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Discovery channel (Seven Wonders of. Ancient Greece. PART 2) 1.The Parthenon 2.Lost City of Atlantis 3.Birth of the Olympics 4.The Colossus of Rhodes 5.The Theatre of Epidaurus 6.The Oracle of Delphi 7.The Palace of Knossos
10 Apr 2007
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Discovery channel (Seven Wonders of. Ancient Greece. PART 1) 1.The Parthenon 2.Lost City of Atlantis 3.Birth of the Olympics 4.The Colossus of Rhodes 5.The Theatre of Epidaurus 6.The Oracle of Delphi 7.The Palace of Knossos
12 Apr 2007
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Team Trico reveals their next game which features a young protagonist, a giant friendly eagle-clawed dog-cat, and graphics that are strikingly similar to Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.
19 Feb 2010
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The Top 7... disastrous game romances (Wander and Mono)
24 Feb 2011
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Dubstep's infestation of all video games: The logical, horrible conclusion
3 Mar 2012
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EliteXC on CBS "PRIMETIME" Saturday May 31st: Kimbo Slice vs James "The Colossus" Thompson
1 Jun 2008
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It So cool or what....
26 Sep 2006
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Colossus roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Opened in 1980, it's one of the biggest wooden roller coasters on the west coast. Please rate and comment! Thanks!
31 Jul 2007
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You've heard them, you've read about them, but have you seen them? This video shows you the 7 Wonders of the World on Google Earth. I recommend you to maximize the video to read the info boxes.
29 Dec 2006
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this is a vid my brother recorded with a camera as same as the other video (goliath) i posted,yes,his my brother.and that guy i told u about,he screams too if u hear closely.this was one of my favorite rides.ENJOY! oh and feel free to comment
10 Jan 2007
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Riding Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain Wood
21 Feb 2008
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The adventures of a brav warrior.
26 Jul 2006
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JAZZY B—REIGNING SUPREME! JAZZY B well known punjabi singer once again coming with his new album ”RAMBO”. The colossus of sound, style, fashionand entertainment that is JAZZY B return of the fore with his eleventh studio album titled” over three years since his smash hit album”Romeo”. Fusing an array of sound and lyrical delights-The fundamental element that make a jazzy b record great. The music is composed and produced as usual by”The Music Man” SUKSHINDER SHINDA. Once again he concocting a blend of folk,funk, desi and tailor made beats. Jazzy b brings to life his own blend of modern bhangra styles compliment his electric dance moves and live stage act. Throughout his career he has maintained a close relationship with the urban music scale as well as the traditional sounds generated from the villages and cities of punjab Jazzy b “RAMBO” is filled with a mix of dance orinted blended of the seven surs of punjab music and pop with sprinklines of hip hop styled break beats and smooth RNB rhythms. He also sang for movie like TEESRI AANKH AND UDHAM SINGH. Jazzy B (given name Jaswinder Singh Bains) was born on April 1, 1975 in Nawanshahr, Punjab. Raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, he currently resides in Birmingham, England and is a transatlantic superstar who has introduced a fresh new image to the world of bhangra music. He was dicovered at the age of 18 by noted bhangra producer Sukshinder Shinda, who has gone on to produce all of his albums. Since his debut album “Gugian Da Jorra” in 1993, Jazzy B has become one of the most important names in the Punjabi music world of modern times. His sassy lyrics, recognizable voice, and hardcore street credibility have kept him popular ever since. He has aquired the tags of “the original Folksta” “the Canadian Sensation” and the “Crown Prince of Bhangra” as he continues his revival of Bhangra in a big way while wooing audiences across the globe. Releases of hit albums such as “Oh Kedi” and “Tera Roop” show that this megastar packs an enormous tidal, On this new album JAZZY B is brilliant throughout, from the punchy beats and lyric of the title track to masterful use of simple harmony on the spanish guitar influenced him. H.S COMMUNICATION
3 Jul 2008
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READ FIRST Ok so I made this slideshow for fun and out of boredom. This basically goes with the lyrics. Sorry if I put some clips twice.Oh in this vid Pyro is in the x-men Characters General Shang-Logan Mulan-Rogue Chin Po-Kitty/Pyro Lin-Bobby Yao-Colossus Mushu-Storm Huns-The Brotherhood + Lady Deathstrike Disclaimer note: I do not use anything made. This is striclty fan made. No copyright intended.
8 Jul 2009
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