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Dog Days Military dogs injured in the line of duty are sent to a $15 million state-of-the-art military veterinary hospital at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas for diagnosis, surgery and rehab, in hopes they can return to duty.
26 Apr 2010
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The Department of the Army Year of the NCO Video No one is more professional than I -- features Sergeant Major of the Army Kenneth O. Preston proudly talking about why NCOs are so valuable to our Army and the Nation. The video theme centers on the NCO Creed. Elements of the creed are spoken by NCOs across the Army as they state in their own words their reasons for serving. In both peacetime and war, NCOs have been the backbone of the Army. From basic training to combat patrols, NCOs provide the leadership, know how and commitment to ensure our Army remains the best in the world. Noncommissioned Officers: The Strength of The Army.
10 Aug 2009
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The clip night ambush Part 2 from To Hell and Back (1955) I don't know why, but she hasn't yet. Sounds like maybe you ought to try patching things up when you get back home. Maybe it's better if I don't make it. Oh, knock off that kind of talk. I fouled up once. Who can say I wouldn't foul up again if she gave me another chance? I'll say you wouldn't. Thanks, Murph. Say, what are your postwar plans? I think I'll let the Army do my planning for me. Think I'll stay in. Hey, Murphy.! The lieutenant wants to see you. That Klasky... Learned to whisper in a sawmill. We gotta get a combat patrol across the river and stirJerry up. Do you think that squad of yours can cut it? Give it a good try, sir. All right. Move out as soon as you're ready.
21 Nov 2011
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The clip Evening Inside The Factory from Stalingrad (1993) Radio: I wanted to reach not just the Volga, but a certain.. spot on the Volga, a certain city. By coincidence this city bears the name of Stalin himself, but that is not the reason I marched there. It wasn't the name, but the fact that it's a very important point. From there we cut off 30 million tons of commerce, almost 9 million tons of oil. All the wheat from the Ukraine came there before being shipped north. Manganese ore was mined there. It was an enormous shipping center. I wanted that city, and in all modesty, now we have it. As you all know, we don't ask so much of you. We've done it. Only a very few pockets of resistance remain. Some people say: "Why don't you fight faster?" I don't want a second Verdun. I'd rather fight with very small combat patrols. Time doesn't matter. What matters is cutting off the Volga. We have to keep an eye on Ivan. "Small combat patrols". What did you say? Only 62 of us left. And for your information, we started with 400 men. Why not tell everyone? Boost morale. At least we've got Ivan's stove. Damn stuttering. After every attack Better to stutter than to die.. Right.
7 Dec 2011
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Danish forces on combat patrol in Afghanistan, frag 5 taliban. Pt1 ***********/watch?v=9F2dO1LveM0 Pt2 ***********/watch?v=GqLG2LGrCQQ
10 Nov 2012
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View more combat videos and photos we can't show on YouTube, at the new FUNKER530**** HERE - ******* Kandahar Afghanistan - Marines from patrol base Boldak go on a routine combat patrol to disrupt enemy operations. Soundbites include Sgt. Matthew Butler - Platoon Sergeant and Cpl. St. Julien Cannon - Dismounted Squad Leader. Produced by Staff Sgt. Zachariah Lopez Sign up for the *******FUNKER530**** beta team Join the FUNKER530 community at *******FB****/FUNKER530 Follow on Twitter at *******Twitter****/FUNKER530 This footage is part of an ongoing documentary of the war in Afghanistan through raw combat footage. Read more about the war here - *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/War_in_Afghanistan
23 Nov 2013
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