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From vezoom**** Howl's Moving Castle' at moma in NYC. Segment from Comcast's Anime Selects....Comcast Japanese animation Hayao Miyazaki Lauren Bacall Howl's Moving Castle anime --Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
9 Sep 2007
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* TAKE TWO: Current TV revamps, prepares user-generated hub. * TRADE UP: Comcast rolls out TiVo software for set-top boxes. * GET CONNECTED: Google to address its social-networking flaws. * HASTA LA VISTA: Snocap slashes workforce, puts up For Sale sign. Get the story at Media30****.
12 Oct 2007
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*******live.pirillo**** - Comcast has announced its new surveillance policy. Their storage practices regarding customer information closely follows the letter of the law. Anything you do online can be tracked by your internet provider, as mandated by law enforcement officials.
11 Nov 2007
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* COMCAST inhibits BITTORRENT access. * COMCAST works on Start Over "catch-up" TV service. * MYSPACE starts first original series today. * NBC pulls channel down from YouTube. * SANDISK offers downloadable TV solution. * DOUBLECLICK uses VISIBLE WORLD for Dynamic Video. Get the Story at Media30****.
22 Oct 2007
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* COMCAST continues customer erosion. * THE NBA in talks with TURNER to partner on digital assets. * PUBLICIS GROUPE launches branded hub Honeyshed. * APPLE's monthly payments from AT&T double iPhone value. * WRITERS GUILD contract expires this Wednesday. Strike potential looms. Get the Story at Media30****.
29 Oct 2007
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* KEVIN MARTIN draws complaints from.....everywhere. * COMCAST sued over P2P throttling. * EDGAR BRONFMAN warns against "standing still" amidst change. * VUDU adds downloadable HD rentals. * RCRD LBL tries ad-supported music model. Get the Story at Media30****.
15 Nov 2007
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Inwindow Outdoor Creates Interactive Display Window For Elle McPherson Intimates; Motorola Ships Two Millionth IPTV Receiver; Comcast Cable Promises Addressable Advertising In 2 Years; JHD Studios Positions Advertising Video As News Magazine Content.
30 Nov 2007
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12/14: WGA files suit against AMPTP; Comcast files suit against NFL Network
14 Dec 2007
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Deal Or No Deal Proves That TV Drives Web Traffic; Comcast Opens Up Set Top Box Technology With Tru2Way Platform; No More Delays For 2009 Digital TV Switch; Online Video Must Accumulate Big Audience Through Many Small Ones.
28 Jan 2008
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Visit www.getthedaily**** - Your Online Home For The Latest National Headlines. In the national headlines: police officers are suspended for abusing a paralyzed man and Comcast clashes with the FCC. Hi everyone and welcome to get the daily****. I'm Andrea Rene and here are some top national stories. In Florida, four sheriff's deputies have been suspended after a video surfaced of them purposely tipping over a quadrapeligic man otu of his wheelchair. Surveillance footage from Hillsborough county jail shows a deputy dumping Brian Sterner from his wheelchair onto the floor after he was brought in on a warrant for a traffic violation. After being brough into a booking room, one of the officers told Sterner to stand up, and grew agitated when he did not comply, because he is paralyzed! Sterner has not been able to walk since a 1994 accident and uses hand pedals on his car. An investigation is under way into the charges. During an FCC hearing yesterday, Comcast Corporation defended its internet flow practices after being hauled in by complaints from consumer advocacy groups. Comcast was accused of unfairly hampering internet traffic flow for their own purposes, but Comcast says what they've been doing it justifiable. They are accused of interfering with users internet activity when file sharing is suspected. Comcast says if they didn't curb file sharing between users, it would slow down the entire network with large file transfers, so instead, they trick users into think their connect was broken so they'll abandon the file. Pretty sly eh? Consumers think this is unfair and don't want anyone nosing around in their business online. The issue has been hotly debated lately by people on both sides. Internet hounds want to continue getting their movies and music online for free, while the industry sees record lows in music sales as a direct correlation to online practices that need to be changed, mostly by ISPs. The FCC will continue hearing arguments on the case. You just heard some top stories from get the daily****. I'm Andrea Rene for get the daily, your online source for news.
15 Feb 2008
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http:www.webpronews**** WebProNews Reporter Abby Prince takes a look at the recent developments that have evolved around net neutrality. From the new legislation supporting net neutrality, to the FCC’s investigation of Comcast, to Comcast’s defense of their actions, to the impact this issue has on the U.S. Presidential election… WebProNews has it all. Get the full report including reactions to the recent developments from Google and the Open Internet Coalition, right here on WebProNews.
22 Feb 2008
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* THE OSCARS had the smallest audience since 1974. * NBC U's DVR experiment yields insight into ad retention. * THE FCC begins hearing into Comcast throttling. * HBO launches YouTube Channel. * MYSPACE starts another original show. * PLUS: Ad rev stats, Denuo, Blinkx and more. Read more at ShellyPalmer****.
26 Feb 2008
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In the news this week: Microsoft in trouble with the EU, Comcast in trouble with the FCC, Sony shows off hand-powered digital camera and more!
29 Feb 2008
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Ad Opportunities Abound With Comcast Purchase of Vehix; gDiapers Doubles Revenue In Part Thanks To Modestly-Priced Online Video; Email Newsletters Help Busy Executives Manage Information Overload; Ad Agencies Should Limit Mixed Messages.
29 Feb 2008
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*******live.pirillo**** - During a discussion about Broadband and people near Seattle having trouble with Comcast, Rikai from our chat room brought up an interesting question. "What are your thoughts on the rumors of the 700MGz spectrum potentially being used for Hi-Speed Wireless connections?"
2 Mar 2008
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1. Microsoft Prepares 'Albany' to Compete with Google Docs and Apps, 2. Spammers Exploit Google Calendar Email Meeting Invitations, 3. Comcast, BitTorrent To Work Together On Network Traffic
28 Mar 2008
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