colonel Boong uses real life investigations and interviews with prime suspects in order to show us the different strategies used by White Collar Criminals. In part 1 he visits the headquarters of Toyota and meets their almost speechless management. This documentary/news item is in Thai - if their is sufficient demand a sub-titled version will be released. This type of investigative analysis based on real tax evasion is a fabulous tool for police departments the world over that are serious about protecting budgets and enforcing correct tax payments. After being poisoned by gases leaking into the drivers compartment Colonel Boong investigates Toyota Thailand and General Electric Finance
26 Feb 2007
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Police Chief Seripisuth commented on automobile tax evasion at the FCCT on the 28th April - the video is here: ***********/videoplay?docid=-6623382580061139691 Part 2 of a six part series on massive tax evasion that is bleeding the Thai Government dry of funds and stunting the nation's advancement. In this episode we see Colonel Boong investigating Toyota's involement in numerous automobile tax evasion strategies. Colonel Boong reveals insurance fraud, registration fraud, customer care fraud and tax evasion - on top of this Colonel Boong is poisoned by his defective Toyota Vios which was leaking toxic gases directly into the driver's compartment. In this epic Colonel Boong plays David and Toyota plays Goliath
23 Feb 2007
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tournage du fime mon colonel a Blida prise par foufa
11 Apr 2007
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fin du tournage du filme Mon colonel a Blida Algérie
12 Apr 2007
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12 Apr 2007
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12 Apr 2007
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Colonel Sanders came to Japan and became such a figure.
13 May 2007
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To celebrate the launch of KFC's sweet & tangy Teriyaki Wings, KFC teamed up with artist Phil Hansen to create this one-of-a-kind mural of Colonel Sanders like you've never seen him before. The mural actually took almost 8 hours to complete and is 14ft by 8ft. The mural will be auctioned on eBay with the proceeds being donated to Colonel Scholar's, a charitable program providing students nationwide with much needed college scholarships.
30 Jul 2007
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Colonel Bogey March by Lieutenant F. J. Ricketts played on "The Hands" Recall this is the "Dink Dink" song from the movie Spaceballs.
6 Mar 2008
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More at *******www.theuptake**** Congressional candidate and Bronze Star winner Steve Sarvi picked up the endorsement of Minnesota’s Democratic party on Saturday. He will face incumbent Republican Congressman John Kline in the November election. Sarvi was an Army Sergeant serving in Iraq up until last year. Kline is a retired Marine Colonel. Kline has often used his military background as a shield in his past campaigns –accusing his opponents of disrespecting the uniform when they criticize him. Kline is also known for launching well-funded attacks on his opponents, falsely inferring that they support legalizing meth, wanting to give social security dollars to illegal immigrants, and wanting to reinstate the draft. It will be interesting this year to see how Kline attacks Sarvi without appearing to be attacking the military. Sarvi’s military stories highlighted how ill equipped US troops were when they went into battle. “Let me tell you about the first humvee I got into in Iraq. I slammed the door and the window fell out of that truck. That’s the war we went to.” Sarvi said Kline refuses to meet with constituents and “look them eye to eye”… a reference to Kline’s refusal to honor a promise to hold frequent face-to-face meetings with constituents after he was petitioned into holding one a year ago. Instead, Kline has opted to hold “tele town hall meetings” where random constituents are called with no notice and asked to listen to Kline speak on the phone. No public records of the “tele town hall meetings” have been released and the media has not been allowed to monitor them, which has led to speculation that the questions are scripted or only hand picked questions are allowed. Sarvi criticized Kline for taking large campaign donations from oil companies and then voting to give them subsidies while they are making world-record profits. “This is not about gas taxes, this is about big oil profits. And John Kline has done everything in his power to protect those. In fact, when you get to go to the gas station next time take a look at that gas pump and you’re paying almost $4 a gallon…you’ll see the face of John Kline on that gas pump. “He’s taken over a $110,000 from big oil and he rewards them with his votes and I think that’s wrong”. Sarvi was energized after getting the unanimous endorsement from the DFL. The only other candidate, Peter Idusogie, dropped out of the race before the results of the first ballot were announced. Sarvi said he was going to celebrate, and then prepare for a battle with Kline. “We are going to hit this trail hard. And you’re going to see what a Sergeant can do against a Colonel”.
13 Oct 2009
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Colonel Mustard Plays Poker Funny
1 Sep 2008
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Continuing my series of live music videos taken on my girlfriend's digital camera of my favorite St. John's musicians and live acts. Here we have the powerful Colonel Craze and the Hunch playing a particularly intoxicated set at Junctions. *******www.myspace****/colonelcrazeandthehunch
14 Jan 2009
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Darnell Goodman, everyone's favorite troubled athlete, shares his views on Colonel, er, Coach Tom Coughlin. *******www.globalsportsfraternity****/home/football/2009/01/26/colonel-tom-coughlin/
31 Jan 2009
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KFC's Colonel responds to Mel Gibson's fake Colonel bio pic on Jimmy Kimmel. The Colonel puts his own finger-lick'n touch on classics, including "Bucketheart," "Lethal Tongs," "Mad Colonel" and "Chicken Check Ransom"
4 Mar 2009
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